Chapter 313: The Second Stage

Chapter 313: The Second Stage

“Since Brother Song has made up his mind, then I also have nothing else to say.”

Nie Yun stood up from his seat, nodding toward Song Yu before heading out of the hall on his own.

Nie Yuan also stood up with a dark, cold expression. He gritted his teeth, followed him without a sound, and exited the Profound Heaven Great Hall.

Outside the hall, Nie Yun paused his footsteps before looking deeply at Qin Lie. He unexpectedly said, “You’re very good!”

“Thank you for your praise, Senior Nie,” Qin Lie’s expression was humble.

Nie Yun nodded heavily. He took Nie Yuan, who was wearing a look of hatred, and left toward the Nie Family.

“Congratulations, Brother Song.” Xie Yaoyang also stood up and saluted Song Yu. His expression was rather serious.

Song Yu chuckled.

Therefore, Xie Yaoyang and Xie Jingxuan also departed from the gall. Outside, Xie Yaoyang also came to a pause and looked at Qin Lie. After thinking for a bit, he finally said, “I believe that you are unrelated to the evil race of the Nether Realm!”

“Thank you.” Qin Lie bowed slightly.

He lifted his head and saw Xie Jingxuan. He realized that she was as cool and indifferent as ever toward him.

However, this time Qin Lie spoke first, saying seriously, “Miss Xie, when I was in the Nether Realm, you extended a helping hand to the Ling Family twice… I will remember that.”

“The reason I helped the Ling Family has nothing to do with you. I was only resolving the conflict between our vassal forces!” Xie Jingxuan hmphed coldly.

Qin Lie grinned and said, “Regardless of why, I still want to thank you. Otherwise, the Ling Family may not have been able to last until I returned.”

“After you came back, you could’ve just taken the Ling Family and left immediately. Why was there a need to commit such a slaughter?” Xie Jingxuan couldn’t help but ask after hearing him bring up the matter on his own.

Qin Lie kept silent.

“Hmph!” Xie Jingxuan responded in the same way. Without saying another word, she threw her head back and followed Xie Yaoyang’s footsteps.

Before long, both father and daughter left the Profound Heaven Great Hall. Many Xie Family guards followed behind them from a distance.

While walking through the wide street, Xie Yaoyang suddenly said, “This Qin Lie kid is definitely no ordinary person!”

Xie Jingxuan slightly pursed her lips in anger.

“Ah, in terms of foresight, you are ultimately not Song Tingyu’s equal.” Xie Yaoyang shook his head with a look of regret and sighed. “If this kid could have entered the Xie Family in the future, then he would have been a great asset to us. You unfortunately did not take your chance back then and instead allowed Song Tingyu to seize him.”

Beside Xie Yaoyang, Xie Jingxuan was no longer as cool and distant as she usually was. Just like most girls when they were being scolded by their fathers, she bit her bottom lip softly with a somewhat stubborn expression.

“When you were young, I sent you to the Nether Battlefield in hopes that you would be able to grow up independently. I hoped that you would be able to strengthen yourself without our family’s protection.” Xie Yaoyang pondered for a moment before saying, “I sent you to Dark Asura Hall hoping that you would be able to manage the conflicts within each force, and in my eyes, I had believed that the various conflicts between Dark Asura Hall’s five hall masters and grand hall master were more suited to your expertise. However, your performance… was not outstanding. Other than the fact that you put a lot of hard work into cultivating, you are lousier than Song Tingyu in other aspects. You are especially poor when compared to her talent in attracting impressive individuals. Sigh. This is your weakness. I hope that you can pay attention to it.”

“I am what I am. I do not wish to become someone like Sister Tingyu!” Xie Jingxuan protested with a cold expression.

“As long as you are alive, you will one day become the Xie Family’s master! Meanwhile, Song Tingyu will become the Song Family’s master. This is something that was established a long time ago!” Xie Yaoyang yelled with a harsh expression, “There are many things you need to learn about taking control of a family. You have to face this as soon as possible!”

Xie Jingxuan gritted her teeth and answered him with silence.

“Never mind. One day, you will understand your mission.” Xie Yaoyang sighed.


Inside the great hall.

Song Yu’s smile was gentle. It was like he was another person as he stood up from his seat and beckoned to Qin Lie, “Come over, come over. Both the Xie Family and the Nie Family have left. Now we can discuss cordially.”

Previously, he did not attach much importance to Qin Lie. Even if Song Tingyu had insisted repeatedly that Qin Lie was extraordinary, he didn’t really take her seriously.

In his eyes, Xue Li’s sudden appearance was the real reason why Armament Sect had survived.

Qin Lie was just at the middle stage of the Manifestation Realm. Martial practitioners of this level could be found in droves in Dark Asura Hall and Seven Fiends Valley, much less in Profound Heaven Alliance.

As the ruler of the Scarlet Tide Continent and a Fragmentation Realm expert, why would he consider a Manifestation Realm martial practitioner valuable?

However, Qin Lie’s recent performance had given him a stunning impression. It also made him truly value Qin Lie for the first time.

Nie Yuan was the successor raised by the Nie Family. He was also at the middle stage of the Netherpassage Realm. In recent years, he had fought in many wars and battled against the Horned Demon Race in the Nether Battlefield as well. Be it his courage, methods, ruthlessness, or intelligence, they were all top class.

In Song Yu’s eyes, Nie Yuan was a young man that was only beneath Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan in Profound Heaven Alliance.

Yet he actually lost against Qin Lie in terms of who was more strong-willed. He was pressured by the suicidal Qin Lie to the point where he did not dare act rashly.

This convinced Song Yu to finally take him seriously.

“You nearly scared me to death just now. I was really afraid that, after Nie Yuan attacked, you would ignite the Terminator Profound Bombs in madness.” Song Tingyu patted her chest, looking like she had just lived through a disaster. “I just knew that you would do it, you madman!”

“It’s okay.” Song Yu chuckled softly. “Even if eighteen Terminator Profound Bombs had exploded at once, we would be able to control it. As long as you do not leave the Profound Heaven Great Hall, there is no amount of trouble that we cannot take care of.”

Qin Lie subconsciously looked toward the magnificent roof of the procedural hall. Then he realized that there were many dense lights that were gradually becoming fainter. He came to a realization and understood why Song Yu, Nie Yun, and Xie Yaoyang could quietly sit by and just watch him match wills against Nie Yuan.

“Father, Nie Yuan should have also known that the Profound Heaven Great Hall is full of sealing arts, right?” Song Tingyu asked while smiling.

“Of course he knows.” Song Yu confirmed before smiling, “But he was standing too close to Qin Lie. If eighteen Terminator Profound Bombs had exploded simultaneously, the Profound Heaven Great Hall may have been able to withstand it, but he would have definitely died.”

“This guy usually boasts in front of me about how great he is, but he was still afraid of death at a critical moment.” Song Tingyu laughed until she shook all over.

“It is only natural for people to be afraid of death. Those who aren’t afraid of death are actually incredibly rare. People who are willing to stake their own lives against another are always a minority, and they are also… always deserving of respect.” Song Yu did not hide his admiration for Qin Lie in the slightest.

Qin Lie slowly withdrew his smile as his expression gradually became serious. When surprise shone in Song Yu’s eyes, he said, “Actually, Nie Yuan’s guess was correct. I am affiliated with the evil races, and the Ling Family clansmen from Ling Town are from a foreign race! The reason I killed all Seven Fiends Valley pursuers is because they learned about this!”

Song Yu inadvertently shuddered.

His calm eyes suddenly gleamed grimly as he exclaimed in a low tone, “Is this true?”

“Absolutely!” Qin Lie answered.

“Then why do you still dare to enter Profound Heaven Alliance and meet me in person?” Song Yu’s expression changed.

“That’s because I want to persuade Senior Song,” Qin Lie said honestly.

“Persuade me? Why do you have to persuade me? About what?” Song Yu humphed.

Song Tingyu’s smile froze. She realized that it was getting harder and harder for her to see through Qin Lie. She did not think that he would suddenly reveal the Ling Family’s circumstance as belonging to a foreign race without any sign whatsoever. This caused the atmosphere that had just winded down to once more become deadly in an instant.

“Alliance Master Song of Profound Heaven Alliance, is it? Look at me. Do you think I have the right to speak with you? The chance of persuading you?” A wisp of bloody light slipped out of Qin Lie’s forehead to become the shadow of Xue Li’s bloody soul. “I believe that my understanding of foreign races is more informed than yours…”

“You are Xue Li, aren’t you?” Song Yu’s expression changed again as he suddenly looked at Song Tingyu and asked, “Why didn’t you tell me that he hasn’t left Qin Lie?”

“Father, Senior Xue Li’s true body has left his side.” Song Tingyu defended herself with sophistry.

“Xue Li? May I know where you come from?” Song Yu withdrew his gaze and frowned at the bloody shadow before him. He slowly sat down.

“There is more than one Silver force where I came from. My original realm is coincidentally one realm above yours. I was originally a Nirvana Realm martial practitioner!” There was a hint of proudness in Xue Li’s bloody eyes. “If it weren’t for the fact that I was sealed inside the spirit pattern pillars for one thousand two hundred and thirty years, I would have reached the Imperishable Realm at the very least!”

The moment he said this, Qin Lie, Song Tingyu, and Song Yu all wore expressions of great shock.

“In my eyes, you people really are just juniors, and that includes you, Alliance Master Song!” Xu Li grinned and chuckled oddly.

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