Chapter 710: Moonstone City

Chapter 710: Moonstone City

Qin Lie’s blue crystalline war chariot flew across the ground where an intense battle was taking place towards the cities of Prism Continent.

It had been almost a year since he left the Setting Sun Islands.

During this past year, after setting off on a journey, all his time was consumed by learning how to activate, master, and circulate the power of his bloodline at Seven Eye Island, as well as being frozen by Ice Phoenix under the Frost Island. It was through these unfortunate circumstances that he gradually discovered the way to cultivate the Limit Sublimation Art and did just that.

And so, all he could currently think of was finding a quiet place to rest. It was also a good opportunity to observe the Terminator Sect’s territories, gather information, and behold its sights.

He chose to stop at the Moonstone City built by the Moon Worshipping Palace.

Night descended, and Moonstone City glowed with silvery radiance under bright moonlight.

Every pavilion and palace in Moonstone City was forged from “moonstones”. Moonstones didn’t contain a shred of power in them and couldn’t be used in cultivation.

It was just a tough spirit material that could only be used to build houses. It was just a stone.

As stones, moonstones were relatively inconspicuous in daytime and very normal looking.

However, when night time arrived and the moon hung high in the sky, the houses built from moonstones would glow with a silvery radiance that made them looked like they were blessed and baptized by the moon itself.

Moonstone City was situated at one of the corners of Prism Continent. It was also the Moon Worshipping Palace’s old haunt.

Qin Lie had entered the city at night time.

Moonstone City didn’t reject outsiders. Anyone could enter the city as long as they paid some spirit stones. They could stay inside the city and enjoy every benefit there was to offer by Moonstone City.

Of course, the prerequisite to these benefits was sufficient spirit stones.

Qin Lie chose to stay in a lodge named “Silent Moon” that was specifically designed for martial practitioners. “Silent Moon” was also the largest lodge in Moonstone City, and it had many cultivation rooms and combat zones. There were also soundproof private rooms, furnaces and utensils that were specifically prepared for artificers.

Every need and facility a martial practitioner needed to cultivate was present in this lodge.

As long as a martial practitioner had paid the necessary sum of spirit stones, every special building available in “Silent Moon” could be rented for a temporary period.

"Silent Moon" could even guarantee their guests personal safety.

After all, "Silent Moon" belonged to none other than the Moon Worshipping Palace itself. The position of mayor in Moonstone City had always been held by the palace master of Moon Worshipping Palace too.

Qin Lie paid one thousand Earth Grade spirit stones and chose a relatively secluded stone tower to stay in. There was a cultivation room, a parlor, a dressing room and a small artifact forging room.

In "Silent Moon", stone towers like this were considered as higher class buildings. Only the rich and wealthy martial practitioners would choose to stay here.

Qin Lie’s arrival attracted the attention of many "Silent Moon" guests. Men and women, old and young; all sorts of people from all sorts of places.

There were many young girls who stared at Qin Lie with unbridled disgust when they saw Qin Lie selecting a stone tower and paying a sum of spirit stones.

The moment he stepped into his stone tower, these women immediately began to quietly chatter.

“How disgusting!”

“He’s carrying a girl’s body, and judging from the frost energy circulating around that body it was obviously preserved through a special method so that it wouldn’t rot with time. That guy must have an unusual fetish. What a disgusting person!”

“He truly is a shameless and perverted bastard!”

Plenty of people were whispering to each other and staring at Qin Lie with disdain in their eyes.

“What terrible luck.”

Qin Lie put down the Ice Phoenix’s human body with a bitter and helpless look on his face the moment he entered the stone tower.

Ever since he entered Moonstone City, he noticed that almost everyone was looking at him with indescribable disgust and ridicule. Their gazes made him feel extremely uncomfortable.

He knew what those people were thinking.

Why would a normal martial practitioner carry a young and beautiful female corpse wherever he went?

After pondering for a moment, he took out the Demon Sealing Tombstone and put it in a corner. Then, he carried the Ice Phoenix’s human body upstairs into a small cultivation room and circulated his spirit arts to engrave the walls of a cultivation room with a couple of presence isolation formations he mastered.

It didn’t take long before a web of electricity appeared on the walls and formed a restriction zone inside the cultivation room.

Another moment later, a layer of frost was formed inside the cultivation room as well.

Finally, a layer of bright yellow halo that looked like rippling water was formed inside this small cultivation room too.

“Come out.” It was only then Qin Lie finally unlocked the spherical seal inside the Soul Suppressing Orb.

The Ice Phoenix’s soul transformed into a ray of icy light and flew out of the Soul Suppressing Orb. She quickly entered her true body.

The girl’s long eyebrows batted once as she slowly opened her eyes. Then, she wordlessly checked her physical and soul condition.

A light of joy appeared in the girl’s crystal-like eyes. She discovered that the wounds in her soul had actually recovered by three tenths or so during the period she was “sealed” inside the Soul Suppressing Orb.

This rate of recovery could almost be called a miracle already.

She couldn’t help but stare deeply at the space between Qin Lie’s brows. She grew more and more certain that the spirit artifact that sealed her soul was an extremely rare and precious treasure.

This made her feel more and more determined to stay with Qin Lie.

“Thank you.” The Ice Phoenix shook off her daze and said naturally, “I’ll leave some time later. I absolutely won’t make things difficult for you.”

“You already did though,” Qin Lie’s expression was reserved.

“What do you mean?” The Ice Phoenix asked with great interest.

“I’ve currently entered a city and registered into a lodge. However, I’m carrying a young and beautiful female corpse at all times… do you know how everyone is looking at me?” Qin Lie snorted coldly.

The Ice Phoenix’s eyes twirled as her delicate lips curled into a slightly frosty smile. “I can imagine alright.”

Qin Lie’s face grew darker and darker.

“There were a lot of frost attribute minerals at the bottom of Frost Island beneath the palaces the Ice Emperor had built. They are very high grade and very valuable.” The Ice Phoenix noticed Qin Lie’s displeasure and made an offer. “Allow me to stay by your side for a little longer, and you can take half of the minerals with you?”

“Half, you say?” Qin Lie sneered. “I doubt there are even scraps after Chi Yan and Gu Tuo were done with that place!”

“They can’t access it.” The Ice Phoenix shook her head. “Only Ioh wait, that’s not right. Perhaps you too, the only other person who had also cultivated the Ice Emperor’s inheritance, could take those minerals. Not even those three guys who gave me these wounds and destroyed the frost palaces can take out a single layer of protection put on those minerals!”

“Then why didn’t you just hide there back then?” Qin Lie’s expression was full of disbelief.

“Even before I was injured, the frost aura in that level had been… unbearable for me, even more so after being severely injured,” The Ice Phoenix said with a bowed head. “I would only dare make an attempt to enter that place once I’ve recovered completely from my wounds, and took my time to learn the remaining part of the inheritance left behind by the Ice Emperor.”

Qin Lie looked at her doubtfully. Although he couldn’t tell if she was telling the truth, he couldn’t help but feel that she would be a magnet of trouble if he kept her with him.

“I swear on my true name, Lin Liang’er, that I will fulfill my promise if you allow me to stay with you until the day my soul recovers completely. I will allow you to enter the hidden area of Frost Island and take away half the frost attribute minerals in there! If I fail to fulfill my promise, then may my soul be forever destroyed and damned for all eternity!” The Ice Phoenix made a solemn oath.

“Lin Liang’er? That’s your true name?” Qin Lie frowned. “Why does it sound like a fake name? You are a member of the Ice Phoenix Race. Why do you have a human’s name?”

“The Ice Emperor’s surname is ‘Lin’, and he is the one who gave me my name. I had been named ‘Lin Liang’er’ before I was born,” The Ice Phoenix said frigidly.

Qin Lie stared deeply at her before he finally nodded, “Lin Liang’er, is it? I’ll believe you for now and let you hang around for a little while longer.”

“Don’t worry. Unlike you humans, we of the Ice Phoenix Race value oaths highly!” Lin Liang’er snorted.

“The blood of the Heaven Fighting Race flows in my body, so you can say that I’m half a Heaven Fighting clansman. However, the Heaven Fighting Race had destroyed your home, invaded your world, captured your clansmen and even imprisoned you in the Graveyard of Gods.” Qin Lie said with a grave expression. “However, I don’t feel a deep-seated hatred towards the Heaven Fighting Race from you. It is the human race that you constantly ridicule and express disgust toward. Why is that?”

“That’s because it was a human who revealed the auxiliary world we live in to the Heaven Fighting Race!” Lin Liang’er clenched her teeth inwardly while her eyes glittered coldly. “If that person hadn’t revealed our location, the Heaven Fighting Race wouldn’t have found our world and drive our race to extinction. At the time, that human was so grievously wounded that he was about to die when he accidentally intruded the Ice Phoenix’s auxiliary world. It was us who treated him and saved his life.”

“He stayed in our world until his wounds were completely healed. After he stayed with us for several years and figured out everything about our race, he left without saying goodbye.”

“Not long after he left, the Heaven Fighting Race invaded our world. Our people were either captured, killed, or had their homes destroyed. I’m… not even sure if the world we used to live in still exists after the invasion.”

Lin Liang’er’s face grew colder and colder. Streams of absolute frost slowly circulated around her body and turned the little cultivation room into a world of ice.

Qin Lie was speechless.

A long, long time later, he sighed and said, “Your soul can come in now. You can stay inside, but about the other things… I can’t help you with them.”

Lin Liang’er cast a glance at him. Then, without saying another word, her soul flew out of her body and sealed her body with the Ice Phoenix’s secret art once more. Then, she returned back to the Soul Suppressing Orb.

Once he got out of the cultivation room, Qin Lie put away the Demon Sealing Tombstone and rubbed his spatial ring. He was checking the bodies of the spirit beasts La Pu had gathered for him.

There were dozens of rank four and five spirit beasts inside the spatial ring. They were frozen by his frost energy, and they could be cooked at any moment.

However, it still was inconvenient to carry these beasts around. He needed to turn some of them into dried meat.

He needed this meat to recover his bloodline power after a battle, and he might not necessarily have time to skin and dry the beast meat then.

What he needed was a bunch of less tasty, but immediately consumable dried meat.

Therefore, he sought out Silent Moon’s owner, Lu Kun, and told him of his intentions. He hoped that “Silent Moon” could help find someone that was capable of handling and preparing spirit beast meat.

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