Chapter 44 Legendary Dual God Strength Hammers (1)

Chapter 44 Legendary Dual God Strength Hammers (1)

“Shackles!” Zhou Weiqing cried out loud, his left hand pointing forth. Instantly, a mass of silver light in the shape of a ball burst forth from his hand, forming a silver cover of light, which enveloped Ming Hua. Instantly, Ming Hua’s incessant attacks were brought to a screeching halt, and Zhou Weiqing managed to seize the opportunity and retreat.

Spatial Shackles - Zhou Weiqing’s third Spatial Skill. As Tang Xian had adviced him previously, he specifically looked for another control type skill to Skill Store for his third Jewel, and the Spatial Shackles was at least of an 8 Star Rating or more.

The time which the Spatial Shackles lasted was even longer than his Fetters of Wind and Touch of Darkness! At the 3-Jeweled level of power, the Spatial Shackles lasted almost eight seconds; of course this was on a target of similar power as him, and provided the target did not struggle and attack it.

In this eight seconds, the target would be trapped in a light wrapping which contained a spatial dimension. The target would not be able to effect the outside world, but neither could Zhou Weiqing attack the target; until the Spatial Shackles were broken. As such, although this Skill had an extremely powerful control factor, it lacked the ability to complement attacks. Of course, it couldn’t be said to be useless or weak either, its greatest usage was to interrupt enemies. Furthermore, there were other uses for it as well, and not just on enemies. In certain critical times, this could even be used to save a friend or companion. As such, this was considered one of the better Spatial Skills as well.

“Dammit, if I don’t show you my power, you’ll look down on me huh.” Zhou Weiqing panted as he snarled out in anger. Within the small, confined area of the house, he was not able to use his bow or his archery. Alas, his strongest power was currently his archery, and he had confidence that if they were a hundred yards apart, let alone Ming Hua - even her brother Ming Yu would be no match for him. However, in this confined space, it would not be so easy to deal with someone like her.

A strong dark gold light erupted from his second Icy Jade Physical Jewel, causing it to shine brilliantly. As Zhou Weiqing lifted his arms up, the gold light instantly formed a huge barrier of light around him, causing his entire body to be hidden from sight.

At this moment, Ming Hua, who was stuck in the Spatial Shackles, witnessed the scene, her eyes filled with shock.

She had previously been surprised once again when Zhou Weiqing used the Spatial Shackles on her, as it was yet another top level, high rating Skill. However, she was rather familiar with most of the skills, and naturally knew the various characteristics of the skills and how to deal with them. As such, she did not attempt to break free from the Spatial Shackles, instead gathering up her strength and waiting for an opportunity to strike. When the Spatial Shackles ended, she would launch a second furious salvo of attacks.

Alas, she did not expect to see that Zhou Weiqing would release something that caused her so much surprise - his own Consolidated Equipment Set!

Seeing a piece of Consolidated Equipment glowing dark gold was definitely the first time for Ming Hua. Normally, the colour and aura of Consolidated Equipment was the same as the Physical Jewel which it was formed from, and there was only one exception… that was Consolidated Equipment Sets. For example, her current Consolidated Equipment Set was green in colour, and not the waxy Jade colour of her Physical Jewels.

Furthermore, Ming Hua also knew that, the bigger the contrast in colour from the original colour of the Physical Jewel, the stronger the set would be!

Zhou Weiqing’s Icy Jade Physical Jewel was bordering between a transparent colourless-ness and pure white, swirling with a misty white. Yet, this Consolidated Equipment was such a dark gold that was almost closing in on black. Such a stark contrast was indeed one of the reasons why it was such a huge surprise to her. The other reason was that when he Consolidated this piece of Equipment, his body actually shone with that black gold aura.

In terms of non military knowledge, especially in terms of Heavenly Jewel Masters, Ming Hua’s knowledge probably surpassed even her elder brother Ming Yu. Towards Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, she had a large interest. Although she was not a Spatial Attribute Consolidating Equipment Master, but with the Life Attribute, she was able to assist other Consolidating Equipment Masters in creating scrolls. As such, she knew many outstanding Consolidating Equipment Grandmasters or even higher level ones. Thus, she easily recognized the black gold aura that shone around Zhou Weiqing… it was perhaps something she had only heard about and never witnessed before - Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura.

Such an aura… would only appear for the very top, highest quality of Consolidated Equipment… either Sets or single pieces.

However, the only condition for it appearing was that the Consolidating Equipment Scroll had to be created by a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master! The Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura only lasted a mere second, but during this second, it would provide a protection which was more than 10 times the greatest defensive power of the user - which meant, it was nearly impossible to interrupt the Consolidating of this Equipment!

Zhou Weiqing had already given Ming Hua a lot of surprises today. After all, she was famous for being nearly undefeated by anyone of the same level! Yet… today, facing Zhou Weiqing, who was only 3-Jeweled as compared to her 4, she had actually been forced to use her Consolidated Equipment Sets in order to suppress him. Now, looking at the piece of Equipment that Zhou Weiqing unleashed, it seemed like it was something that was even much higher quality than her own set!

Ming Hua was indeed learned, and her judgement was very accurate. What Zhou Weiqing was unleashing was the single Legendary Consolidating Equipment Scroll that Huyan Aobo had given him. It was only the single scroll, and was the first piece of his Legendary Set, but Zhou Weiqing made use of the unique qualities of his body and managed to successfully Consolidate it. That black-gold aura was indeed its Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura.

This Legendary Set was just too powerful, even though the creator of this particular scroll was not a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, but the person who designed the entire set was one of the top God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters. As such, it still had the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura.

The thick black-gold aura glowed and gathered around Zhou Weiqing’s hands, thickening and coalescing. Previously, Zhou Weiqing had tried releasing this piece of Consolidated Equipment before to examine it, but had never used it in actual combat before.

In the next instant, the black gold aura vanished, and a pair of heavy hammers appeared in Zhou Weiqing’s hands. The shaft of the hammers were about 2 chi long, almost as thick as a baby’s arm, while the tip of the hammer ended in a spike. On the shaft, there were fine dark gold lines forming strange tattoos, glowing brightly. Both hammer heads were rather large, spanning almost two chi as well from tip to tip, almost over-exaggeratedly large. They were not in a perfect round ends, but with several protrusions, almost like the markings of a watermelon, fully black-gold. The strangest thing was that there was a weird image on each hammer head - the face of a man. And even stranger still, one was with a laughing face and the other with a crying face. Due to the bright glow, if one did not examine the images clearly, the differences in them might be missed.

With such a huge pair of hammers, it would take someone of Zhou Weiqing’s size for them to not look absurd wielding them, but even so they did seem a little overdone. The huge hammer heads looked terrifying. Without a doubt, only strength boost Heavenly Jewel Masters would be able to wield such Physical Jewel Consolidated Equipment.

Originally, Zhou Weiqing was rather gloomy when he completed Consolidating this piece of Equipment. His biggest hope had been this would be something like a shield instead… After all, safety first was something that was always in his mind. However, after a moment of consideration, he was quickly delighted once more. The reason was simple - with such huge hammer heads, they could easily be used as a small shield as well! Furthermore, the overbearing look that he had while holding the pair of hammers, he truly liked it. The thing that delighted him the most though, was its power and usage.

On that Legendary Set Equipment Scroll, there had been transcribed a single sentence… “Good and evil, illusion and reality - Legendary Dual God Strength Hammers...”

Looking at the shocking pair of hammers in Zhou Weiqing’s hands, Ming Hua did not dare to allow her surprise to slow her down. Not daring to wait any further, she struck the barrier with the spike in her hand. With a flash of light, the Spatial Shackles started to waver as her blows caused it to hasten the speed of running out.

However, her worry was unfounded. Zhou Weiqing did not launch an attack, instead lifting the dual hammers with a grin, a very obnoxious, rascally grin.

This was also the first time Shangguan Bing'er had seen the pair of Legendary Dual God Strength Hammers. Her knowledge and insight were not as wide as Ming Hua, and she did not know power of the hammers, but she was still impressed by its looks.

Ming Hua’s eyes narrowed, and a cold light flashed in her eyes. “It’s a weapon Consolidated from a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll? Can you tell me how many pieces there are?”

Zhou Weiqing shrugged helplessly. “No harm in telling you. I just have the single one. Are you afraid now?”

Ming Hua drew a deep breath, relaxing just a little… God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, every single one could be said to be a power that defied the heavens. Luckily, it wasn’t a set, if not who knows how powerful this fellow would be in the future. At this moment, she couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of admiration for her brother. She had always thought that her talent was no lower than his, but it seems like in terms of vision and foresight, she could hardly compare to Ming Yu. This rascal in front of her was no ordinary person indeed.

“I do not have the word ‘fear’ in my dictionary. Even a God Tier Consolidating Equipment’s power depends on the person using it. You? Humph humph! …” Ming Hua took a deep breath as she said that. Holding the spike in her hand to her chest, a brilliant green light shone forth, the glow gathering around her left hand as a bright red flower appeared in her hand.

The bright red flower seemed fresh and stunning, with water droplets still swirling on its petals. It seemed alive in her hands.

“What is that?” Zhou Weiqing stared at it in surprise and confusion, not understanding what that was about. However, with his powerful senses, he seemed to feel a sense of danger, as if the red flower in Ming Hua’s hands was even more dangerous than she was.

Ming Hua said passively: “Life Attribute Elemental Jewels aren’t able to Store any offensive Skills. In a way, our Elemental Jewels’ Skills are absolutely useless in direct combat. However, the world is fair after all. Each of us Life Attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters, when our Heavenly Jewels are Awakened, we are each granted a Personal Plant which would protect us. This is my Personal Plant, its name is the same as mine… Ming Hua… Flower of the Underworld. This was truly unexpected… You’re only 3-Jeweled, yet you have impressively managed to force me to use my hidden aces. I have never lost to an opponent of equal power level…let alone someone who is of lower cultivation level than I! Today, I shall not lose either!”

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