Chapter 940: Totaling Scores!

Chapter 940: Totaling Scores!

Flowing Gold Fire Phoenixes, Black Gold Spirit Turtles, Cloud Sailboats, Giant Gold Carriages and many more crystalline war chariots floated on Illusory Demon Sect’s sky like clumps of dark clouds.

Tens of thousands of martial practitioners were standing atop the flying spirit artifacts. Their sharp aura seemed to fall down from the sky like raining blades.

Wen Bin and the others instantly paled when they looked up. They never imagined that their opponents would arrive this quickly.

“Pope?” Gongye Zhuo said softly.

Jiang An’s expression slowly turned serious. He was also caught a little off guard.

“This is Illusory Demon Sect, we don’t welcome Black Voodoo Cult or any members of the three great families!” Yu Lingwei slowly descended from the sky with an icy expression on her face. She said coldly, “Please leave this place right now!”

Jiang An snorted once and answered, “We have been invited by Illusory Demon Sect’s sect master.”

“I am Illusory Demon Sect’s sect master.” Yu Lingwei’s words were sharp. “But I don’t remember ever inviting you people.”

“Junior Sister Yu, I am the current sect master of Illusory Demon Sect, not you,” Wen Bin retorted.

“Whoever holds the Illusory Demon Sphere is Illusory Demon Sect’s sect master. This is the rule set by our sect since ancient times!”

A depthless sphere floated up from Yu Lingwei’s hands and brightened suddenly. The light that spread like a fog created a new illusory world.

There were ever-changing celestial objects inside the sphere. There were also mountains, lakes, spirit beasts and spirit birds. Everything looked incredibly real.

Yu Lingwei’s figure inside the illusory world slowly grew larger as if she was the one true god of that world.

“This is the Illusory Demon Sect’s ultimate treasure—the Illusory Demon Sphere!”

She stared coldly at Wen Bin while standing in the center of that strange world. She had proven herself with evidence that she was the true Illusory Demon Sect’s sect master.

“I was acknowledged by Senior Uncle Ji himself!” Wen Bin yelled.

“And where is he right now?” Yu Lingwei asked harshly.

“Weren’t you there when he perished against the ghoul races?” Wen Bin cried.

“Forget that Senior Uncle Ji has already passed away, who gave him the right to select the next sect master even if he’s still alive?” Yu Lingwei said angrily.

“Senior Sister Yu, you are the one who gave up your position to Senior Brother Wen. How can you change your mind now?” Chu Miaodan complained.

“Keep your mouth shut!” Yu Lingwei scolded her coldly.

“You!” Chu Miaodan’s pretty face paled, and she almost attacked Yu Lingwei out of anger.

It was at this moment Qin Lie flew down from the sky.

Chu Miaodan suddenly lost all the will to make a scene the moment he appeared. She had quieted instantly while looking fearful.

Wen Bin also stopped arguing with clear uncertainty lurking behind his eyes. He too suddenly fell silent.

Jiang An didn’t take over the conversation either as he frowned and stared deeply at Qin Lie.

He was also waiting for Qin Lie to speak up first.

All parties suddenly fell silent.

Qin Lie looked at Wen Bin, Chu Miaodan, Shi Xiuling, Ju Ruijie, and others.

These people were all subconsciously looking away as he swept them with his glance.

“I just want to ask one question, Sect Master Yu. Are these people worth cherishing for old time’s sake?” Qin Lie suddenly asked.

Yu Lingwei’s expression changed slightly.

Wen Bin and the others suddenly turned pale.

“Kill them all,” Qin Lie ordered calmly.

The second he said this, many figures suddenly leaped off a purple black war chariot in the sky.

They were all Soul Altar experts of the Dark Shadow Race.

Led by Eddie and Yuria, the five three-level Soul Altar experts summoned their Soul Altars and jumped towards the enemy like wolves into lambs.

“Save us, pope!” Chu Miaodan screamed.

“Qin Lie! Please show mercy!” Ju Ruijie broke into involuntary tears as she cried, “I’m sorry for what I’ve done!”

Looking utterly conflicted, Yu Lingwei stretched out a hand in an attempt to stop them.

However, Mo Lingwei’s voice suddenly reached her ears secretively, “You can’t rebuild Illusory Demon Sect without troubles as long as they still live.”

Yu Lingwei’s stretched hand paused in midair just like that.

“Island Master Qin!” Jiang An inhaled deeply as his shoulders trembled as if he had been humiliated deeply. “You have gone too far!”

“There, there, and there!” QIn Lie pointed at Xiahou Jie, Su Pan, and Lin Yuehan in quick succession. “Kill the three great families’ patriarchs too!”

In the sky, Tang Beidou, Lu Yi, Tan Miao, Mo Jun, and even Ruined Lands’ leaders—Evil Infant Boy, La Pu, and Forefather Darkwind—who rushed to the scene suddenly charged towards the enemies.

“Qin Lie, leave the three great families to us and Blood Fiend Sect.” It was at this moment Xue Li’s voice rang from a distant point of the sky.

When they glanced at the voice’s direction, they discovered that two beams of bloody light were flying towards them from the distance. One of them belonged to Xue Li, and the other one actually belonged to Jiang Zhuzhe.

At first, Jiang An was going to negotiate with Qin Lie. But when he saw Xue Li and Jiang Zhuzhe, he immediately knew that everything was going to hell.

“Escape back to our sect!” Jiang An screamed.

In an instant, Gongye Zhuo and Gongye Qing escaped behind Jiang An without even looking at Illusory Demon Sect or the three great families’ clansmen.

“Jin Dao, command the Blood Drinkers and Corpse Demons, cooperate with them and kill all three great families’ clansmen here.” Jiang Zhuzhe ordered.

“Understood.” Jin Dao’s voice rang from behind.

Not long after, the Blood Drinkers and Corpse Demons of Jiang Zhuzhe’s force swarmed over from the distance.

These people looked like rays of bloody light flying towards Illusory Demon Sect.

The three great families’ clansmen who had accompanied Jiang An there turned deathly pale when they saw Jiang Zhuzhe and Xue Li rushing to the scene.

A thousand years ago, the three great families colluded with the Black Voodoo Cult and betrayed their master. They caused Blood Fiend Sect’s destruction from outside and within.

They knew that Blood Fiend Sect hated them to the bone.

Not long after Blood Fiend Sect had established themselves at the Setting Sun Islands, Jiang An had incited the three great families to attack them.

Unfortunately for them, their plan to destroy the Setting Sun Islands were thwarted by Qin Lie, the eight god corpses and Duan Qianjie.

After that, they never found another opportunity.

Five years later, Xue Li slowly regained his former strength thanks to the Blood Progenitor’s seven-level Soul Altar.

Jiang Zhuzhe also used the Heavenly Blood Divine Beam to severely injure Bhutto.

They knew that Blood Fiend Sect would eventually take revenge against them; that was why they clung tightly to Jiang An. However, they never imagined that the trip to Illusory Demon Sect would suddenly devolve into an extermination crisis.

“Run! Make it count!” The patriarchs of the three great families yelled in unison.

Just fifteen minutes ago, Black Voodoo Cult, the three great families, and Illusory Demon Sect were pondering on how to improve their cooperation with one another.

But now, everyone was being slaughtered or hunted by the enemies.

Jiang Zhuzhe and Xue Li didn’t pay any heed to this part of the battle. After giving some orders to their men, they suddenly flew towards the direction Jiang An and the Gongye brothers had escaped to.

Meanwhile, Wen Bin, Chu Miaodan, and the patriarchs of the three great families had all turned into prey.

Yu Lingwei was prepared to fight Wen Bin and his people to her death. Now, she was watching Wen Bin being killed by Eddie and Yuria, Chu Miaodan and Shi Xiuling being crushed to their deaths, and Ju Ruijie’s soul being destroyed.

She discovered that she couldn’t interfere with this battle at all.

At first, she thought Qin Lie was only going to chase them away.

She thought that Qin Lie wouldn’t decide to kill them all off.

She never imagined that Qin Lie would order the Dark Shadow Race experts to slaughter all of his former opponents without wasting even a moment’s breath.

Wen Bin and these people once attacked the Setting Sun Islands. Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families had also cooperated with each other to attack the Setting Sun Islands in the past.

Qin Lie viewed these people as enemies. After he accumulated enough strength to eliminate them, he launched a full scale attack against them without hesitation.

She never imagined that Xue Li and Jiang Zhuzhe—the two sect brothers who had turned against each other many years ago—would suddenly show up and work together to destroy the three great families and Black Voodoo Cult.

Right now, everything had gone out of control.

She could only watch the slaughter ensue passively.

“That Jiang An fellow is very clever; he had escaped with an escape art from the start so even I wasn’t able to lock onto his location immediately.” Luz appeared beside Qin Lie from the darkness. He said in a slightly helpless tone, “Should I head to Black Voodoo Cult?”

Qin Lie pondered for a moment before shaking his head. “Leave it to the two brothers from Blood Fiend Sect.”

“That works. With their strength, it is only a matter of time before they kill him.” Luz nodded before adding carelessly, “Do watch out for that Xue Li guy, will you? He’s trying to fuse with the Soul Altar too quickly, he may stray off the right path in the future…”

“I understand.” Qin Lie sighed.

Xue Li’s condition didn’t escape his attention. He knew that Xue Li was rushing things too quickly due to the surrounding pressure, and that it was only a matter of time before things went out of control.

From the moment Xue Li and Jiang Zhuzhe worked together, he knew that Xue Li was no longer the same person as before.

Thankfully, the Blood Progenitor’s seven-level Soul Altar was fully refined by the Soul Suppressing Orb before.

He was confident that he could control Xue Li if he strayed off the right path.

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