Chapter 657: Miao Fengtian!

Chapter 657: Miao Fengtian!

The two Flowing Gold Fire Phoenixes gradually flew away into the clouds.

Inside Blue Moon Valley, the Miao Family members looked at the pieces of Miao Tai’s body with disturbed expressions.

Miao Yangxu and the four people next to him were no different.

Wen He’s expression was cold. After the Flowing Gold Fire Phoenixes finally disappeared, he looked deeply at Miao Yangxu and the others, saying, “Look after yourselves!”

Having finished, he immediately flew away without another word.

“Bury Miao Tai.” Miao Yangxu said to his clansmen and then left with a dark expression. Miao Wenfan and the others followed him silently.

The five valley masters came to the central hall. Without a word, all of them moved into the underground secret room.

Through a dark and narrow secret passageway, they went hundreds of meters under Blue Moon Valley and stopped in front of a doorway to a room made from one piece of ice jade stone.

The five stood silently by the doorway.

A whole hour later, the jade door to the room opened from the inside. An old person with an ashen and wrinkled face sat silently in the cold stone room.

If Hong Bowen was here, he would immediately recognize this person. He was the former patriarch of the Miao Family—Miao Fengtian.

It was under his leadership that the Miao Family, a small clan, developed into a Copper rank force and became the strongest among the five great families of the Heavenly Calamity Continent.

Miao Fengtian was also unanimously considered the most skilled and charismatic patriarch of the five families.

The rumor had it that Miao Fengtian had accidentally gone mad when attempting to break through into Nirvana Realm and died.

The Miao Family had confirmed this to the world.

This, in the eyes of the outside world, Miao Fengtian had passed away a long time ago.

Inside the stone room, Miao Fengtian’s skin was grey-white, his expression deathly pale and gave people the terrifying feeling as if he was but a dried corpse.

There was thick corpse energy shrouding Miao Fengtian.

In this palace hundreds of meters underground with Miao Fengtian’s secret room in the center, there were dozens of stone rooms of various sizes, a corpse in each.

A small amount of corpse energy would come out of those corpses, and would flow to Miao Fengtian through all kinds of passages.

Miao Fengtian had been hiding deep under the ground all this time, gathering corpse energy and cultivating in secret.

Many years ago, Miao Fengtian did go mad when breaking through to Nirvana Realm and died from his blood vessels exploding.

Many Miao Family members had watched as Miao Fengtian died. The Miao Family had even held a funeral for him.

Not many people knew that in a night three months after Miao Fengtian had been buried, he suddenly walked out of the cemetery and walked into the secret room of the Miao Family to see Miao Yangxu and the other four people shrouded in corpse energy.

“I need more corpses!” Miao Fengtian looked darkly at the five and said, “The spirit art I cultivate is the inheritance of the Corpse Progenitor of the Five Progenitors and Three Emperors. The reason I was able to come back to life was due to this spirit art. Cultivating it requires large amount of corpses, the best would be the corpses of ancient elites!”

When he said this, he looked coldly at the five. “Last time, you told me there were more than ten corpses of ancient elites on Gold Sun Island and that you would try to get them for me, what is the result?”

Miao Yangxu and the others bowed their heads with shame all over their faces.

“Speak, what happened?” Miao Fengtian’s pupils were white. “I felt that the valley had been attacked. Has the Miao Family deteriorated to the point where I need to come out? I am at a crucial point in cultivation. If I rashly appear, and people discover the origins of my spirit art, the Miao Family will encounter great trouble, have you thought it through?”

“The trouble has been resolved, it is like this…” Miao Yangxu did not dare to conceal the truth any longer and explained everything down to the tiniest detail. Then, he said, “After this matter, Wen Bin will not trust the Miao Family. Losing the support of Illusory Demon Sect means that if we have any future conflict with Blood Fiend Sect, we have no hope of winning.”

“You did well to sacrifice Miao Tai in exchange for a period of peace.” Miao Fengtian thought and then said, “Wen He sabotaged the Shield of Cold Moon, he must want to completely take over the Miao Family. Now that this has been exposed, Wen Bing will definitely think of some other way to have the Miao Family submit. Otherwise, he will abandon the Miao Family.”

Miao Yangxu and the others nodded. They shared Miao Fengtian’s thoughts.

“Xue Li obtained the body of the Blood Progenitor. After this calamity, with Xue Li’s proud personality, he will definitely think of all the ways he can to quickly merge with it. If Xue Li is given enough time, he will quickly grow very strong. It will become increasingly difficult for Black Voodoo Cult and the three families to act against Blood Fiend Sect.”

Miao Fengtian thought for a while and said, “In the near future, avoid having any conflicts with Blood Fiend Sect. Temporarily abandon the mines of Black Cloud Palace and Heavenly Sea Pavilion that you have taken, and show weakness to Blood Fiend Sect.”

Miao Yangxu and the other four valley masters nodded.

“Lastly, think of a way to get into contact with Jiang Zhuzhe and say that I hope to see him,” Miao Fengtian said.

The five valley masters of the Miao Family were stunned.

“Sir…” Miao Yangxu said in shock.

“During all these years, I haven’t been always stay under Blue Moon Valley. I occasionally go out. I have met with Jiang Zhuzhe a few times,” Miao Fengtian said coldly.

The eyes of the five Miao Family members widened.

When they were discussing in the secret underground room, a bloody patch suddenly descended from the clouds. The thick stench of blood drowned all of the valley.

Deep under the ground, Miao Fengtian’s white pupils suddenly lit up as he said, “He’s here!”

The five Miao Family valley masters paled.

“Wenfan, go in person and invite Jiang Zhuzhe here,” Miao Fengtian ordered.

Miao Wenfan stilled for a brief moment before he left in shock and hurriedly went up.

Dozens of seconds later, the elegant and scholarly Jiang Zhuzhe stepped into the secret room. He smiled faintly at Miao Fengtian and said, “Long time no see.”

“Brother Jiang, you haven’t changed at all.” Miao Fengtian jerked the corners of his lips.

Since Jiang Zhuzhe had stepped in, the blood and Miao Yangxu and the other four people had not flowed rhythmically. There was a terrifying feeling that their blood was boiling and going to explode out of their bodies.

“Leave.” Miao Fengtian frowned.

The five seemed to be pardoned and hurriedly left the secret room with ashen faces.


Jiang Zhuzhe twitched a finger. A great amount of bones fell from his spatial ring. After a short while, whole floor was covered with them.

The bones were covered in thick corpse energy. For many martial practitioners, these bones would be lethal. If one touched them, they would be poisoned and die.

Miao Fengtian’s eyes lit up. His gaze did not move away from those bones as he said joyfully, “All from the ancient beings?”

“Yes.” Jiang Zhuzhe smiled handsomely. “I obtained these bone pieces from the Land of Buried Gods. Blood Fiend Sect cannot use the corpse energy left on them, only you can absorb it.”

Miao Fengtian’s eyes grew even brighter.

“This is only a small portion, just a greeting gift.” Jiang Zhuzhe smiled. “In my hands, there is ten times this amount of ancient elites’ bones. As long as I have a good conservation with Brother Miao, they will all belong to Brother Miao. Hehe, Brother Miao knows what kind of person I am, no need to be polite.”

“What do you want me to do?” Miao Fengtian asked.

“The thing from last time!” Jiang Zhuzhe said gravely.

“The Miao Family has encountered some trouble recently. Illusory Demon Sect may abandon us. Your senior brother may have Blood Fiend Sect come attack us.” Miao Fengtian frowned. “I will not be able to intervene in the near future. I cannot resolve that problem of the Miao Family personally.”

“I can help the Miao Family resolve the trouble.” Jiang Zhuzhe smiled slightly. “You should know my power.”

Miao Fengtian was silent for a while before he said, “Lastly, I hope that the Miao Family can become a Silver rank force, and hope that when the Miao Family encounters an enemy they cannot defeat, you, Jiang Zhuzhe, will come out and resolve it.”

“I promise you!” Jiang Zhuzhe said gravely.

“Alright, I will help you with that matter.” Miao Fengtian finally gave his consent.

Jiang Zhuzhe laughed. “Brother Miao, you will definitely not regret this. In the future, you will know just how wise your decision was!”

As he spoke, Jiang Zhuzhe threw out more white bones, all of them shrouded in abundant corpse energy.

Miao Fengtian looked at those white bones as though he was looking at great treasure. His white pupils flashed with fearsome light.

“Brother Miao, best of luck with establishing your Soul Altar as soon as possible!” After saying this, Jiang Zhuzhe left in delight. Once he left the secret room, he turned into a bloody streak of light and left.

“Do not bother me for half a year!” Miao Fengtian gravely ordered the five valley masters outside.

When Miao Yanxu and the others heard that, they all grew excited, conscious of the fact that Miao Fengtian had finally gathered enough spirit materials to refine his Soul Altar and step into the Imperishable Realm.


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