Chapter 44 Su Youwei’s Progress

“There are two levels to the Auraflare technique, the green flare and the purple flare. What you have currently has just barely reached the doorstep of the green flare level.” Yaoyao explained from the side when she saw that Zhou Yuan had succeeded.

Zhou Yuan nodded. He looked at the faint pulsing green light at his fingertips and said, “The destructive power of this Auraflare technique is astonishing indeed but there are some flaws. The Qi concentrating process is troublesome and it uses too much Genesis Qi.”

If he had not activated the Dragon Breathing technique and sucked in a mouthful of Genesis Qi, he would not have succeeded in creating this tiny green flare no matter how long he spent.

With his current four channel strength, it took everything he had to create this tiny wisp of light. If it was to be used against an enemy, he would have to kill in a single strike or the light would automatically dissipate after some time.

“If only I could reach the Qi Nourishing stage.” Zhou Yuan sighed. Reaching the Qi Nourishing stage was akin to entering the inner chambers from the main room. Once the Qi Dwelling was open, Genesis Qi could be stored in the body. This would be countless times better than his current pitiful state where he had to draw in strands of unpurified Genesis Qi from his surroundings every time he wanted to use it.

With the support of sufficient Genesis Qi in the body, Black tier Genesis techniques would be able to display their true power.

After sighing for a while, Zhou Yuan steadied his heart. After all, he had to take things one step at a time. What he needed to do now was to fully open his eight meridian channels, creating a better foundation for future cultivation.

“Alright then, it’s time for me to go slaughter that bastard. A beast that dares to interfere with my training cannot be pardoned.” Zhou Yuan stood up and called out to Yaoyao before his body shot forth, heading straight into the mountain forests.

He could not wait to try out the might of the Auraflare technique.

Once he entered the forest, Zhou Yuan rushed straight towards its depths. A long time later, he stood on a giant tree and sat down. He knew that the Flame Plate Rhino was extremely sensitive to presences and would likely discover him the moment he stepped into the deeper part of the forest. Thus, he only needed to wait for the rhino here.

Zhou Yuan shut his eyes. After about ten minutes, he felt the ground begin to tremble and his gaze looked towards the depths of the forest, only to see towering trees falling one after another as a fire-red figure madly charged over, thunderous rumbling sounds in its wake.

An over ten feet tall fire-red figure ultimately came to a stop in the clearing. Its scarlet eyes locked onto Zhou Yuan as grouchy snorting noises emerged from its mouth.

It was the Flame Plate Rhino.

The surface of its body seemed to be covered in fire-red armor, blazing hard armor that thoroughly protected it.

“You’ve come?” Zhou Yuan grinned a little as he looked down from above at the Flame Plate Rhino. No longer did he avoid it like before. Instead, his figure leaped into the air and landed on the ground

“Bring it on you bastard.” Zhou Yuan extended a finger towards the creature and beckoned.

As if sensing Zhou Yuan’s contempt, the madness in the Flame Plate Rhino’s eyes immediately intensified. With a powerful stomp of its foot, the ground cracked open as its enormous figure transformed into fiery shadow that charged towards Zhou Yuan with terrifying momentum.

Meanwhile, the thick flame armor on its body glowed with scarlet light as if it was burning.

Even the air itself cackled under such force.

Even a seven channel practitioner had no choice but to avoid the sure-kill charge of a Flame Plate Rhino.

However, Zhou Yuan did not move nor showed no intentions of retreating. He merely lowered his gaze as Genesis Qi turned into whirlpools in his meridian channels, continuously compressing and refining.

Several breaths later, Zhou Yuan slowly extended his hand as a faint green aura slowly surfaced.

The aura pulsed indeterminately as Zhou Yuan’s figure also dashed forward, colliding with the Flame Plate Rhino in the blink of an eye.

At the moment of impact, Zhou Yuan’s hand took the form of a blade and fiercely chopped downwards as splitting the mountains, slamming onto the ferocious face of the Flame Plate Rhino.


A faint noise seemed to ring out when the hand landed. In the next instant, fresh blood wildly spurted out. The enormous body of the ferocious rhino had been sliced into two!

Due to the tremendous momentum behind its giant body, the two halves of the rhino continued to charge forward for quite some distance before ultimately crashing to the ground with a loud bang, dyeing the ground in fresh blood.

On the other hand, Zhou Yuan remained unmoved on the spot, still in his chopping posture as a bloody mist descended. It sprayed on his face, making it appear enchantingly bizarre.

The faint green glow gradually faded from his hand while Zhou Yuan’s slightly tottering body gently fell the ground on his butt. The previous chop had cleaned out all of his energy.

He turned his head slightly, glancing at the two halves of the Flame Plate Rhino and could not help but grin.

The destructive power of the Auraflare technique was really frightening.

In addition, the new little tyrant of this area was now him, Zhou Yuan.


Time passed in the mountains.

While Zhou Yuan concentrated on his training deep in the mountains, things were not going well for Qi Yue. No matter how they searched, they were unable to find any traces of Luo Hao, let alone the Auraflare technique.

In a certain room, Qi Ling said with a rather ugly expression, “Second young master, we have already extended the scope of our search to many cities but we are still unable to find even the slightest trace of Luo Hao. It’s as if he vanished into thin air.”

Cold light flickered in Qi Yue’s eyes. It was a long time later before he finally replied, “If he can’t be found even with this level of searching, I’m afraid that there might not even be a corpse left of him.”

Qi Ling frowned slightly. “You are saying that he’s been killed?”

Qi Yue clenched his jaw. “Although I do not know who killed him, I have a feeling that the Auraflare technique is in Zhou Yuan’s hands!”

Qi Ling’s expression fluctuated . “If that is so, it will be very troublesome.”

Ever since the previous incident, Zhou Qing had increased Zhou Yuan’s level of protection. Lu Tieshan had also chased away all outsiders in the area Zhou Yuan was in. It was practically impossible to repeat the play they had staged before.

A dark and vicious look appeared in Qi Yue’s eyes. After some silence, he coldly said, “Get me Liu Xi.”

Qi Ling looked at Qi Yue. Although he did not know what the latter was planning, he still did as instructed.


The beautiful rays of the setting sun enveloped Great Zhou City.

In the Great Zhou Institute, Su Youwei had just left the institute after her classes, walking along the street towards the southern part of the city where her home was located. She did not linger for long in the institute recently because Zhou Yuan was pretty much absent.

A young girl’s long and slender legs lightly hopped over a ditch. Her pony tail bouncing with the vigour of youth, drawing admiring gazes from passersby.

Passing through familiar street after street, her footsteps suddenly stopped after taking a corner as she raised her head and looked to her front.

Liu Xi was leaning against the wall, several figures behind her.

Liu Xi’s pretty face was icy as she coldly stared at Su Youwei. The latter’s elegant appearance caused tiny embers of jealousy to flit across her eyes as she frostily smiled, “Come walk with me Su Youwei.”

“What do you plan on doing?” Su Youwei’s eyebrows knitted together slightly.

Liu Xi coldly snorted, “Humph, Zhou Yuan has stolen something from Qi Yue. You will be used to exchange for it.” 

Su Youwei’s pretty face turned a little frosty when she heard this. “What a joke. Do you think that Qi Yue’s things would even catch his highness’ eyes?”

“Sharp-tongued wench!” Liu Xi’s eyebrows turned almost turned vertical as she shouted, “Catch her!”

The moment her words faded, two figures immediately shot out from behind her. Faint Genesis Qi undulations surrounded their bodies, testament to their five channel strength.

Su Youwei did not move as she icily stared at the two individuals that were shooting towards her. It was only when the their hands grabbed at her like eagle claws that she suddenly made her move.

Two fingers were thrust forward, jade light swirling around them while formidable Genesis Qi tore through the air like a mealstrom.

Ch ch!

The two fingers landed, causing the two figures to be sent flying backwards, fresh blood flowing from their shoulders.

Su Youwei’s hands hung by her side while Genesis Qi light swirled around her body, causing her aura to rise steadily.

Liu Xi stared at Su Youwei, eyes wide open and her jaw clenched so hard she almost shattered her teeth. “You’ve unblocked your sixth meridian channel?!”

She clearly remembered Su Youwei had only just unblocked her fifth meridian channel slightly over a month ago. How had she so quickly unblocked her sixth channel too?

Su Youwei flatly replied, “Unblocked it ten days ago.”

Su Youwei had not slouched off while Zhou Yuan was away from the institute. She received the full efforts of headmaster Chu Tianyang’s personal tutelage. After all, in Chu Tianyang’s opinion, compared to the explosive Zhou Yuan, a stable type like Su Youwei was less worrying. Hence, he had done all he could to train her over this period of time.

Thus, she had not been stagnant while Zhou Yuan was progressing.

Liu Xi’s face was steely green with anger, fire practically spitting from her eyes. She had only managed to unblock her sixth meridian channel half a month ago after lengthy amounts of training and a huge expenditure of resources. Yet, Su Youwei was now practically at her heels using only half the time. How could this not make her jealous.

Liu Xi frostily said, “Do you believe that you will be able to leave just because you have unblocked your sixth meridian channel?”

“Liu Ye, go catch her for me. It will be best if you also carve up that little minx’s face!”

As Liu Xi’s words rang out, a figure slowly walked out from behind. Powerful Genesis Qi spread, displaying the strength of seven channels.

Su Youwei’s expression finally became grave when she saw this. However, while she was trying to think of a plan, her heart suddenly shook as two figures shot out from behind and landed at her side.

They seemed to be ordinary men but the Genesis Qi undulations from their bodies had reached the level of seven channels.

“You are?” Su Youwei was taken aback when she saw the two newcomers.

The two replied with a soft chuckle, “We were sent by his highness miss Su. His highness was worried that Qi Yue would let out his anger on you, thus we have been protecting you in secret.”

Su Youwei blinked when she heard this. Although she did not say anything, the corners of her mouth subconsciously raised a little while her sour mood due to Liu Xi’s appearence took a turn for the better.

The two men lifted their heads, looked Liu Xi and said in a flat voice, “Please watch yourself miss Liu. Do not become Qi Yue’s chess piece.”

Liu Xi’s face had practically become purple due to the interference, but she knew that she could no longer do anything to Su Youwei.

“That blasted Zhou Yuan!”

Liu Xi furiously cursed. Abandoning the deadlock, she led her men and left with a stomp of her foot.

The two imperial guards turned their heads and said to Su Youwei in a low voice, “Miss Su, let us send you back home.”

“I’ll be troubling elder brothers.” Su Youwei did not reject. She paused for a moment before continuing, “Do you know how his highness is doing? He has been absent for almost two months.”

“Don’t worry miss Su, his highness is a crucial point in his training. He will definitely be back for the class ranking exam in half a month.”

Su Youwei nodded. She did not know what would be the outcome of Zhou Yuan’s training session, but she had heard that Qi Yue had already unblocked his seventh meridian channel. For their A class to take back first place at the year-end class ranking exam, a bitter battle could not be avoided...

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