Chapter 75 Formally accepting disciple

Chapter 0075    Formally accepting disciple

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Su Hao had a look of satisfaction as he glanced at the ten origin ability restoration bottles in front of him. Being able to succeed on his second try was quite surprising to him. Of course, what shocked him more was the new discovery of his model analysis.

Although he knew that his ability allowed him to create a model identical to the original object, he never thought it would be accurate to such degree.

The last duel in ghost castle had allowed Su Hao to discover terrain modeling. By allowing him to simulate terrain, he could familiarize himself with every corner of the terrain instantly.

From now onward, his model analysis had one more feature - model experiment.

Was this feature already available in his original ability or a byproduct of mutation?

Su Hao wasn’t sure about this. However, he understood that while his ability couldn’t compare to the offensive power of elemental types or the speed of instantaneous movement, it was still useful for him in many different aspects.


The glass laboratory door swung open. Zhang Zhongtian entered from outside, his face pale. 

“What?” Su Hao felt strange about this.

Zhang Zhongtian stared at Su Hao as if he was looking at a ghost. Newbie? Rookie? Newbie? Rookie? 

“Today is your first time conducting an experiment?” Zhang Zhongtian couldn’t help ask.

“Yeah?” Su Hao replied in a confused state.

Zhang Zhongtian, “......”

How would you say this, to succeed on your second try as a newbie, was that even possible? Or was it simply luck?

“Do it again. I will observe clearly.” Zhang Zhongtian said.


Su Hao took a glance at Zhang Zhongtian’s expression, placing a guess as to what he was thinking. With an indifferent smile on his face, Su Hao grabbed several herbs and closed his eyes once again.

Model analysis, start!

To ensure the accuracy of his later experiments, Su Hao began to simulate the experiment within his brain with utmost focus.

5 minutes later, failed!

Model analysis, start!

Su Hao once again adjusted his actions from his previous failure. In fact, Su Hao’s talent in pharmacy was not considered excellent. Even with the same types of herbs, Su Hao only managed to succeed on his third try.

Only at this moment, did Su Hao open both his eyes. 

Regarding Su Hao’s act of closing his eyes, Zhang Zhongtian wasn’t too mindful about it.

This was because many pharmacists also had such habits. Even he himself did it occasionally to support himself and maintain an ideal state. Conducting experiments was a very difficult task, with every minute requiring the utmost concentration. Pharmacists were human, not animals; naturally, they wouldn’t push themselves past exhaustion.

An imperfect state may lead to the tiniest of deviations in an experiment, causing failure; so……..The state of mind must be perfect.

Closing your eyes, adjusting your origin ability, that would be the ideal solution. Let alone Su Hao who had just finished an experiment.


Su Hao suddenly opened his eyes. A smile flashed across his face. For the next steps in the experiment, everything would occur within his chest. Su Hao casually grabbed several batches of herbs, resuming the experiment which had shocked Zhang Zhongtian once again. 

Herbs test!

Herbs mixture!

Origin ability fermentation!

That incredibly smooth pace was even more fluid than the previous attempt. Five minutes later, ten new bottles of drug appeared in front of him. Su Hao’s third experiment, success!

Zhang Zhongtian: “........”

He had already been stunned!

Seeing something with your own eyes was incomparable to viewing it through a virtual screen. From the moment Su Hao opened his eyes, all he could see was a calm and confident gaze. It was tantamount to the aura of a master. Whether it was in terms of aura or proficiency, Su Hao was not inferior to him in any way.

Despite seeing it with his own eyes, he would never think that Su Hao was novice. 


A once in a thousand years genius!

In the Pharmacy Association, many pharmacists have origin abilities which would make others jealous. These latent abilities would be helpful in assisting them in carrying out experiments. Different talents would then have different benefits. For example, super calculation, the ability to mix drugs within a margin of error of a single droplet; they were akin to a humanoid machine!

Taking human error into account, although it was impossible to succeed one-hundred percent of the time, the success rate would increase by at least two-fold. 

Similarly, there are those with analytical or vision-based abilities. They also boasted an extremely high success rate. 

Zhang Zhongtian naturally hoped to get such a student as his disciple. However, those with vision or analytical abilities would typically choose to be pharmacist. Everyone had their own preferred route to take; this was not something which he could force. Additionally, there are only a few such individuals in the world. 

However, such abilities when compared with Su Hao, were too weak to compare!

Su Hao’s performance was on another level when compared to those with such abilities. Whether that model analysis of Su Hao helped him or not, Zhang Zhongtian didn’t care. What mattered was that  Su Hao’s final result was definitely worthy of high praise.

Zhang Zhongtian kept silent for some time as his mind drifted elsewhere.

Accepting a disciple!

Officially accepting Su Hao as his student!

However, looking at Su Hao’s smile, Zhang Zhongtian felt some difficulty in voicing his desire. Although he was cunning, that was only when he was dealing with outsiders…...The truth was, he did feel some hesitation during the deal. Just yesterday, he had even reminded Su Hao that it was all just a business.

“Haha, not bad. Great progress.” Zhang Zhongtian approvingly praised.

Su Hao secretly smiled in heart. His face purposely revealed hesitation as he watched Zhang Zhongtian, “Master Zhang, student feels like there are still many flaws here and there. I hope you will give guidance.”

“Of course.” Zhang Zhongtian laughed, “I will definitely guide you.”

“Then, thanks a lot Master Zhang.” With emotion, Su Hao continued, “You’re so selfless and generous. If you were my real master, then how pleasant would it be. Unfortunately, this student doesn’t have enough qualifications.”

“How could it be! Your talent exceeds that of many people from the Pharmacy Association.” Zhang Zhongtian said in a serious tone, giving out a subtle hint…...I am not looking down on you, you have the qualification. Quickly, request me to accept you as my disciple, quickly! As long as you request, I will accept!

“Really, if this is the case, then this student really lacks confidence.” Su Hao sighed with sorrow.




Zhang Zhongtian was helpless. This brat, he really is just a little slyboots! I thought those hardworking, bookworm students are supposed to be honest and obedient?

This is utter shit!

It’s simply not true at all!

“That, Su Hao….” Zhang Zhongtian continued. With his talent, if Su Hao were to be noticed by the Pharmacy Association, that group of old men would definitely not let him out of their grasp. 

If he were to miss this chance, perhaps he wouldn’t ever have such an opportunity in the future.

“You see here, I have no apprentice. Your talent is not bad, if you don’t mind…..” Zhang Zhongtian finally decided to be frank.

Seeing that he finally revealed his intention, Su Hao smiled in his heart. Mission accomplished!

“Disciple Su Hao greets master!”

Su Hao cupped both hands, imitating the way of ancients. Zhang Zhongtian smiled, this kid…..

He was now a formal disciple!

Although Su Hao had long ago predicted such an outcome, his heart still felt excitement.

After all, a deal is still a deal. Although Zhang Zhongtian appeared hospitable and kind, it was only limited to this. Handing you some formulas, lending a lab for you to experiment, replying to your questions. As for other benefits, don’t even dream about it.

But as a disciple now, it was no longer the same treatment.

Without Su Hao needing to ask, Zhang Zhongtian would whole-heartedly give him pointers and carefully train him. This was a complete three-sixty in terms of treatment! Ignoring other facts, at the very least he would no longer have to worry about compensation for failed experiments.

Successfully becoming his disciple, Zhang Zhongtian would naturally guide him with extreme care.

Su Hao straightforwardly informed Zhang Zhongtian of his ability. Hearing this, Zhang Zhongtian exclaimed and began to rack his brain, trying to find the best way to use Su Hao’s ability to the fullest potential.

Unfortunately, although the real life experiment seemed to only take place for a few minutes, for Su Hao himself, he had undergone several simulations within his mind!

His supply of origin ability energy was incapable of meeting Su Hao’s consumption. Just two experiments later, his gas tank was now empty. 

Thus, for the remainder of the day, Su Hao was trapped here. Every experiment, how to be faster, how to measure accurately, how to fermentate better, how to mix better, with no help from origin ability energy. Zhang Zhongtian taught Su Hao step by step.

Zhang Zhongtian passed down all his experiences unreservedly to Su Hao.

This was also the first time Su Hao had seen the other side of Zhang Zhongtian, as a fanatical pharmacist, much unlike the usual cunning businessman. Definitely one which he wouldn’t regret to have as a teacher.

The following few days, Su Hao stayed there.

Regarding the materials for black markets’ body strengthening drug, they had yet to arrive. Thus, this entire week, Zhang Zhongtian had the time to wholeheartedly instruct Su Hao.

Without using model analysis, Su Hao’s success rate returned to that of a novice. 

This was the absolute requirement of Zhang Zhongtian!

Only by coming across the different natures of various herbs would one’s proficiency in experiments rapidly increase. In the early stage of training, only this method allowed you to improve rapidly.

Su Hao sank into deep thought.

This entire week, Su Hao hadn’t used his origin ability, directly experimenting in the laboratory. 

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