Chapter 84 Tough fight against Dan Dun! (1)

Chapter 84 Tough fight against Dan Dun! (1)

When Lin TianAo ascended the stage and announced they would compete against the Dan Dun Battle Team, everyone was surprised, but the most surprised would definitely be the Dan Dun Battle Team members. None of them had expected such a thing to happen, and were caught unaware and had not reacted in time.

According to the tournament rules, when the judge proclaimed the start of the of the fight, it was too late to change the member on the stage, in order to ensure fairness of the tournament. By now, it was too late for them to change the first member if they wanted to.

Sitting on the main seat of their Rest House, the young lady from the Dan Dun Battle Team said ponderingly: “What is this Fei Li Battle Team up to?”

The youth beside her said solemnly: “They are merely cicada larvae trying to shake stone pillars, like eggs being thrown at a rock, there is no big deal. Perhaps, they are just trying to go through the formalities of a fight.”

The young lady shook her head, saying: “No, it definitely isn’t that simple. If it were you, would you do something so useless? Lan Feng is the fourth amongst our five main team members, and that Lin TianAo has already shown his power against the Bai Da Battle Team. This fight might not end well for us. Next round, you go on ahead. As long as we take one of the first two rounds, they do not have any chance. Just depending on those two unique three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters is no use against us.”

“Leader, it’s just the Fei Li Battle Team, do we need to be so serious?” The youth said doubtfully.

The young lady gave a cold humph and said: “It always pays to be safe. Do as I say.”

At this point, the audience in the plaza also found out about the Fei Li Battle Team challenging the Dan Dun Battle Team, and a huge commotion arose. Of course, there were also countless people who regretted not betting on the Fei Li Battle Team actually challenging the seeded team.

On the stage, after both sides had introduced themselves, the fight officially started. Lan Feng, who had been furious from being challenged, attacked immediately. He did not even release any of his Consolidated Equipment, charging forth in a flash and striking out at Lin TianAo with his palm.

Although it was just a simple palm strike, it definitely showed his power as a main team member of a seeded team. Without using any Consolidated Equipment and Stored Skills, he was still able to flow into motion so quickly right in the instant of the start of the fight, not a hint of hesitation in his movements. It was as if his palm was right in front of Lin TianAo the moment the judge finished speaking.

At that point, Lan Feng’s palm turned white.

When a Heavenly Jewel Master’s Heavenly Energy reached the Heavenly Shen Energy stage, he would be able release his Heavenly Energy out of his body. Yet, this time, Lan Feng was not doing so, instead hiding it within his palm. Without question, that would definitely increase the power of his palm strike. At the same time, the speed of attack would prevent Lin TianAo from releasing his own skills or Consolidated Equipment, and to only be able to take his attack head on.

Lin TianAo was indeed unable to release any skills or Consolidated Equipment, but his reaction was out of Lin Feng’s expectations.

Lin TianAo did not even attempt to block the palm, instead puffing out his chest to take the blow. At the same time, his right palm also struck outwards viciously towards Lan Feng’s head.

Lin TianAo was a lot taller than Lin Feng, and when both used the same attack, even with Lin TianAo’s attack being slightly slower, their point of attack was very different.

Without question, Lin Feng’s attack would strike first, and normally that would give him the advantage. However, in this case, he would be striking at Lin TianAo’s chest, with his powerful dense muscles and tough ribs protecting him. Yet, Lin TianAo’s palm would in turn be striking at out at his head. The head was definitely a weaker point, and even if it didn’t kill him off, it would possibly stun him and cause him to be unable to react.

In doing this, Lin TianAo was besieging Wei to rescue Zhao [1. Literal translation of the idiom, basically means instead of defending something, attack another critical point of the enemy instead, forcing them to either lose more or retreat to defend, thus ‘enabling’ your own defense at the same time. Its origin references a famous battle in the past], showing his battle experience and combat prowess.

However, Lan Feng also showed that he was indeed worthy of being a main member of the Dan Dun Battle Team, reacting quickly as well. Seeing Lin TianAo’s palm, he instantly judged that he would be at the disadvantage if they exchanged blows. However, instead of retreating, he advanced further, speeding up and stooping down. In doing so, he could avoid Lin TianAo’s blow, while his own blow would now be striking lower towards the belly instead of the chest.

Lin TianAo’s movement was even simpler. As Lin Feng switched moves in that instant, his right knee had already slammed upwards as if he had anticipated everything, striking right into Lan Feng’s palm which had been about to hit him. At the same time, his palm which had barely missed Lan Feng’s head was now above it, and gripping it into a fist, he struck downwards onto Lan Feng’s back.

*PENG* The knee and palm clashed together. Lan Feng knew that his attack had been foiled, and quickly used the impact to push himself back, vaulting away just as Lin TianAo’s fist came crashing down. In that instant, the two had clashed in several blows before they sprang apart again, in a seeming draw.

Although this quick clash had been completed in almost an instant, a huge roar of approval erupted from the audience.

As compared to the earlier fights today, this was indeed much more exciting and impressive, as they put on an amazing display in a swift exchange of blows.

Both sides had indeed shown their power and skill, with Lan Feng taking the offensive initiative by striking quickly and preventing Lin TianAo from releasing his Consolidated Equipment and Skills. Lin TianAo had also used his own incredible combat experience to deal with the attacks in the best way possible, and both sides had reacted to each other nearly perfectly, with neither side gaining any advantage. However, in terms of strategic advantage, Lan Feng had failed in his goal to prevent Lin TianAo from releasing his Consolidated Equipment, and had lost slightly in that sense.

In a real battlefield, Heavenly Jewel Masters actually would not unleash their full power for the entire time, and they usually wouldn’t even use their Consolidated Equipment or Stored Skills unless necessary. After all, they had a limited amount of Heavenly Energy, and in a huge fight, it was critical to conserve as much as possible. As such, they usually only used their own combat powers boosted with Heavenly Energy. This short clash between the two had truly shown this side of a Heavenly Jewel Master’s true power.

Lin TianAo did not try to chase Lan Feng when he retreated. Instead, a thick yellow glow sprung up around him as his five Assembly Set Shield appeared in his hands. Lan Feng did not continue attacking as well, as light sprung up around him as well, as he too brought forth his Consolidated Equipment.

Five green Dragonstone Jade Physical Jewels appeared in a brilliant glow, and swiftly coalesced onto both his legs and his right arm. Both legs were enclosed in a green armored leggings, as well as his right arm and hands. At the same time, a green short sword appeared in his right hand.

When the Consolidated Equipment appeared around Lan Feng, the faces of the Fei Li Battle Team members in their Rest House changed.

Without question, this Lan Feng was specialised in speed, with the Agility Physical Jewel. Alas, as an Ultimate Defense specialist, Lin TianAo’s worst enemy was a speed-type Heavenly Jewel Master.

Zhou Weiqing’s strategy was indeed good, and they had indeed used their leader against one of the Dan Dun Battle Team’s weaker members. Alas, they had not expected that this member just happened to be of a type that happened to counter Lin TianAo.

Feeling the worried gazes of his companions, Zhou Weiqing said softly: “Let’s watch and see first, we can trust in Leader. I am confident that he will still be able to snatch victory.”

In the instant that Lan Feng released his Consolidated Equipment, Lin TianAo reacted. Retreating swiftly, he moved to place his back at the corner of a stage.

Without a doubt, he had made the best possible decision he could on seeing his opponent’s Attributes. The Heavenly Jewel Tournament rules were that anyone not on the stage would lose, and in doing this, he would lower the possibility of Lan Feng exploiting his speed against him, and having one less angle of attack to defend.

Of course, it wasn’t that Lan Feng could not still make use of his speed to attack him from the back, but that would give Lin TianAo the opportunity to knock him down off the stage. Making full use of the rules of the Tournament, Lin TianAo had brought his disadvantage to a minimum.

Right at that moment, Lan Feng took action again, though his body only seemed to waver slightly. In the next instant, he closed the twenty yard gap almost in the blink of an eye, the short sword in his hand flickering out like lightning, almost too fast for ordinary humans to catch with the naked eye.

Lan Feng’s sword strike was not targeted at Lin TianAo, instead striking out at the ground on his feet. Lin TianAo was standing near the edge of the stage, and Lan Feng’s plan was to destroy the ground and cause him to lose his balance.

A loud crash resounded as Lan Feng’s short sword struck into the ground. With his cultivation level and power, he was naturally able to cut through the solid diamond bedrock, but yet, in that moment, his short sword was blocked. Of course, it was not blocked by the bedrock, but by Lin TianAo’s heavy shield.

As the dust settled, the audience could see that the bottom of the five-Jeweled Assembly Shield Set had bitten savagely into the ground, blocking Lan Feng’s attack perfectly. With an upward swing of his sword, Lan Feng brought it across the shield, causing a chain of sparks to fly out with the friction as his entire body seemed to become a cloud of smoke, as he lashed out in a sudden flurry of more than a hundred blows from all different possible angles. He was like a ghost, dancing about as he sought to find any weakness in Lin TianAo’s defense.

Right at that moment, Lin TianAo showed that he was truly worthy of his ultimate defense. Facing such a flurry of crafty attacks from so many different angles, he did not panic. He might not be as fast as his opponent, but his huge shield only needed to move the slightest bit in order to block his opponent’s blows at the right time and place. Even if Lan Feng’s attack was able to slide in behind the shield, it was quickly knocked away as he was unable to get his entire body through and follow through with the blow.

Lan Feng was indeed worthy of his Great Saint Lands background. His flurry of attacks was chained almost perfectly, sharp and decisive, showing not just his speed and agility but also his decision making. Even an ultimate defense type Heavenly Jewel Master like Lin TianAo was forced to focus fully and expend all his efforts in blocking him. Yet, Lan Feng continued, raining down blows as if it did not cost him any Heavenly Energy, in a beautiful flowing motion like mercury or quicksilver, pervasive and all encompassing. As he continued in this deadly dance, he did not seem to slow down, instead slowly speeding up and increasing the range and angle of his attacks. Several times, he almost managed to get past Lin TianAo’s shield and get to him.

As both sides dueled in rapid motion, both their Heavenly Energy was being expended at a considerable rate. However, if one observed their expressions, they would see that both of their faces were set in a determined look, their eyes serious and resolute as not one would back down til the end.

In the Dan Dun Rest House, the young lady at the head set inclined her head slightly, saying: “This Lin TianAo is truly impressive. To be able to use such a passive style of combat, to use something like the Assembly Set Consolidated Equipment to such a degree of perfection, that is not a simple matter. If he is able to persist and continue on this route all the way to the ninth Jewel, his defense will be truly terrifying indeed.”

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