Chapter 900: Resolving Misunderstandings

Chapter 900: Resolving Misunderstandings

“The… the Qin Family? You’re seeking out an alliance with the Dark Shadow Race as a representative of the Qin Family?”

Yuan Wenzhi was dumbfounded.

Barett, Hua Yuchi, and everyone else were also wearing strange looks on their faces. Words couldn’t describe their current feelings right now.

“On behalf of the Qin Family, I am here at Boluo Realm to take this Dark Shadow Race branch back to Spirit Realm,” Qin Lie added.

No one was quite sure how to react.

“So after all this nonsense, we’re actually all from the same side!” Yuan Wenzhi exclaimed in pleasant surprise.

“If you represent the Qin Family then why haven’t you clarified your identity with the Yuan Family earlier?” Barett was furious. “If you told us earlier that you represent the Qin Family, then this misunderstanding wouldn’t have happened at all. What the hell were you thinking?”

“I… didn’t know that the Qin Family and Yuan Family were related before this.” Qin Lie explained.

“But if you represent the Qin Family, then how do you not even know this?” Hua Yuchi looked puzzled.

“I’ve never been to the Central World before, so I have no idea what it’s like over there. I was only entrusted with the task of taking the Dark Shadow Race of Boluo Realm back to Spirit Realm by the Qin Family.” Qin Lie had no choice but to lie.

“You have an agreement with the Ancient Beast Race? They’ll let you bring the Dark Shadow Race back to Spirit Realm without qualms?” Yuan Wenzhi probed further.

“That’s right.” Qin Lie nodded.

Barett, Hua Yuchi, and Yuan Wenzhi exchanged a glance with one another.

“In that case… will they allow us to return to Spirit Realm too?” Yuan Wenzhi looked at him expectantly.

“Do you have a secret realm entrance at Spirit Realm?” Qin Lie asked.

The secret realm entrance hidden in a secluded cave at the Ancient Beast Race’s territory didn’t have fixed destinations. As long as there was another secret realm entrance at Spirit Realm and the person who wanted to go there had its precise coordinates, they could teleport there as well.

Back then, this Dark Shadow Race branch had entered Boluo Realm from the secret realm entrance on Nether Continent.

He however had come from the Land of Chaos.

He didn’t want Hua Yuchi or the Yuan Family to go to the Land of Chaos using the secret realm entrance, so he was hoping that they could deliver them to another secret realm entrance and straight back to the Central World.

“The Yuan Family doesn’t have one.” Yuan Wenzhi shook his head.

“Of course Sky Mender Palace has one!” Hua Yuchi laughed.

“Once the Dark Shadow clansmen have all returned to Spirit Realm, I’ll talk with the Ancient Beast Race and get permission to borrow the secret realm entrance for a little longer.” Qin Lie pondered for a moment before saying, “However, there’s one thing you need to remember before leaving. You will be able to return to Sky Mender Palace through this secret realm entrance, but I won’t tell you its spatial coordinates. This also means that you can return to Spirit Realm… but you also won’t be able to return to Boluo Realm. This is what the Ancient Beast Race demanded.”

“If we leave, we can’t return to Boluo Realm…” Yuan Wenzhi hesitated.

“I’m going back to Sky Mender Palace no matter what!” Hua Yuchi expressed his stance.

“Why don’t you guys take some time to consider,” Qin Lie told Yuan Wenzhi.

“Okay.” Yuan Wenzhi nodded.

After the misunderstanding was resolved, everyone suddenly grew a lot more chatty than before. When Qin Lie looked at the Yuan Family clansmen and the demon dragon Barett, he no longer felt any grudge towards them either.

When the Yuan brothers heard that he was sent over by the Qin Family, they asked many questions in attempt to learn who in the Qin Family he came in contact with and what they were planning to do right now.

Hua Yuchi was also incredibly curious.

Qin Lie couldn’t answer those questions, so he could only respond with silence. This made the Yuan brothers and Hua Yuchi think that there were some circumstances that prevented him from speaking. After they asked him several more times in a roundabout method and still failed to pry anything from Qin Lie’s mouth, they ultimately gave up.

“Tell the Dark Shadow Race to get ready. It’s about to turn dark.” Barett finally relaxed too.

He knew that the Qin Family once ruled over the Central World of Spirit Realm, and he was sure that they possessed unimaginable foundation even after they were dealt a grievous blow by the six great forces.

That was why he thought that the reason Qin Lie was able to come to a mutual understanding with the Ancient Beast Race was because a Qin Family expert was pulling the strings from the shadows. With the Ancient Beast Race’s permission, he knew that the Dark Shadow Race would be able to return to Spirit Realm very easily.

After Sun Palace and Lunar Temple’s headquarters and secret realm entrances were destroyed, the Ancient Beast Race, the Giant Race, and the Black Jail Race had become the strongest forces in Boluo Realm once more.

After staying quiet for so many years, the Ancient Beast Race was sure to start a storm of blood in Boluo Realm.

At first, he was worried that the Demon Dragon Race would suffer the Ancient Beast Race’s rage as well. But now that the Ancient Beast Race shared a mutual understanding with the Qin Family, he was slightly less worried about that potential outcome.

“Let me go inform Eddie and the others.” Qin Lie went back up to the caves.

Eddie, Yuria, and the others had been waiting at the cave entrances since just now. They were watching him and Barett conversing with each other.

When he returned, Eddie and the others immediately surrounded him and asked to know what they discussed about earlier.

“Barett’s kin, the Yuan Family, is actually one of the dozen factions under the Qin Family’s command in the past. It’s just that they had attached themselves to Sky Mender Palace right now. Back then, Barett was entrusted with the task of protecting you in secret by the family head of the Yuan Family. That was why he has always been watching over you all in secret. He misunderstood my background and thought that I belonged to another force, so…”

Qin Lie explained everything to Eddie and the others.

Everyone was greatly amused after they were done listening to his tale. It was only now they realized just how deeply they had misunderstood each other.

“Please keep my identity a secret still. For now, I am still to be called Yao Tian,” Qin Lie added.

Eddie and the others promised to do so.

“Now we wait. Once it is dark, the demon dragons will carry you into the Ancient Beast Race’s territory. They will be your guard and escort. Since the Ancient Beast Race has given us permission, we should be able to reach the secret realm entrance in a very short time,” Qin Lie said.

The Dark Shadow clansmen finally calmed down. They finally saw hope to return home.


The three blazing suns slowly set and vanished. At that moment, the first moon hadn’t risen yet, so Boluo Realm’s sky was very murky and dark.

Night arrived at Boluo Realm.

The races who disliked the daylight of Boluo Realm all emerged into the open to enjoy the wonders of a long night.

Many exquisite crescent-shaped war chariots also appeared under the night sky. They sparkled with bright moonlight, and they were moving towards the Dark Shadow Race’s village.

You Pu of the Seren Moon Race stood at the forefront of the war chariots. He gloomily instructed his clansmen, “Our goal this time isn’t to eliminate the Dark Shadow Race or fight them to the death! Our only goal today is to capture that human called Yao Tian because he possesses one of our holy artifacts and controls the final secret realm entrance of Boluo Realm!”

“If we wish to return to Spirit Realm, then we must capture this Yao Tian!” Lin Jie also laid down the order to Lunar Temple’s martial practitioners.

“If we can’t reconnect with Spirit Realm and get reinforcements from Lunar Temple, the Black Jail Race is sure to invade the Serene Moon Race. We must capture and interrogate Yao Tian!” You Yun said with chilly eyes.

Hundreds of crescent-shaped war chariots closed in on the Dark Shadow Race’s village.

Suddenly, You Qianlan cried out, “The Demon Dragon Race is down there!”

They all looked towards the village.

It was then they saw many demon dragons that were a couple hundred meters long crawling on the ground and allowing the dark shadow youths to climb up to their body.

There were dozens of demon dragons on the ground, and every demon dragon could carry hundreds of Dark Shadow clansmen. There were enough of them to carry the entire Dark Shadow Race branch on their backs.

The Demon Dragon Race’s leader, Barett didn’t play the carrier himself. He continued to stand among the demon dragons in human form.

After the Serene Moon Race’s war chariots got closer, Barett let out a cold snort and looked up at You Pu, saying, “After you left, a rank nine Vermillion Bird instructed me to send these Dark Shadow clansmen to the volcanic area where she cultivates. What is it? Have you also been instructed to escort the Dark Shadow Race back to the Vermillion Birds’ cultivation ground?”

“A rank nine Vermillion Bird asked you to do this?” You Pu’s expression changed slightly.

“Now that Sun Palace and Lunar Temple’s secret realm entrances are destroyed, the Ancient Beast Race is the strongest force in Boluo Realm. Back then, we caused the Ancient Beast Race to lose face because we accepted the Dark Shadow Race into our fold. Therefore, she had demanded the Demon Dragon Race to deliver the Dark Shadow Race back into their hands as a show of our submission,” Barett said with an ugly look on his face. “If we refuse, the Ancient Beast Race will attack us first. I know that we’re not a match for the Ancient Beast Race after we lost the Yuan Family’s support. That’s why I’m obeying the Vermillion Bird’s instructions. Are you going to stop us from doing this too?”

Barett’s words shocked the Serene Moon clansmen. It was only now they realized just how much Boluo Realm had changed since the destruction of the secret realm entrances.

“We only want that human boy.” You Pu pointed at Qin Lie amidst the crowd.

“He is also one of the people the rank nine Vermillion Bird demanded,” Barett said coldly and forcefully.

“Please, Barett, give us a little room here. We only want him and no one else. If you can give him to us, we’ll turn around and leave right away!” You Pu begged in a submissive tone.

“You can ask for him from the rank nine Vermillion Bird after I’ve delivered him to the Ancient Beast Race, but I don’t have the guts to give him to you no matter what you say.” Barett didn’t give You Pu any face at all. As he grinned savagely, he said, “I may not dare to provoke the Ancient Beast Race, but the rest of you are a different story. Make your choice.”

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