Chapter 347: Taking Risks

Chapter 347: Taking Risks

“I’m fine, don’t worry.”

Qin Lie slowly recalled the things in his dreams, hugging Ling Yushi as his expression grew heavier and heavier.

In the nightmare, he had been fighting non-stop as he was exiled to dangerous places to fight against demons, beasts, and foreign races.

He had never seemed to be able to enjoy a moment of peace.

Someone’s voice kept whispering in his ears, teaching him all sorts of evil, secret arts and the cruelest ways to deal with his enemies.

He felt overwhelmingly oppressed and wanted to escape that person. He felt a tremendous desire to breathe a mouthful of fresh air.

Qin Lie explained the feelings from inside his dream to Ling Yushi in great detail.

“It seems that your days in the past weren’t peaceful…”

Ling Yushi sat on Qin Lie’s legs and spoke softly, hugging his neck.

She suddenly felt a little sorry for Qin Lie.

The Qin Lie from before he was ten years old was nothing more than a child. What kind of a ruthless person would treat a child like that?

Ling Yushi hugged Qin Lie tightly, pressing the soft swell of her bosom against him and said gently, “It’s all over. It’s all in the past. The current you, is the real you…”

Qin Lie gradually relaxed.

The duo continued to sit in this suggestive position, hugging each other until, a long while later, Qin Lie had a reaction. It was only then that Ling Yushi hurriedly moved away in somewhat of a panic.

It was at this moment that Ling Xuanxuan’s voice rang from outside the cave. “Sis, Qin Lie’s in there, isn’t he? The old man from the evil race is looking for him, you know?”

“H-he’s here.” Ling Yushi rushed to tidy up her clothes and took a moment to calm down before opening the stone door of the cave.

“Qin Lie. The old man from the evil race is looking for you.” Ling Xuanxuan looked inside from the cave entrance suspiciously, a rather suggestive look in her eyes. Smiling, she asked, “What kind of bad things are the two of you doing in here?”

“We were talking about the Ling Family and the Horned Demon Race,” Ling Yushi said openly.

There was no longer any strangeness on her face. Her emotions swiftly stabilized.

Qin Lie’s face was even thicker as he calmly and naturally walked to the cave entrance, flicking Ling Xuanxuan’s head with his finger. He scolded her with a straight face, “Just what do you keep inside that head of yours?”

Ignoring Ling Xuanxuan’s complaints, Qin Lie walked out of the cave and saw Ku Luo a short distance away.

“The girl who went down to the Nether Realm with you has appeared at a secluded place on the perimeter. She’s alone and seems to be looking for you,” Ku Luo said.

“Where is she?” Qin Lie asked.

“I’ll have my men escort you there.” Ku Luo called over a four horned warrior riding a Spirit Hunting Beast.

Qin Lie did not waste his breath and got onto the Spirit Hunting Beast after a quick nod. Under the guidance of this Horned Demon warrior with four horns, they headed in the direction of Seven Fiends Valley.

The speed of the Spirit Hunting Beasts was no match for the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly’s, but the surrounding area of Armament City wasn’t too large. Before long, the Spirit Hunting Beast brought Qin Lie to a place where the Nether Realm’s savage plants were dense and overgrown.

In a place that plants with saw-like teeth and man-eating demonic flowers grew, Song Tingyu sat by a river isolated by Demon Cleansing Orchids. She waited quietly, leaning against the colorful Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly.

Qin Lie’s position was covered in nether demonic energy. Thick clouds covered the sky, preventing sunlight from shining through.

Meanwhile, a river away, Song Tingyu was bathed in brilliant sunlight. She wore dazzling rainbow-colored attire and looked like a beautiful, seductive goddess whose entire body overflowed with an astonishing, mind-blowing charm.

Seeing Qin Lie’s arrival, Song Tingyu grinned a beautiful smile and revealed her teeth slightly. Then, with her usual melodious voice, she said, “So it seems that Senior Xue Li actually did wrong me back at the Nether Battlefield. You are the one who’s connected to the evil race. Qin Lie, I’m really curious. Just how did you get involved with the evil races? You and I stepped into the Nether Realm and destroyed many Horned Demon towns together. We even caused a huge commotion at the Demon God Mountain Range. If you did all of that just to win Profound Heaven Alliance’s trust, don’t you think that the price was... somewhat costly?”

“Before I left the Nether Realm with you, I did not know that I had a connection with the evil races.” Seeing Song Tingyu again left Qin Lie sighing. “After that, something happened, letting me know that I did have a connection with the evil races.”

“So... you mean to say that you didn’t lie to me back in the Nether Realm?” Song Tingyu’s beautiful eyes glittered.

“I’ve never lied to you about anything.” Qin Lie confirmed.

Song Tingyu smiled beautifully.

After a moment of thought, she said seriously, “My father, Uncle Xie, Uncle Nie, and the other elites of the alliance have gathered at Armament Sect. Eight Extreme Temple’s Holy Master and a few gold robed envoys have shown up as well. Even Joyful Union Sect sent their elites. They are all gathered at Armament Sect to discuss the operation to move against the evil races.”

Qin Lie frowned deeply.

Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, and Joyful Union were all filled with experts. If these three forces could truly cooperate with one another, then the Horned Demon Race would be in an extremely difficult situation.

“Did you come here for personal reasons or did you come here as a representative of Profound Heaven Alliance and your father?” Qin Lie suddenly asked.

“I could have come just for me or as a representative of Profound Heaven Alliance. It depends on how you look at it.” Song Tingyu smiled faintly before explaining, “As of now, Blood Spear and the Ling Family have been categorized as part of the evil races, whereas you were labeled a spy who slipped into our ranks. The mentality of the Scarlet Tide Continent’s martial practitioners isn’t something that can be overturned in only a day or two, which is why Profound Heaven Alliance does not dare to offend the entire world. Instead, we choose to go with the flow and join forces with Eight Extreme Temple and Joyful Union Sect. We are being forced to act against the evil races.”

Qin Lie nodded to indicate his understanding.

“On the surface, Profound Heaven Alliance would act against the evil races. This is something that none of us can change.” Song Tingyu’s eyes shone with brilliance. “However, as long as we’re not discovered, Profound Heaven Alliance is willing to interact with the evil races in secret. For example, the three patriarchs don’t seem like they’ve given up on exchanging the old Horned Demon with six horns for the Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotus just yet…”

Qin Lie began to chuckle strangely. “A human’s greed truly is the most terrifying thing in the world! For the Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotus, for the sake of breaking through to the Nirvana Realm, your courage has truly become unimaginably large!”

If the dealings between Profound Heaven Alliance and the evil races were accidentally exposed, then Profound Heaven Alliance would immediately become a target of public criticism. They would immediately be denounced by all of the powerful forces in the surrounding continents.

They would be treated as outsiders, just like Blood Spear and the Ling Family!

Even then, to obtain the Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotus, Profound Heaven Alliance’s three patriarchs were still willing to take the risk.

“I have spoken with Ku Luo, the high priest of the Horned Demon Race, and he is extremely willing to exchange three Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotuses for the Horned Demon with six horns you currently have imprisoned.” Qin Lie laughed loudly. “Since Profound Heaven Alliance isn’t afraid to make the trade, then there is no reason for the evil races to be afraid. Tell your father that the Horned Demon Race has no problem with this!”

Song Tingyu looked surprised. She stared deeply at Qin Lie before saying, “It looks like the connection between you and the evil races was deeper than we thought. Just how many more things have you hidden from me?”

Qin Lie kept quiet and said nothing.


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