Chapter 64: Moscow

Chapter 64: Moscow

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Moscow, Sheremetyevo International Airport. After enduring the six days of torment, he had finally arrived


Apart from Gao Yang scaring himself, the trip to Harbin City was uneventful. He successfully met Molotov. However, making a fake passport with a true visa needed time. Especially after Jin was in Harbin City, the time needed became even longer for Molotov now that he had to make two.

One would get what one paid for. A hundred and fifty grand for a fake passport was really costly. After thinking about the benefits and convenience from it though, Gao Yang also requested one for Jin. Of course, Gao Yang paid for it.


Molotov was indeed capable. He only used four days. Apart from the photos that were real, the rest were fantasies. Gao Yang and Jin then smoothly boarded the plane towards Moscow.

Why Moscow? That was because Yang wanted to use this opportunity to drop by Grolev’s home. He was going to Russia anyways, so Gao Yang definitely wanted to complete Grolev’s request: send Grolev’s money to his wife and kid.


He finally couldn’t help but give a long exhale when he effortlessly got out of Sheremetyevo International Airport. He opened both his arms and said loudly, “The air of freedom is really wonderful, no more fear of prosecution! We’re safe now. Jin, don’t you feel any emotions at all?”


Compared to Gao Yang’s excitement, Jin who was standing quietly behind him seemed to be overtly silent. However, Jin had been like that since Gao Yang had met him in Harbin City after the separation. All the way till now. Simply a face full of tranquility.


Hearing his question, Jin shook his head and replied, “What’s there to be emotional about? Didn’t you say that we’d surely get to Russia? Now that we’re here, it ain’t any different from what you’ve said. Why should there be any emotional changes?”

Gao Yang helplessly sighed, “You people… Ay, trained too well. Even when Mount Tai crashes you’d stay expressionless. I can’t do this man. Right, Old Liu, which way we gotta go?”

The person whom Gao Yang called Old Liu was Molotov’s subordinate, a pure Russian. He was called Old Liu because his name was Lyushenko [1]. He followed Molotov and stayed in Harbin City for a long time. Thus he let the Chinese call him Old Liu.


He could speak Mandarin fluently. Since both Gao Yang and Jin couldn’t speak Russian, Molotov sent Old Liu to bring them to Moscow out of brotherly consideration for them. Liu would return only when Jin and Gao Yang exited Russia. Of course, the ticket costs were Gao Yang’s responsibility.


“It doesn’t matter where you go, I just have to see where you guys wanna go. It’s only nine in the morning so we still have a whole day’s worth of time. If you guys wanna tour Moscow, I recommend Red Square first and then have a look at Kremlin Palace. If you intend to rest, we can find a hotel straight away. If you wanna leave Russia, I have to see if I can get the tickets, but Libya’s not possible for sure. You can only make it to Tunisia or Egypt and then try to find a way to Libya.”

Gao Yang just asked casually. He didn’t expect Old Liu to give at least three answers. The final decisions were on Gao Yang.


He pondered and took out a piece of paper and gave it to Old Liu, saying, “Take a look at this address, is it far from the Red Square?”


The paper had both English and Russian with Grolev’s house address. Old Liu gave a glimpse and nodded, “I know this place, it’s not really that far.”

Gao Yang excitedly said, “Very well, then how about this. I feel that most people work in the day. My friend’s house might be empty. So since we’re here, we might as well go to Red Square for a look so as not to waste the trip to Moscow. Then, during the afternoon, we go to this address and find my friend’s house. After we’re done with this, we leave tomorrow immediately. Jin, What do you think?”

Jin was puzzled. “You decide, why ask me?”


Gao Yang spoke in a strange manner. “Didn’t we come here together? Of course we gotta discuss about matters.”

Jin shook his head and replied, “If it weren’t for you, I’d be already caught back in the mainland, not to mention even coming to Russia. Even the clothes I’m wearing came from you. Until I’ve returned you the money, I don’t have the decency to ask for a fair treatment man. Also, I am already used to following orders and executing them. So before I get rid of that soldier’s habit, just tell me straight if you have anything you want. I’ll take your words as command. There’s not much choice as it’s an occupational disease, you see.”

Gao Yang shrugged and said, “I didn’t think that much, but since you said the phrase ‘occupational disease’, I won’t discuss anything with you from now on. Okay, let’s march to Red Square, start.”

With Old Liu here, Gao Yang wasn’t worried at all. He just followed Liu and paid the money when needed. Before coming to Russia, he exchanged the remaining money that was only slightly less than fifty thousand all into roubles. Minus the transportation fees for Jin and him and the return flight for Old Liu, he still had twenty grand remaining. Though it wasn’t much, it was enough for Jin and him to play in Moscow for two days.

It’s said that one did not go to Moscow if one did not go to Red Square. Jin and Gao Yang had an eye opening experience after going there. The trio went off to eat a meal after they visited Moscow. It wasn’t really delectable. They finished doing of all that at three in the afternoon.

Thinking that it was about time, under Old Liu’s lead, the group of three took a cab and started off towards the address that Grolev had given Gao Yang.

As the cab drove on and winded here and there into a district, Gao Yang discovered that even in a large city like Moscow, there were also places that contained unsoundness and disrepair. As compared to the magnificence where the gold and jade vied with each other, it was a sharp contrast to the place they were in: a monotonous gray.

The old apartment buildings from the times during the USSR were really dilapidated. From the living quarters to the commercial shops, it was all the same. The walls were all mottled. The only things that appeared more colorful was the graffiti on the demolished walls.


The pedestrians were few. Even if a person could be seen at times, they’d hurriedly walk past. It was really a stark contrast with the Moscow Gao Yang had just seen.

The cab stopped below a very huge and old building. The driver spoke gibberish[2] for a few sentences. Old Liu who was sitting shotgun turned around. “We’ve not there yet, but we gotta get off. The driver’s unwilling to go forward anymore. We have to walk over there. At least it’s good that we ain’t far from our destination.”

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