Chapter 959: The Fifteen Strongest Bloodlines!

Chapter 959: The Fifteen Strongest Bloodlines!

It had been a long while since they last met, so Qin Lie chatted casually with Ling Feng and everyone in the small Ling Town while staring at Ling Yushi from afar.

“What rank are your bloodlines at?” Qin Lie asked.

“I’m at rank four.” Ling Feng chuckled. “My bloodline awakened a bit late, so it’s not as powerful as Second Miss’s.”

“Your bloodline is at rank five too?” Qin Lie stared at Ling Xuanxuan in surprise.

“It’s nothing strange, is it?” Ling Xuanxuan said in a matter-of-fact tone, “My bloodline awakened back at Seven Fiends Valley, so I learned the marvellous secrets of my bloodline since a long time ago. The reason big sis is at rank six is because she has put more work into cultivation after we arrived at the Nether Continent. That’s why she’s a bit stronger than I am.”

“What kind of latent abilities do the two of you possess?” Qin Lie asked again.

He was rather curious about the Dark Nether Race’s bloodline. From what he learned recently, he knew that a Dark Nether clansmen could evolve into a Demon God when they reached rank ten.

Demon God was the equivalent of a Genesis Realm expert of the human race. They wielded many unfathomable abilities.

The Dark Shadow Race, Horned Demon Race, and Ghost Eye Race didn’t actually count as powerful ancient races. They were not acknowledged by the powerful races of the galaxy.

However, the Dark Nether Race was different. They were acknowledged by nearly all powerful races as one of the strongest races to exist.

Their bloodline was also thought to be extremely precious, powerful and one of the best in the world.

From the Chaos Blood Realm, after he obtained the knowledge regarding Perfect Blood, he already learned that even the God Race valued the Dark Nether Race’s bloodline a lot. One of the fifteen types of bloodline that made up the Heavenly Blood Divine Beam was the Dark Nether Race’s bloodline.

The fifteen bloodlines that were used to refine the Heavenly Blood Divine Beam were all bloodlines of strongest races. The blood of the races who were generally known as powerful races such as the Dragon Race, Giant Race, Ancient Beast Race, Asura Race and so on were all mingled in it.

The Heavenly Blood Divine Beam also contained the blood of some less known races that had waned in power after the war against the God Race. These races had hidden themselves in realms far away from Spirit Realm.

Since the Dark Nether Race’s bloodline was one of the fifteen bloodlines that made up the Heavenly Blood Divine Beam, it had to have miraculous qualities. That was why he was extremely curious about Ling Xuanxuan and Ling Feng’s bloodlines.

“My bloodline has the latent ability called the Profound Nether Holy Flame.”

Deep, dark light appeared behind Ling Xuanxuan’s purple pupils. She raised her left hand gently and summoned a faint purple colored flame in her snow white palm.

The purple flame kept changing forms. Sometimes it looked like a beautiful blooming flower, and sometimes it looked like an evil soul.

The flame was also sometimes hot and sometimes icy. It was very mysterious.

“I also cultivated the fire spirit art back at Seven Fiends Valley. Maybe it was because my master noticed that I had an affinity with fire type spirit arts back then. After my bloodline awakened, I obtained a different kind of power from it. This power could be fused into the fire spirit art I originally cultivated.”

“When my bloodline reached rank five, I entered the Dark Nether Race’s Chaos Blood Realm and learned that my bloodline is called the Profound Nether Holy Flame.”

“This flame of bloodline can be improved at a faster rate if it’s cultivated inside the Profound Yin Nether Sea.”

Ling Xuanxuan said.

Qin Lie stared at the clump of purple flame in her palm with narrowed eyes. “Your bloodline flame seems to be extremely effective against souls.”

“Yeah.” Ling Xuanxuan puffed up her chest proudly before saying, “From what I learned from the Chaos Blood Realm, the Profound Nether Holy Flame can even destroy a Soul Altar expert’s soul origin when it reaches its final form.”

Qin Lie had to hide his shock when he heard this.

He rubbed his chin and pondered for a moment. Then he looked at Ling Feng and asked, “What about you, big brother?”

“My bloodline is a lot weaker than the two Misses’.” Ling Feng let out a dry laugh. “Until now, I’ve only awakened a latent ability called the Shell Shield.”

He also activated his bloodline power as he said this.

His body became enveloped in a layer of natural shell. It was a tough, ink black-colored shell that was covered in natural patterns just like a normal shell. However, it still gave off mysterious feeling.

“Once Shell Shield is formed, most attacks of powerful spirit arts become less effective when they land on my body.” Ling Feng explained. “Not only doesn’t it affect my movement, it even makes me a bit stronger than before. However, it doesn’t have any mysterious uses. At the very least… that’s how it appears to be for now.”

“Do not look down on yourself, Ling Feng. maybe your Shell Shield will become different when your bloodline reaches rank five,” Ling Chenzhi comforted him.

“Mn. It’s like this. At the beginning, my sister’s bloodline wasn’t all that powerful just like Ling Feng’s,” Ling Xuanxuan also said. “However, her bloodline suddenly became different when it reached rank six. It was as if her bloodline could draw in a person’s soul. The reason that five-level Soul Altar expert Guan Zhou was hurt by Lord Gordon was all thanks to big sis using a secret art, causing his soul to go out of control.”

“What in Spirit Realm is Yushi’s latent ability?” Qin Lie asked in astonishment.

“It involves the most profound mysteries of soul.” Ling Chengzhi took in a deep breath before saying seriously, “I don’t know exactly what it is, but both Lord Gordon and Lord Tate said that her latent abilities are extraordinary!”

Qin Lie was surprised on the inside.

He heard from La Pu that all latent abilities that had to do with the soul were incredibly rare and usually very powerful.

The soul was the origin of all life forms. Therefore, a latent ability that could affect the soul could only be the most terrifying kind of power.

He subconsciously looked at Gray and Luz, and it was only now he realized that they were staring at Ling Yushi like they were staring at a rare jade that hadn’t been sculpted yet.

He suddenly understood that neither he, nor Gray’s younger brother La Pu were the reason why Gray acknowledged the Ling Family. It was all thanks to Ling Yushi herself!

It was at this moment the unusual ripple of energy in Ling Yushi’s body subsided. Her long eyebrows moved as if she was about to awaken.

Qin Lie stopped conversing with Ling Feng and the others as they walked together towards Ling Yushi and stopped beside the Nether Realm experts.

“Is Yushi’s bloodline… extremely rare and powerful?” Qin Lie asked La Pu for confirmation.

La Pu nodded heavily. “To my knowledge of bloodlines, Miss Ling’s bloodline will be the second ultimate bloodline to transform the Dark Nether Race completely! If her bloodline evolves to rank ten in the future, she will be even more powerful than the Demon Gods from three thousand years ago. She may even be stronger than all five of them combined!”

Qin Lie and the members of Ling Family were shocked when they heard this.

“Is it really that powerful?” Qin Lie asked in astonishment.

“A long, long time ago, the Dark Nether Race was just a small race that was far inferior to the Horned Demon Race, Dark Shadow Race or Ghost Eye Race. This lasted until the day a Dark Nether clansman’s bloodline awakened and enabled him to form a miraculous connection with one of the two forbidden land of Nether Realm, the Profound Yin Nether Sea. Not only that, he was able to obtain an endless source of power from the Profound Yin Nether Sea, and he was the first person in Nether Realm to evolve his bloodline to rank ten.”

La Pu inhaled deeply before continuing in a tone of deep respect, “It was thanks to him that the Dark Nether Race became the royal race of Nether Realm. It was thanks to him the Dark Nether clansmen after him were able to evolve their bloodlines to rank ten! That was why the Dark Nether Race’s bloodline became publicly known as one of the fifteen strongest bloodlines!

“He single-handedly started a golden era for the Dark Nether Race and Nether Realm!”

“Miss Ling is the only other person we know of with the latent ability to connect with the other forbidden land of Nether Realm, the Nine Soul Hell. Moreover, her bloodline exhibits qualities that are identical to that of Dark Nether clansmen!”

“If Miss Ling can reach rank ten bloodline in the future, she can create a new era of prosperity and lead Nether Realm to completely new heights!”

La Pu wasn’t the only one who looked excited at this point. Even the top three experts of Nether Realm—Gordon, Luz and Gray—looked excited too.

“You knowledge regarding bloodline is truly impressive.” Qin Lie praised him.

“It is my lifelong dream to perfect the Horned Demon Race, Dark Shadow Race and Ghost Eye Race’s bloodline. I wish to aid the three great races of Nether Realm to reach rank ten bloodline too!” La Pu exclaimed.

A thought suddenly entered Qin Lie’s mind as he stared at La Pu thoughtfully. He didn’t reveal his thought on the spot though.

Finally, Ling Yushi had awakened from her meditative state as she looked at the crowd and smiled. “I’m fine now.”

“And your wound?” Gordon asked worriedly.

“I’m all healed now.” Ling Yushi answered with a smile.

“My queen, I have come to see you as a representative of the Ghost Eye Race!” Gray suddenly knelt on one knee and saluted her solemnly in the way of Nether Realm etiquette. “After I return to the Ghost Eye Race, I will convince the elders to acknowledge your unparalleled status as the queen of Nether Realm!”

“Why have you suddenly changed your mind?” Ling Yushi looked very puzzled.

Gray answered seriously, “It’s because I just learned that you’ll bring an incredible change to Nether Realm!”

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