Chapter 434: Joining of Multiple Forces

Chapter 434: Joining of Multiple Forces

Qin Lie knew just how scary those voodoo insects were and was worried that something would happen to Chu Li. That was why he was rushing toward him.

Last time, Qin Lie had been able to burn Yu Xi and the other Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners to death with the blood essences, but the voodoo insects themselves were actually able to survive the heat. Their tenacity was enough to make Qin Lie feel anxiety.

It ended up taking almost an hour to envelop the voodoo insects with the blood essences and refine them to ash.

The three Fire Qilin blood essences exhausted a huge amount of energy to refine the voodoo insects and were only able to slowly recover that energy after consuming a dozen or so Heavenly Flame Crystals.

From this alone, one could see just how powerful the voodoo insects were.

And these were just larvae of the Eight-winged Centipede Queen...

“Senior brother, be careful of the voodoo insects! They’re very powerful!” a Terminator Sect martial practitioner hastily warned as he rushed over.

He Wei screamed, “Chu Li! You mustn’t get too close to the voodoo insects!”

“What’s there to be afraid of? Do you really think these putrid worms could hurt me?” Chu Li’s tone was full of disdain, clearly indicating that he didn’t think much of their warnings.

In reality, Chu Li wasn’t afraid of the voodoo insects. As Terminator Sect’s ringer and the most talented youth in the entire sect, he had many hidden trump cards and the confidence to face any danger.

The three voodoo insects flapped their wings and released a strange whistling sound, circling Chu Li and searching for an opportunity to attack him.

Since their soul connections with Yu Feng and his flunkies had been broken beforehand, they were freely moving about.

Yu Feng had decided to do this because of Ye Yihao’s order for them to release the voodoo insects and allow them to escape if they knew that they wouldn’t survive an encounter.

Ye Yihao was the person the Yu Family chose. The Yu Family could only remain strong as long as Ye Yihao did.

Therefore, even if they did not like Ye Yihao, they could only grit their teeth and preserve the Yu Family’s future by sacrificing their own lives to protect the voodoo insects.

This was why the three voodoo insects were able to completely avoid the explosions of the Terminator Profound Bombs.

“Come on, you smelly insects, show me what you’re made of!” Chu Li laughed madly.

Mysterious starlight shone from within his silver robes. A powerful defensive energy field completely covered him, forbidding any external energy from penetrating it.

The voodoo insects circled around him, but no matter where they were, they couldn’t find an opening.

Chu Li simply grinned in the meantime, constantly waving his hands. Rays of starlight that resembled sharp blades or rainbows continuously shot from him.

“Pak pak pak!”

The voodoo insects were blasted by the starlights until sparks flew everywhere. The tiny exoskeletons of the insects trembled in midair.

Yet in the end, they were not eliminated.

The tenacious life force of the voodoo insects became evident to Chu Li, shocking him on the inside.

“God damn it, just how were these voodoo insects cultivated? I can’t believe that they’re so hard to kill.” Chu Li’s gaze gradually turned serious.

Considering his level of power, the starlight that Chu Li released would definitely blast the soul of a martial practitioner at the same rank as him to smithereens if they took his attacks repeatedly.

The tiny bodies of these voodoo insects, however, just trembled after weathering the attacks. In fact, they were tirelessly looking for an opportunity to break through his guard and bite him to death.

This revelation finally made Chu Li stop underestimating Black Voodoo Cult.


A thought suddenly occurred to Chu Li during his brawn and wit battle with the voodoo insects. He immediately cried out, “Stay back! It’s dangerous, don’t come any closer!”

He finally realized it, but it was unfortunately a little too late.

Qin Lie, He Wei, and the other two people of Terminator Sect had rushed over, anxious to see what was happening.

Having tried to attack Chu Li for so long yet being unable to find any opportunities to do so, the voodoo insects immediately switched targets upon sensing new prey—they charged at Qin Lie and the others.

Chu Li’s expression changed as soon as he noticed that the situation changed, and he loudly yelled, “Be careful of the voodoo insects! These smelly insects are dangerous!”

“Poof poof poof!”

The bodies of the voodoo insects emitted strange sounds, almost as if they were discharging gas. Black mist made up of pitch dark motes as tiny as grains of sand suddenly spread from them.

These black motes quickly shot through the mist and spread toward Qin Lie and He Wei.

The three voodoo insects continuously released shrill howls. They opened their mouths, bared their blade-like mandibles, and flapped their wings, charging directly into the center of Qin Lie's and He Wei’s group.

“Not good!” Chu Li rushed over, his face grim.



“I’ve been bitten!”

“Something is seeping into my soul!”

Amidst the harsh howls of the voodoo insects, the scattering black motes, and the spreading black mist, He Wei and the other two Terminator Sect martial practitioners cried out in surprise.

The moment Chu Li heard those cries, he realized that he was too late. His expression became extremely ugly.

As the voodoo insects howled, three bloody lights shone from Qin Lie’s body amidst the black mist.

The bloody lights flew out into the open and turned into three burning flames shaped like Fire Qilins. The three clusters of flame burned the mist until crackling noises came from it.

The mist was swiftly driven away.

The three howling voodoo insects had been heading for the foreheads of He Wei and the two Terminator Sect martial practitioners, but as soon as they saw the burning flames heading their way, they immediately flapped their tiny wings and fled..

It was as if they could sense the aura of their natural enemy.

The voodoo insect closest to Qin Lie wasn’t able to escape in time and was caught by one of the Qilin flames.

That voodoo insect shrieked in pain, charging left and right from within the flames, but it ultimately was unable to escape.

When the remaining two voodoo insects noticed that the situation had turned bad, they fled even faster, resembling two rays of black, warping light.

However, black threads could already be seen in the eyes of He Wei and the other two Terminator Sect martial practitioners.

This was the clearest sign that they had been infected with the voodoo toxin.

“Damn it!” Chu Li had rushed over, but two of the voodoo insects had unfortunately escaped already, and He Wei and the others had been poisoned. This made Chu Li feel so frustrated that he nearly lost control of himself. “I was too stupid! God damn it, I should’ve warned you guys to stay away from the very beginning! This is all my fault!”


The remaining voodoo insect burned intensely, enveloped in the Fire Qilin’s flames.

It continued to unleash shrill howls capable of piercing one’s eardrums.

He Wei and the other two martial practitioners that had been poisoned by the voodoo toxin suddenly went silent as sadness clouded their eyes.

The three of them wordlessly sat where they were and closed their eyes. All of them were trying to purge the voodoo toxin with their own unique methods.

A terrible killing intent shrouded Chu Li as he constantly muttered, “I’m going to kill all of those Black Voodoo Cult bastards! I’m going to break every bone in that bastard Ye Yihao’s body!”

Two blood essences reverted back to their bloodstone form and returned from off in the distance.

Qin Lie extended his hands and returned them to the blood of his palm. He took Heavenly Flame Crystals out of his spatial ring and used them to replenish their energy.

The other lifeblood essence was still in the form of Fire Qilin flames and refining the remaining voodoo insect.

One hundred and fifty kilometers away, Ye Yihao was seated on the floor. He clutched at his nearly transparent chest, screaming in terrible pain as he watched the mother insect coiled around his heart.

It was only when Qin Lie had completely refined the voodoo insect that his terrible screams gradually stopped.

Beside Ye Yihao, Xiahou Yuan and a group of men and women were gathered, chatting amongst each other and occasionally looking at Ye Yihao.

After Ye Yihao stopped screaming, his expression returned to normal and he walked to Xiahou Yuan and the others as if nothing had happened, saying, “Brother Xia, Brother Lin, and Sister Su should be well aware of the relationship your great families share with Black Voodoo Cult, right?”

The three people that Ye Yihao called, “Brother Xia,” “Brother Lin,” and “Sister Su” were none other than the Xiahou Family's Xiahou Yuan, the Lin Family’s Lin Dongxing, and the Su Family’s Su Yan. They were the ringers of the Heavenly Calamity Continent’s three great families.

Each of the three had five to six clansmen with them. The three families had always maintained a friendly relationship with each other and used arranged marriages and mutual benefits to keep it that way.

Although they were raised by different families, Xiahou Yuan, Lin Dongxing, and Su Yun had grown up together. They had an established relationship with each other, and shared a mutual understanding.

“Of course we’re aware of it.” Su Yan giggled. She was born beautiful and her figure was seductive. She had peachy doe eyes, and every move she made was provocative. “If it weren’t for Black Voodoo Cult, our three families could not have become Silver rank forces. Without Black Voodoo Cult, we would still be Blood Fiend Sect’s vassal forces and have to obey their every whim. Hehe, it was also thanks to Black Voodoo Cult that we were able to acquire a rich amount of spirit materials after Blood Fiend Sect perished. We have always been grateful to Black Voodoo Cult.”

“It is wonderful that you understand.” Ye Yihao nodded. “More than a thousand years ago, Blood Fiend Sect was Black Voodoo Cult’s greatest enemy and competitor. The reason we, Black Voodoo Cult, were able to encourage all the Silver rank forces to eliminate Blood Fiend Sect in one fell swoop is because you, the three families, found their weakness. Of course we wouldn’t treat you poorly.”

“Big Brother Ye, just tell us what you need us to do.” Su Yan winked at him and smiled. “We will do whatever you say.”

“Another of the voodoo insects I released has been eliminated. It is likely that the enemy is Terminator Sect’s Chu Li.” Ye Yihao’s expression was grave. “Chu Li is not easy to deal with and will come to us very soon. It would take a lot of twists and turns for me to kill Chu Li alone. I need your help.”

After a pause, Ye Yihao said, “I hope that Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families will be the only ones to survive until the Trial’s conclusion. I hope that not a single person of the other forces will remain when that time comes!”

“That just so happens to be what our seniors planned for us as well.” Xiahou Yuan chuckled.

“Everybody that isn’t from Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families will die!” Ling Dongxing exclaimed in a low tone.

“I will do as you say, Big Brother Yen,” Su Yan said.

“Very well! With your help, no one will be our match in the Graveyard of Gods!” Ye Yihao was extremely satisfied with their attitudes as he promised, “Don’t worry. Black Voodoo Cult will not keep anything that we acquire in the Graveyard of Gods from you!”

“Thank you, Big Brother Ye.” Su Yan smiled seductively.

“Now go and prepare. When Chu Li arrives, he will be the first one we kill!” Ye Yihao snorted coldly.

“Heavenly Sword Mountain’s Luo Chen is also nearby. Although we’ve managed to throw him off our tail for the moment, he will definitely find us if they keep looking.” Xiahou Yuan frowned.

“We will kill whoever comes to us first!”

“All right!”

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