Chapter 392: Eight God Corpses!

Chapter 392: Eight God Corpses!

Deep within the northern sea of the Heavenly Fissure Continent.

The sea was thousands of meters deep, and seven copper god corpses, which were two hundred meters tall, lay atop tall mountains under the sea. They were bound by cold crystal chains that were the width of arms.

All seven god corpses were headless, and each of their neck areas had a gigantic whirlpool.

There was tremendous blood energy within the these seven god corpses that caused this region of the sea to be embroiled with constant tidal waves, making it a zone that was restricted from martial practitioners.

The seven god corpses were imprisoned at the foot of the mountains by chains of cold crystals. Grand crystalline palaces were built at the peak of these underwater mountains.

Many powerful martial practitioners with spinning prismatic rings moved in and out of the crystalline palaces.

From time to time, a few figures would emerge from a palace. These martial practitioners would usually be dragging fresh bodies and throwing them into the necks of the god corpses.

Once the seven bound god corpses were fed a certain number of fresh bodies, they would go on a rampage for a moment.

When this happened, the chains around their bodies would shine with a dazzling, divine light. The powerful energy formed by the divine light would tightly restrain them to the mountain, preventing them from moving.

“Boom boom boom!”

All seven god corpses suddenly rampaged at the same time. They all struggled madly, trying to break loose from the cold crystal chains.

Many martial practitioners appeared within the exquisite crystalline palaces at the peak of the sunken mountains, dressed in the attire of artificers. They stared at the seven god corpses out of slight curiosity.

These seven god corpses had been moved here by the nine great Silver rank forces of the Land of Chaos after being captured in different regions of the sea.

After arriving from the bottom of different regions of the sea, the seven god corpses would rampage from time to time since the entrance to the Graveyard of Gods was nearby. They seemed to be accumulating their power in order to charge the entrance to the secret realm.

After the elites of the nine Silver rank forces captured these god corpses, they forcefully transported them to this place.

To investigate the secret between the Graveyard of Gods and the god corpses, the martial practitioners of the nine forces even brought fresh bodies to dump into the seven god corpses. In the end, they wanted to see what would happen to the corpses.

Today, when the seven god corpses went into a frenzy and struggled, their navels released a godly prismatic light that included colors like scarlet, orange, blue, white, and black.

The streaks of divine light that were unleashed from their navels were like rainbow colored beams of light that entirely illuminated this region of the sea.

“Boom boom boom! Boom boom boom!”

The sea suddenly went berserk. Tidal waves went into a frenzy, and a typhoon rampaged through this region of the sky.

“Seven divine beams of light! Seven divine beams of light!” someone inside the crystalline palace cried out in joy.

“Where are they pointing?” someone asked.

“All seven divine beams of light are pointing in the direction of the Heavenly Wither Continent. Let me check...” That person grew excited and yelled, “It’s near Spirit Eagle Island! We found it! We found the last god corpse! It’s at the bottom of the sea near Spirit Eagle Island! The eighth god corpse is currently rampaging!”

“Send someone over right now! The tombstone must be inside the eighth god corpse’s navel!”



In the region of the sea southwest of Spirit Eagle Island.

A giant copper hand appeared in the whirlpool from the bottom of the sea. It continuously stirred the sea water and caused many shocking waves.

Mountains formed from sea water appeared on the surface and made this region of the sea incredibly chaotic.

The eighth god corpse sat straight up where it was under the sea. At its headless neck, a gigantic whirlpool spun, attempting to absorb the flesh and blood of all living things in the area.

Under the sea, Qiu Yun, Tianxing, and the martial practitioners dressed in scarlet clothing were all frantically searching the god corpse.

“His navel is covered by his skin! We need to charge over and pull it away!” Qiu Yun yelled.

“Head for the god corpse’s waist! The god corpse only transfers the tombstone inside of its body to its navel during a rampage! We need to get it while it’s still rampaging!” Tianxing yelled angrily.

Hearing Tianxing’s roars, his subordinates forced themselves to approach the giant’s waist.

Amid the raging sea water, waves of blood energy capable of causing one’s blood vessels to burst gushed from the god corpse. When the martial practitioners were ten meters away from the god corpse, their entire bodies went red, no longer able to control the blood energy inside of them.

The blood energy fluctuation inside the god corpse suddenly doubled in strength!

“Bang bang bang!”

Five martial practitioners that were ten meters away from the god corpse’s waist exploded and were reduced to bits of flesh and blood. Their blood vessels were like shredded ropes that spread throughout the sea.

“Its blood energy fluctuation is too strong, we can’t get close!” someone cried out in pain.

“Find an opportunity! We need to reach his navel!” Tianxing screamed.

Qin Lie was a hundred meters away from them.

Under the roiling sea water, he saw whirlpools above his head that resembled the mouth of a gigantic sea demon devouring the floating corpses on the surface.

Just in case the whirlpool formed by the god corpse saw him as food and tried to devour him, he dove a dozen or so meters under the sea, not daring to surface at the moment.

Qiu Yun and these martial practitioners who suddenly appeared had killed the members of Blue Star Association and the other nine survivors for the god corpse and this supposed “tombstone.”

The god corpse had been successfully thrown into a rampage earlier, but they seemed to have underestimated the terrifying blood energy fluctuation inside it. No one actually managed to truly reach the god corpse’s navel and seize their objective.

They couldn’t even take care of their own lives.

Qin Lie stayed a safe distance away from these people and the god corpse. Carefully avoiding the threat of the tsunami above him, he quietly watched their activities from afar.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

Like underground rivers of light, seven wide, dazzling divine lights rushed over from an extremely distant region of the sea.

Accompanying the seven brilliant lights was a terrifying aura that shook Qin Lie’s very soul. The lights were hundreds of thousands of meters away, but the aura had already reached deep into his heart.

Qin Lie’s expression underwent a massive change.

He realized that the situation was getting dangerous, and almost without thinking, he immediately escaped in the opposite direction of the divine lights and the god corpse.


He had barely managed to retreat a few dozen meters or so before the seven divine lights, which resembled rivers and shone scarlet, orange, blue, white, and black, arrived under the sea.

They gathered at the eighth god corpse’s navel!

There was an instantaneous flash.

“Pop! Pop! Pop!”

The people who had surrounded the god corpse and were attempting to search for the tombstone around his navel instantly exploded when they were pierced by the seven divine lights. It was as if they were made of paper.

Other than Qiu Yun and Tianxing, who were fortunate enough to survive because they did not dare to approach the god corpse’s waist, all of Tianxing’s subordinates perished.

Qiu Yun and Tianxing were suddenly the only ones left beside the god corpse. Qin Lie, who had hidden himself several hundreds of meters from the god corpse, was also in the area.

The seven divine lights that came out of nowhere instantly vanished into the god corpse’s navel.

Following that, the rampaging god corpse went quiet after the seven divine lights fell onto its navel and vanished into it.

The overwhelming blood energy on the god corpse, which could tear a person apart, instantly calmed down.

And with that, the god corpse slowly lay down from its sitting position and sank into the sea.

A tombstone forged from strange jades gradually appeared as the skin above its navel parted on its own.

Seven streaks of scarlet, orange, blue, white, and black colored divine light glowed from the surface of the tombstone. It was as if they had been shrunk several hundred times and sealed within the tombstone, becoming tiny, eye-catching bolts of lightning that flashed every so often.

At this moment, the two hundred meter tall god corpse was more quiet than it had ever been. The terrifying blood energy in its body had become completely inert.

The god corpse seemed to have become completely harmless.

“The tombstone!”

“The tombstone!”

Qiu Yun and Tianxing cried out in joy at the same time, and after glancing at each other, they charged toward the tombstone at the same time.

“Qiu Yun! Are you trying to take this from me?” Tianxing yelled as he moved.

“I’m just helping you get it out!” Qiu Yun chuckled.

“Qiu Yun! As long as I get the tombstone, everything I promised you will be immediately done! You will also be able to leave Blue Star Association and come to Celestial Artifact Sect. You will become a core disciple of Celestial Artifact Sect! The promise of I, Jiang Tianxing, is as good as gold!”

“Hehe, don’t tell me you don’t trust me?”


While the two were matching wits, Qin Lie chuckled strangely and also swiftly approached from several hundred meters away.

At this moment, the Soul Suppressing Orb in his forehead actually pushed to the surface and looked at the tombstone like a third eye.

Qin Lie’s mind trembled.

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