Chapter 32 Icy Soul Heavenly Bear (3)

Chapter 32 Icy Soul Heavenly Bear (3)

“Little fool, come down, hurry up and follow me.” Mu En’s voice suddenly rang out from below, and Zhou Weiqing quickly held Shangguan Bing’er and jumped down.

“Teacher, that arrow of yours, it’s so savage!” Zhou Weiqing’s lower ‘body’ couldn’t help but shrink back a little on sight of Mu En. [1. Lol, once again, my poor coffee was sacrificed by this line.]

Mu En grinned and said: “Remember, no matter how powerful a person is, there are always weak points. It is the same for Heavenly Beasts. Now, let’s go quickly. That fellow has gone berserk, and it’ll last for at least an hour.

As he said that, he led Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er in retreat, to an area more than 500 yards away from the raging bear. Keeping out of sight, they only perked their ears to listen to its rage in the distance. However, none of them noticed that when they left, the cute little white tiger, Fat Cat, glanced at the berserked Icy Soul Heavenly Bear, disdain and scorn in its little eyes.

After Mu En brought the two of them to a safer area, he said smugly: “How was teacher’s 2 arrows? Powerful?”

Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er nodded eagerly. For a powerful Zong Stage Heavenly Beast to be injured by his arrows, it was naturally extremely powerful, and indeed something to be proud of.

Mu En grinned and said: “Heh, this is a unique archery method that I created, but it is only suited for Strength Jewel Masters. Alas, my strength is not sufficient to fully control it, and I can only do a single revolution of the bow, otherwise its power will be even greater. However, it is indeed extremely hard to control this skill, and accuracy is a big issue. The more revolutions you turn the bow, the stronger the power, but also the harder it is to control it.”

“The reason why we all retreated so quickly is something you have to learn to read. When Heavenly Beasts feel their life threatened, sometimes they will enter a berserk state. Under such a state, they are at their most terrifying. They are actually draining their life force and innate talent to burst forth with terrifying power, and it will allow them to use several times that of their normal power. It’s somewhat akin to the Demonic Change of those Evil Attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters. The difference is, even under the berserk state, Heavenly Beasts will still have a sliver of intelligence. With the strength of our unit, to even attempt to kill the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear in such a state is definitely impossible, its defence is just too strong. However, after a Heavenly Beast goes through its berserk state, it will enter a weakened phase for quite a period of time. As such, we have all retreated to wait for it to enter its weakened phase. Only then will we have a chance to finish it off. Do you understand now?”

Both Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er nodded simultaneously. Without question, such teachings on the battlefield was much easily etched into their memory.

Looking at the harassing attacks of the separated members of the Heavenly Bow Unit, and how in truth they were all done with a purpose in mind, how they managed to make use of that to confuse the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear for a while, all down to the final act of shooting it down there to anger it and cause it to enter a berserk state. It could be said that from the start, the members had a well thought out and executed plan, and managed to bring the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear into its weakened state without much trouble on their part.

The hour passed rather swiftly, and the terrifying sounds of destruction gradually ceased, followed by a long shrill howl. Mu En gestured to the two of them before heading back towards the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear.

Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er followed suit behind, and as they saw the trail of destruction in the forest, they couldn’t help but feel their hearts tighten. Within a few hundred yard radius, there were large pits and holes in the ground, as well as the destroyed remains of trees and brush.

The huge Icy Soul Heavenly Bear was now lying on the ground, its chest heaving up and down with exertion. In its mouth, a little Icy Soul Heavenly Bear was there, being chewed upon, while not far off there were another two little ones. The one which was being chewed on in its mouth was bleeding, and looked dead, while the other two were trembling with fear at the side.

The three little Icy Soul Heavenly Bears were about as small as the little tiger, Fat Cat, and were clearly newborn. Apparently, that adult Icy Soul Heavenly Bear’s original target had been to look for them.

“Not good! We have to kill it quick, and leave as soon as possible! With these newborn Icy Soul Heavenly Bears here, it means that there are definitely other adult bears around. This fellow here was probably here to hunt the newborn of its rivals!”

Mu En took action quickly as he said that, once again making use of his unique archery skill, and a savage arrow viciously struck the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear’s head. The huge fellow’s blue energy shield had vanished by now, and Mu En’s arrow struck its head, the explosion causing fur and skin to burst out.

Right at the same time, a strange green light appeared, looking like a comet with its tail trailing behind, piercing straight into the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear’s eyes. Indeed, it was the ‘Ultimate Assassin’’s final blow, and he had chosen their original target.

With a *Pssh* sound, the huge Icy Soul Heavenly Bear started shivering; it did not want to die, and it was filled with anger and resentment. Alas, its entire head had been pierced through by Hua Feng’s final arrow, causing Heavenly Energy to be released uncontrollably from its body. Finally, its huge body crashed onto the ground, blood pouring from its eyes, nose and mouth, as this large Zong Stage Heavenly Beast finally perished.

Several figures appeared in a flash, and without any need for talk, the 5 of them quickly started cutting up the corpse. They needed to get what they came for and rush off quickly before the other beasts returned.

Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er closed in, but due to their low levels of cultivation, they weren’t of any help. Shangguan Bing’er quickly walked over to the two newborn bears, picking them up with a hand each and hugging them. The two little fellows had not even opened their eyes, and were clearly just born, and their bodies were covered with thin, soft fur, looking extremely adorable as well, though they were still shivering with cold and fear.

Shangguan Bing’er wanted to take off her outer clothing to cover them, but she wasn’t wearing much and could not do so. Blushing, she turned to Zhou Weiqing and gave him a pleading look: “Little Fatty, I know you’re the best.” Zhou Weiqing opened his coat helplessly and said: “Come then, one sleeping is the same as three sleeping I guess.”

“Wuuu Wuuu!” The little white tiger cried out in discontent, baring its teeth fiercely at the two little bears, obviously unhappy that they were invading its territory.

Zhou Weiqing laughed and said: “Fat Cat, your sense of territory is so strong eh? You’re much older than them, how can you bear to bully them like that?” As he said that, he tapped the little white tiger on the head.

Shangguan Bing’er happily passed him the 2 little bears, shoving them into his chest. As he put them into his coat, the two little fellows stopped shivering. However, in the next instant, Zhou Weiqing’s face changed. He suddenly felt two little wet mouths sucking at his chest. [2. Hahahaha! There goes the last bit of my coffee!]

Seeing Zhou Weiqing suddenly put on a strange look, Shangguan Bing’er couldn’t help but ask him curiously: “What’s wrong Little Fatty, are you alright?”

“Uhh… I’m fine.” Zhou Weiqing quickly replied. He didn’t have the face to tell her the truth, it was just too embarrassing. Furthermore, he would rather he suffer this than having his wife get sucked on by those 2 little roguish bears!

Hua Feng and the rest were extremely quick; although the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear’s fur was tough and resilient, they took barely the time for a meal to complete the mission. Four paws, gallbladder and the nucleus core were soon in their hands.

Mu En said with some regret: “Alas, there isn’t the time to skin the bear. Such a large bearskin, we can at least get another 50 thousand gold coins!”

Hua Feng gave a cold humph and said: “Let’s retreat immediately. We’ll have to escape with our lives before we can talk about earning more. These few little fellows’ parents should have gone out to hunt, with such noises, they should be back anytime soon. Let’s go!”

He had barely finished speaking when all of a sudden, an enraged roar sounded out nearby. Four huge, terrifying figures charged forth from the forest simultaneously, with the same speed and power as the previous bear’s 100 yard charge earlier before dealing the area of effect attack. Hua Feng’s face changed and he said quickly: “Mu En, quick, bring Little Wei and Bing’er away now.”

His reaction was not considered slow, but they were all still too late. The four huge figures were four Icy Soul Heavenly Bears. Despite their size, they were a lot faster than most Heavenly Beasts, since they had the Wind Attribute. This was especially so when they used this charging skill, and the explosive speed they had was just incredible.

The bear leading the pack was extremely huge, much larger than the one they had killed earlier, and when it charged forth, it spotted the corpse of the dead bear and the little one in its mouth, and without further aggravation, its 8 meter long body went into the berserk state.

As the intimidating body leaped up from its charge, the huge body seemed to form a bow shape in midair as its massive paws smashed into the ground.

“RUN!” At this moment, no one would chose to stay and fight with these huge fellows, and all of them ran off at top speeds.

Alas, this huge Icy Soul Heavenly Bear was the strongest in the forest, it was the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear King, and was a Top Level Zong Stage Heavenly Beast. Furthermore, it was the father of the little bears, and on seeing its dead child, its rage could be imagined.

With a loud explosion, its two bear paws smashed brutally onto the ground, as if an earthquake or landslide was happening. With an earsplitting rumble, an intense seismic wave mixed with a strong yellow light quickly spread out towards them.

Not only was this Icy Soul Heavenly Bear King much larger, it also had a 3rd attribute besides the normal Ice and Wind attributes - Earth. Currently, the skill it was using was that of the Earth Attribute, and was called the Mother Earth’s Roar. Not only was it one of the most tyrannical area of effect attack skills, it was also a strong area of effect control skill! If someone could Store this Skill, it would undoubtedly be one of the Earth Attribute’s strongest 9 Star Skills.

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