Chapter 118 All kinds of taking advantage

Chapter 0118    All kinds of taking advantage

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For Su Hao, his master’s research was of the utmost importance to him. It was closely tied to the enhancement of his physical fitness. 

It was worth noting that the beginner strengthening drug had almost killed him. Thus, he was unsure if he had the courage to try the intermediate strengthening drug. If he was the slightest bit careless, he would meet his death. Thus, if his master was able to develop a new drug, it would definitely be a welcome surprise.

Even if his master hadn’t exited seclusion yet, he could still use the herbs there to make some beginner origin ability recovery drug. Although the effect was minimal, it was better than nothing.

Su  Hao returned to Jianghe City during noon.

His sister was still in school. His mother was working. Su Hao immediately headed towards the pharmacy. Unexpectedly, Su Hao was shocked to discover upon his arrival that the door was open. 

“Master has finished?”

Su Hao’s eyes turned bright as he entered the store. 

He hadn’t expected Zhang Zhongtian to be sitting in a daze by himself within the store. Su Hao remained unnoticed. 

“Master, I’m here.” Su Hao greeted his master, but didn’t receive a response. 


Feeling puzzled, Su Hao stretched out his right hand and waved it in front of Zhang Zhongtian’s nose, “Don’t tell me he’s dead?”


Su Hao’s hand was smacked to the side. Zhang Zhongtian stared at him, “Smelly brat, when did you arrive?”

“Hehe, I just got here.”

Su Hao smiled, “Master, why have you come out from the laboratory? Don’t tell me that you’re finished?”


When the experiment was mentioned, Zhan Zhongtian showed visible worry on his face. It was clear that his experiment wasn’t progressing smoothly. 

“I managed to add thirteen herbs together with only some minor issues. However, I can’t estimate the specifics of the end result. My only option is to test the results on consumers, but that’s rather difficult to accomplish…”

Thirteen herbs…

Su Hao felt ashamed. He had used a few herbs and nearly fainted. Body restoration druh was still out of his reach. He had originally planned on using his model analysis to help Zhang Zhongtian, but he shut down that idea rather quickly! Zhang Zhongtian obviously knew about this, which was why he had pondered by himself. 

“Besides this, I still have a series of uncertainties. In short, I need an experimental object desperately!” Zhang Zhongtian was extremely depressed, “If there are any living experimental objects, I could increase the success rate by 30 percent! It will help greatly in advancing the progress of the experiment.”

It wasn’t known what he was thinking about as he spoke up to this point. He looked at Su Hao and said, “My disciple, you’re the only one who has succeeded and the source of inspiration for my current experiment.”


Zhang Zhongtian couldn’t seriously be thinking of using him as a living experimental model, could he? As Su Hao thought about his previously painful experience in addition to those white mice that had been abused, his face turned green. 

This is no joke. A single mistake and my life will be gone...

“Don’t do this to me master. I am such a talented disciple. Where else can you find someone like me? If there are any mishaps, who will be the one to inspire you in the future? This disciple doesn’t just have a single inspiration. Perhaps in the future, I’ll inspire you once again..” Su Hao quickly blathered out a list of excuses. He tried his best to persuade Zhang Zhongtian in giving up on this idea by suggesting a new victim, berserk beasts.

“Master, look at those berserk beasts outside the city. With so many varieties, they should fulfill the requirement for this experiment. Additionally, because they live in so many different environments under a wide variety of conditions, they are they perfect gift for an experiment.” Su Hao excitedly continued while patting his chest, “As long as you promise, I will immediately catch anything for you!”

“Really?” Zhang Zhongtian glanced at him.

“Of course it is true.” Su Hao sweared to heaven. If he could convince Zhang Zhongtian to give up on that idea of his, Su Hao was willing to agree to almost anything. 


Zhang Zhongtian reluctantly agreed. Su Hao was finally able to relax.He no longer needed to be a white mouse. However, after relaxing for no more than two minutes, Zhang Zhongtian came and handled an A4 paper to him. Su Hao opened it and was instantly dumbfounded. 

-----------List of materials------------

Berserk red jackal, 2

Wampee monkey, 1

Black bull beast, 2



After he finished reading, Su Hao instantly understood.

Damn it!

He had been tricked again! 

Why did they want to trick him again? Su Hao’s face turned nasty. Why did teachers begin to tease and exploit students so much? Even if he were to forget about Su Wan teasing him, he had just returned to Jianghe City and was being taken advantage of by his own master. The materials list had already been prepared. Didn’t that mean that his master had set up a pit and waited for him to fall into it? 


Su Hao let out a deep sigh. His master was going overboard. It seemed that as one aged, his integrity would decrease. With his current age, his master’s integrity must have been long gone. 

Since the issues concerning the materialsl list was settled, Zhang Zhongtian was in a good mood, “One doesn’t visit a temple without a cause. Just say it, my good disciple. Why are you looking for me?”

Su Hao’s mind went on alert. It seemed that his master had just come out and hadn’t checked the inventory yet. Then...

“Master, a few days ago, I used some of the materials here. You won’t be mad at me, right?”


Zhang Zhongtian casually raised his cup and smelled it. The fragrance of tea permeated the air, “We’re master and disciple after all. It’s just some materials, nothing to get upset about. What did you do? Don’t tell me you can create body recovery drug already?”


Su Hao replied honestly, “I created a origin ability liquid bomb and blew up a lab.”


Zhong Zhongtian sprayed out a mouthful of tea. The tea that he had made just a moment ago was done for. He looked at Su Hao in disbelief, “You…you made an origin ability liquid bomb?”

“En, it seems like the police have begun their investigation. I’m not sure whether they’ll find any leads towards you.” Su Hao said in a serious tone.

Zhang Zhongtian’s face instantly turned green.


Zhongtian rushed around his store, opening box after box. After looking through dozens of boxes, only then was he relieved, “Fortunately, these ingredients were all bought at different times. They were all used to mix with other materials and not for the origin ability liquid bomb.”

However, he soon noticed a problem.

Su Hao knew the formula to create the origin ability liquid bomb. Yet, he didn’t know how to avoid this?

As he raised his head, he saw the sinister smile of Su Hao and instantly understood. Zhang Zhongtian rolled his eyes. He had been tricked by this little fox. He unhappily covered all the boxes sand angrily said, “You smelly brat, you even went and did some bad stuff. Quickly, be honest and tell me properly!”

Su Hao giggled. Who asked you to take advantage of me just now?

However, he still gave a rough explanation of the vents regarding the blue butterfly. After all, this matter was so huge that you could easily find news of it on the internet. Even if he wanted to hide it, he’d be unable to do so. Of course, he concealed everything pertaining to Zhang Yating. 

As for what he narrated, it was the story of a righteous youth. After noticing an evil plot aimed at the citizens of Jianghe City, his heroic heart sprung him into action, saving everyone from being puppets.

Zhang Zhongtian rolled his eyes after he finished listening to the story. What shitty justice!

This kid was the type of person who wouldn’t act without benefits. It must’ve been that he had been completing a task when an evil group had hindered him, causing him to get rid of them. But, those people in the laboratory truly had awful luck… Zhang Zhongtian was spot on with his guess. The group of people within the laboratory would have never guessed that the reason behind their death would be some brat worknig for 300 task points. 

After thinking for a moment,  Zhang Zhongtian went and prepared another cup of tea. Once again, he comfortably lay down on his lounge.

No matter what type of lab it was, it was unrelated to him. In this era of origin ability, with new technology and abilities, human began to walk in another route.

The good aspects naturally changed for better, but the bad ones, turned worse. All kinds of mysterious crimes occurred that were difficult to prevent. These kinds of private underground laboratories were plentiful. 

To study the blue dream butterfly was nothing special. 

Compared to previous years, the study of transferring human souls to berserk beasts was truly tragic. It was an experiment which had angered every human being in the world. Compared to that storm, this butterfly experiment was just a drizzle of rain.

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