Chapter 907: To Go Crazy for Love

Chapter 907: To Go Crazy for Love

Flaming Sun Island.

Song Tingyu was dressed in a close fitting red dress that accentuated her hourglass figure well. She was leaning against the window sill and looking at the bustling crowd outside.

Today, Flaming Sun Island had become a powerful artificer force that could compete against Celestial Artifact Sect through the sales of Blazing Profound Bombs and various powerful spirit artifacts and spirit armor.

Everyday, Black Iron, Copper, and Silver rank forces from all continents of the Land of Chaos would carry with them a large sum of spirit stones to purchase Blazing Profound Bombs and all kinds of rare spirit artifacts specially made by Gray Island.

Flaming Sun Island had made a fortune because of this.

Due to the shocking amount of wealth they possessed, many wandering cultivators and homeless martial practitioners who were threatened by the three great ghoul races had chosen to join Flaming Sun Island.

In less than three years, dozens of forces had attached themselves to Flaming Sun Island.

They now had a dozen or so Black Iron rank forces. There were even six Copper rank forces that had sworn loyalty to them.

Flaming Sun Island had quickly become an up-and-comer in the Land of Chaos.

“Miss Song.” Ge Rongguang knocked on the door and came in. He saluted her respectfully before saying, “Blood Fiend Sect is inviting you to a meeting about Illusory Demon Sect.”

“What about the Illusory Demon Sect?” Song Tingyu slowly came back to herself.

“The former sect master of Illusory Demon Sect, Yu Lingwei has entered the Setting Sun Islands with her remaining forces,” Gen Rongguang answered.

Song Tingyu frowned slightly. “Is their situation this bad already?”

Ge Rongguang smiled bitterly and nodded. He said, “Half a month ago, the Blue Ghoul Race had broken through Illusory Demon Sect of the Heavenly Slaughter Continent’s headquarters. Ji Qingpeng was killed in action, Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan fled without a fight, and another Imperishable Realm martial practitioner named Yu Tong was chased down and killed by the Blue Ghoul Race. Illusory Demon Sect… is completely gone now. Half of the Heavenly Slaughter Continent has become the Blue Ghoul Race’s playground. A part of the Black Iron rank forces and Copper rank forces that used to be under Illusory Demon Sect had escaped to Black Voodoo Cult, while the other part had come to us.”

“To think that they have lost this thoroughly…” Song Tingyu frowned deeply.

“Mn. They fared worse than even the three great families,” Ge Rongguang continued, “The three great families had quickly evacuated the Heavenly Calamity Continent and teleported directly to Black Voodoo Cult using their spatial transportation formation. That was the only reason why the direct descendants of the three great families and some elites had managed to survive.

“However, Illusory Demon Sect’s headquarters had been destroyed, and more than half of their forces were chased down and killed before they managed to escape.”

“The three-level Soul Altar expert Ji Qingpeng had had his Soul Altar crushed on the spot and his True Soul burned to nothingness.”

“The fates of many more of their disciples and low rank martial practitioners beneath their command were even worse.”

“I heard that their sects and families were annihilated by the Blue Ghoul Race.”


Ge Rongguang sighed lengthily.

“Send out the war chariots, large flying spirit artifacts, and ships to rescue those fugitives from the Heavenly Slaughter Continent!” Song Tingyu ordered.

“Understood.” Ge Rongguang nodded strongly.

“Has there been any news about… him, from the Ruined Lands?” Song Tingyu abruptly changed the subject.

Ge Rongguang looked surprised for an instant before he shook his head slightly, saying, “If there are any news regarding Island Master Qin, I will report to Miss Song at first notice. I won’t even wait for you to ask me.”

Song Tingyu’s bright eyes dimmed as she waved him away while saying dejectedly, “You may go. I’ll seek out Senior Mo and discuss the matter of Illusory Demon Sect in a minute.”

Ge Rongguang quietly retreated.

“It’s been almost three years, why haven’t you come back…” While her head was bowed, Song Tingyu whispered quietly to herself after Ge Rongguang departed.


Blood Fiend Sect.

Xue Li, Mo Lingye, Xue Moyan, Mo Jun, and everyone were all gathered in the same hall.

“Master…” Xue Moyan hastily walked forward to receive someone.

At the door, the former sect master of Illusory Demon Sect, Yu Lingwei walked in with a murky expression while followed by several dozens of tattered, bloodied martial practitioners.

“Thank goodness you’re alright, Sister Yu,” Mo Lingye said emotionally.

Yu Lingwei’s normally bright eyes looked a little bleak and lightless. “Illusory Demon Sect’s headquarters had been destroyed, Senior Uncle Ji was killed in action, and even Junior Brother Yu Tong failed to escape death. Illusory Demon Sect… had been obliterated in our hands.”

“As long as you’re alive, Illusory Demon Sect’s legacy will not fade. There is still hope for you to rejuvenate your sect in the future!” Mo Lingye consoled.

But Yu Lingwei shook her head as if her spirit had completely left her. It seemed that she had suffered quite a bit of shock. “Hard. It is too hard, and Illusory Demon Sect is not the only victim. I doubt that the great Silver rank forces of the Land of Chaos can overcome this... calamity.”

“Sect Master Yu is right. For the Land of Chaos, this calamity is worse than even the Asura Race’s invasion back then,” Mo Jun said heavily. “Bhutto of the Heaven Ghoul Race was originally a Void Realm expert. When he first arrived at the Land of Chaos, his strength had fallen to the level of the Imperishable Realm. Even then, Forefather Terminator was only able to fight him to a standstill without gaining any advantage. Now that Bhutto had had three years to recover, he must have rebuilt his Soul Altar. This means that he had probably reentered the Void Realm at this point.”

“Right now, Bhutto is completely invincible in the Land of Chaos. After three years of war and pillaging, almost all of the Soul Altar experts of the three ghoul races had fully recovered as well.”

“Under these circumstances, the three great ghoul races are practically unbeatable on the Land of Chaos.”

“This is especially true since Terminator Sect had continued to bide their time and refrained from interfering actively in the bloody war that is occurring all over the Land of Chaos.”

“The reason Terminator Sect refuses to act is because the eight great Silver rank forces had tried to force Forefather Terminator to turn Qin Lie over to them three years ago.” It was at this moment Song Tingyu walked in from outside and mocked coldly. “If Forefather were to refuse to turn over Qin Lie, they wouldn’t send reinforcements to aid Terminator Sect in dealing with the Heaven Ghoul Race on Prism Continent. That was why Forefather Terminator was furious and decided to stay out of the war, ignoring the chaos that is currently ravaging the world. That was why the three great ghoul races are practically unbeatable right now!”

The group of Soul Altar experts in Blood Fiend Sect appeared to be listening intently to Song Tingyu’s comments the moment she came in.

Today, Flaming Sun Island was guarded by the three-level Soul Altar expert known as “Flame Demon” Tang Beidou, and Lu Yi had built his Soul Altar and become an Imperishable Realm expert. Besides that, Evil Infant Boy gave lectures about the way of artifact forging all year round at Gray island. Flaming Sun Island also possessed fourteen evil dragons at the Ruined Lands, La Pu of the Ghost Eye Race, Tate, and Duan Qianjie as reinforcements… Right now, Flaming Sun Island had become the up and coming force that no one could afford to disregard.

After Qin Lie had left for Boluo Realm, Song Tingyu became the current ruler of this force.

Even people at Xue Li, Mo Lingye, and Yu Lingwei’s level didn’t dare to ignore her words.

“Three years ago, they were the ones who chased my man out of the Land of Chaos! That is why I won’t show them a shred of pity even though they were defeated again and again by the three great ghoul races!” Song Tingyu looked at Mo Lingye first before turning her gaze towards Yu Lingwei. Then, she said coolly, “Flaming Sun Island will not lend a hand to Illusory Demon Sect. Flaming Sun Island will not send a single martial practitioner to the Heavenly Slaughter Continent to fight against the Blue Ghoul Race who ravaged Illusory Demon Sect. As long as the Blue Ghoul clansmen don’t invade the Setting Sun Islands or Flaming Sun Island, we will bide our time and stay where we are.”

“Illusory Demon Sect is finished already. I only wish that… you can rescue those fugitives running away from the Blue Ghoul Race and take them to the Setting Sun Islands,” Yu Lingwei said gloomily.

“I’ve already made the appropriate arrangements,” Song Tingyu said calmly. “Flaming Sun Island’s population is still lacking. Naturally, we don’t mind absorbing even more martial practitioners into our ranks.”

“Tingyu, if you can sell Gray Island’s Blazing Profound Bombs to the eight great Silver forces, their pressure might lessen slightly. Also… Gray Island will be able to gather even more wealth swiftly,” Mo Lingye persuaded.

Three years later, Gray Island’s artificers had refined a large number of Blazing Profound Bombs. However, the sale of the Blazing Profound Bombs were strictly controlled.

The seven great Silver rank forces—Illusory Demon Sect, the three great families, Black Voodoo Cult, Celestial Artifact Sect, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain—couldn’t buy a single Blazing Profound Bomb from Gray Island even if they were willing to pay an astronomical price.

As for Heavenly Sword Mountain, the minor forces Luo Chen and Du Xiangyang were stationed at were the only ones who were allowed to purchase Blazing Profound Bombs from Gray Island.

Not even the leader of the five Heavenly Swords, Wang Enze, was able to buy any Blazing Profound Bombs from Gray Island despite the fact that he had sent negotiators multiple times to negotiate. Each time, Song Tingyu decisively turned them down.

Gray Island’s Blazing Profound Bombs were only sold to the forces that didn’t belong to the eight great Silver rank forces, but were fighting against the three great ghoul races.

Besides that, they were sold in large amounts to Terminator Sect and Blood Fiend Sect at a cheap price.

“I’d rather miss out on every sale if it means selling a single Blazing Profound Bomb to those eight forces!” Song Tingyu’s expression turned cold as she said mercilessly, “Moreover, Gray Island has made it clear to every buyer that anyone who dares sell the Blazing Profound Bombs they bought to the eight great Silver forces will immediately become the sworn enemy of Flaming Sun Island!”

A pause later, Song Tingyu snorted coldly and added, “Sometimes, I even wonder if I should sell some Blazing Profound Bombs to the three great ghoul races themselves.”

Even Xue Li, who had been staying silent all this time paled rapidly the moment she said this.

The faces of Mo Lingye, Xue Moyan, Yu Lingwei, and the Blood Fiend Ten Elders like Mo Jun literally turned bloodless with fright.

When they looked at Song Tingyu once more, a trace of great fear could obviously be discerned from their eyes. They were all stunned by the woman’s crazy thoughts.

After Terminator Sect had decided to stay put, Bhutto had returned to the Void Realm and the three great ghoul races’ experts had fully recovered, the remaining eight great Silver rank forces suffered one defeat after another. They were obviously not a match for the three great ghoul races.

If Song Tingyu seriously lost her mind and sold the Blazing Profound Bombs to the three great ghoul races, then the eight great Silver rank forces would literally die out several times faster than expected.

“Three years ago they chased my man away from the Land of Chaos, so three years later I will watch them die one by one with my own two eyes! If the three great ghoul races fail to kill them all in the end, I won’t mind mobilizing every bit of strength Flaming Sun Island possesses to finish what the three great ghoul races couldn’t myself!” Song Tingyu looked at the Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioners and said, “I’m not from the Land of Chaos, so I don’t care even if the Land of Chaos is ultimately taken over by the three great ghoul races. If worst comes to worst, I will evacuate everyone in Flaming Sun Island from the Land of Chaos. I’m fine with anything as long as the eight Silver rank forces perish.”

“This is my standpoint.”

When she was done speaking, Song Tingyu saluted everyone in the hall once, turned around and left the place.

Mo Lingye and everyone else wore awkward looks on their faces.

“Holy shit, Qin Lie’s woman sure is one hell of a crazy lass!” Mo Jun sighed.

“All women are unamenable when they go crazy for love. I think we should just... forget about taking back Illusory Demon Sect.” Even Xue Li was smiling wryly. “Right now, Blood Fiend Sect is extremely reliant on Flaming Sun Island. I doubt we’d have a good time if we provoked the girl’s ire because of this.”

“Sister Yu, you’ll be staying at Setting Sun Islands from now on. As long as Blood Fiend Sect remains standing, I guarantee that you’ll all be safe,” Mo Lingye said.

Yu Lingwei nodded helplessly after a deep sigh. She understood that Blood Fiend Sect was no match for the Blue Ghoul Race at all if Song Tingyu didn’t agree to help them.

“You reap what you sow,” she muttered to herself.

Her words were directed at Wen Bin, Ji Qingpeng, and Chu Miaodan.

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