Chapter 89 Three Toxic Venoms (1)

Chapter 89 Three Toxic Venoms (1)

The Fei Li Battle Team and Dan Dun Battle Team faced off each other at the entrance, glaring hard at each other. At this point, the Fei Li Battle Team no longer feared their opponent.

After all, the Dan Dun Battle Team’s top two members were out of commission, one permanently even. As for the rest, they were also at the five-Jeweled cultivation level. As for the Fei Li Battle Team, with Lin TianAo as the leader, both Xiao Yan and Drunken Bao, who hadn’t taken action thus far, were also five-Jeweled. Finally, there was Crow, whose strength was more than equal to any five-Jeweled Master as well. If a fight really broke out, they would not be mere pushovers.

Shangguan Longyin said solemnly: “Hold it. Do not be nervous, they are not here to look for trouble.”

Who was Shangguan Longyin? He was the ZhongTian Empire Skill Storing Palace Master! In the entire ZhongTian Empire, he could be said to be above all but one man. For him to say such a thing, it was definitely more than a mere guarantee that a fight would not break out.

It was at this point that the Fei Li Battle Team members finally realised that the Dan Dun Battle Team members had a strange expression on their faces, and that Shen Little Demon was still being carried by them, her entire body shivering violently.

Lin TianAo bowed towards Shangguan Longyin and said: “Yes, Senior Shangguan. Since you say they are not here to cause trouble, may I know why you all are here?”

Both sides had just fought hard, and one of their members had even been killed. If they were here to mediate, no one would believe it.

Shangguan Longyin shifted his gaze towards Shen Little Demon, before saying solemnly: “I have examined Shen Little Demon, but I am unable to tell what Skill Zhou Weiqing used on her.”

As soon as Shangguan Longyin said that, the entire Fei Li Battle Team revealed looks of shock.

Who was Shangguan Longyin? His Heavenly King Jewel Master power aside, he was the Skill Storing Palace Master of the ZhongTian Empire, and could be said to be specialised in Skill Storing. For even him to not be able to recognize the skill, that was almost inconceivable! In that moment, everyone had the same question in their mind - What was that final Skill that Zhou Weiqing used?

Alas, currently Zhou Weiqing was still unconscious, and could not give them any answer.

Shangguan Longyin said: “Shen Little Demon was struck by Zhou Weiqing’s Skill; on the surface level, it seems like it is a mixture of three Attributes - Darkness, Evil and Lightning. However, after much examination, I found that it isn’t just merely three different types of energy, but it has formed into three toxic venoms.”

“Three toxic venoms?” Even Lin TianAo’s interest was sparked.

Shangguan Longyin nodded and said: “Any form of energy, when it interacts in a harmful or undesirable way with a human body, will form a type of venom. Simply speaking, for example, when someone is burnt with fire, up to a certain point, they will be affected with fire venom. However, usually Heavenly Jewel Master’s Skills are a lot more direct, either they destroy you, or you block it. For something like this to warp into venom, this is also the first time I have witnessed it.”

“My guess is that when Zhou Weiqing released this last blow, it was severely weakened by Shen Little Demon. Furthermore, it is likely that at his cultivation level he hasn’t been able to unleash the full power of the Skill. If not, Shen Little Demon would have died already. In any case, all of those factors combined have resulted into this current situation; where her body is now being corroded by all three types of venom, Darkness, Lightning and Evil. Although she isn’t at immediate risk of death, if she isn’t healed, she will eventually lose her life.

“More importantly, these three venoms aren’t working individually, but are somehow intertwined and supporting each other. Earlier, I tried using my own Heavenly Energy to force out the venom, but as soon as I tried it, I had to give up.”

“Even when my Heavenly Dao Energy was infused into her body, the venom reacted instantly. Not only would I fail in forcing out the venom, it would force the venom to kill her off instantly. This is an almost incurable venom without the proper antidote.”

Shangguan Longyin paused at that point, before continuing: “This might sound arrogant, but in the entire mainland, for a venom to be incurable by me, there are at most 2 to 3 others who might have a chance of succeeding. Even if it were the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord who was here with his Divine Attribute, I doubt he would have the confidence to say that he can definitely cure this venom. Also, if she dies from this venom, even the Resurrection Skill will not work on her.”

Hearing Shangguan Longyin’s words, everyone couldn’t help but suck in a deep breath. What a vicious venom!

Lin TianAo said: “What is your[1. He is using the formal / polite form of speaking here. (您 instead of 你)] purpose of coming here then?”

Shangguan Longyin said passively: “Shen Little Demon is from the Blood Red Hell, and is the daughter of my old friend. As such, I have brought her here. As the saying goes, it is easier for the doer to undo what he has done, and only Zhou Weiqing will be able to cure this venom easily.”

Drunken Bao said curiously: “Senior Shangguan, didn’t you say it was incurable?”

Shangguan Longyin said patiently: “Yes, it is incurable. However, the key is that its origin is from a Skill released by Zhou Weiqing. I was watching their fight very closely, and I am very certain that this Triple Attribute Skill of his was not Stored. That is because, with his cultivation level of three Jewels, he will definitely not be able to use such a Fusion Skill of three Attributes. As such, there is only one other possibility - that skill is his Inborn Talent.”

“Inborn Talent?” Hearing those words, not only the members of the Fei Li Battle Team, but also the Dan Dun Battle Team, were taken aback.

Shangguan Longyin said: “You all should already know that the skills that Heavenly Beasts     have are actually inborn talents. They do not need to go through any Skill Storing or anything like that. However, amongst us humans, there are also a few unique individuals who have something similar to that, with their own inborn talents. One good example is the notorious Demonic Change, which can be considered a type of inborn talent. This skill of Zhou Weiqing’s is definitely one of the strongest I have ever seen. These inborn talents are usually inherited from their bloodlines, and in this case, although the venom might be incurable to others, it should be easy for him to detoxify her. As long as he uses his Devour Skill to draw away all the venom, not only will it be harmless to him, but it should actually be beneficial towards his own healing.”

Lin TianAo glanced at the Dan Dun Battle Team, who all had strange, conflicted expressions on their faces. He finally turned back to Shangguan Longyin before saying: “That is to say, Senior is asking us to save Shen Little Demon? However, if I am not wrong, the rules of the tournament state that the fights can be to the death, and it all boils down the fighters, no one has to take any responsibility for any particular death. We have no obligation to save her life, especially since she has also tried to kill Weiqing several times in the fight. I’m afraid that this request… will be difficult…”

After killing Han Bing, he knew that their entire team had already fully angered the Dan Dun Battle Team, being enemies. Since they were already enemies, adding another Shen Little Demon wouldn’t worsen the situation, but if they saved her, who knew if she wouldn’t repay that kindness with revenge. The Blood Red Hell would not have any good will towards them. Under such a circumstance, why should they help save her?

Lan Feng, the Dan Dun team member who had fought against Lin TianAo previously, burst out urgently: “As long as you can save Leader, we will definitely not take revenge against you outside of the tournament.”

Lin TianAo looked at him, then said passively: “Can you make such a decision? Can you really represent the Blood Red Hell?”

Lan Feng was silenced instantly, his face turning red. At this point, Shen Little Demon’s shivering and convulsions seemed to get worse, and no one knew how long she could last. All of the Dan Dun members looked at her with worry, but they did not know what to do. After all, amongst the entire Dan Dun Battle Team, only Shen Little Demon and Han Bing were actually the inner core of the Blood Red Hell, while the rest were outer members; how could they possibly make a decision on the Blood Red Hell’s behalf. However, one thing was certain, if Shen Little Demon truly died here, they would also be in trouble when they returned.

At last, Shangguan Longyin sighed and said: “Alright, since this old fellow has already opened his mouth, I must see it through. It is true that they are not able to make such a promise, but what if I make the promise?”

Facing Shangguan Longyin’s impressive presence, Lin TianAo did not back down, instead saying in a neither haughty nor humble way: “Senior, how will you make such a promise?”

Shangguan Longyin said: “I will promise on their behalf, as long as Zhou Weiqing saves Shen Little Demon, it will clear up the enmity between your two teams about Han Bing’s death. If the Blood Red Hell looks for trouble, they will be going against the ZhongTian Empire as well. This way, you can have no problems with saving her right?”

Hearing Shangguan Longyin’s words, the tense faces of the Fei Li Battle Team members finally relaxed a little. After all, they were merely students in the Fei Li Empire, how could they possibly be truly willing to anger and face one of the Great Saint Lands? Even the entire Fei Li Empire couldn’t afford to do such a thing!

With Shangguan Lonyin’s promise, that meant they had the ZhongTian Empire’s promise, perhaps even the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. They would no longer need to worry about any future outright acts of vengeance from the Blood Red Hell.

This was truly an unexpected piece of good news.

Lin TianAo also let loose a long breath of relief. Just as he was about to agree, Shangguan Longyin continued: “To compensate Zhou Weiqing, give this to him to drink.”

As he said that, he held out a jade bottle towards Lin TianAo.

Lin TianAo took the bottle as Shangguan Longyin explained: “This jade bottle contains the juice of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Fruit, it is one of the top healing items in the world, and will be extremely good for Zhou Weiqing’s current condition. If he drinks that, he might even be able to join the future fights, and also have the energy to help heal Little Demon. At the same time, I can also give each of your team members one free Skill Storing opportunity in our ZhongTian Skill Storing Palace.”

Upon hearing his words, the entire Fei Li Battle Team was stunned. Fortune had fallen into their laps so quickly, none of them could ever imagine Shangguan Longyin giving them such concessions.

Only Lin TianAo still remained calm. He knew deep in his heart that Shangguan Longyin was giving them way too much, promising them reprieve from vengeance in front of the Dan Dun Battle Team… in the ZhongTian Empire, how could he possibly refuse? What was the point of all these other gifts?

Lin TianAo was a stable, careful person, but that did not mean he was stupid. In fact, calmly thinking things through would grant clarity and intelligence to many. After a while, he suddenly realised the true meaning of Shangguan Longyin’s visit - he wanted to ‘court’ them, or to draw them to ZhongTian side. Of course, not all of them, but mainly Zhou Weiqing!

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