Chapter 229 To be confirmed! (1)

Chapter 229 To be confirmed! (1)

The mother dragon slowly landed before the cave, the air of sorrow about her was even thicker. It did not say anything, instead walking directly into the cave. Zhou Weiqing and the girls exchanged puzzled looks, but they followed suit into the cave.

The dragon’s cave was extremely huge, the entrance alone was more than thirty metres in height. As such, even as the massive dragon entered it, the cave did not seem squeezy at all, instead Zhou Weiqing and the girls felt extremely tiny when they entered it.

They advanced nearly a thousand metres into the cave and deep into the mountain before the wings of the dragon suddenly flapped hard. Instantly, a fire rose up around them, lighting up the cave instantly.

When Zhou Weiqing and the girls saw the situation in the cave, they couldn’t help but exclaim in shock involuntarily.

Right in the depths of the massive cave, another huge dragon lay down peacefully on the ground. However, there were no signs of life on it.

On this dead dragon, there were terrifying huge wounds all over. There was one final lethal blow that was on its neck, nearly half of it cut off by some unknown force. Although this dragon was clearly dead, the sheer presence of a powerhouse could clearly be sensed from it.

The entire floor was stained red with dragons blood, and the horrifying sight before their eyes rendered all five of them speechless.

No wonder the mother dragon was in such pain and sorrow. Her husband… that immensely powerful dragon, had been killed just like that… and the state of death was just so horrifying and tragic. From one of the massive wounds in its belly, they could even see some innards poking out.

However, in this massive cavern, there seemed to be a strange force around. This dragon had clearly been dead for some time, but its corpse still looked fresh. Although there were no signs of life, the powerful dragon force had not dissipated.

“How did this happen? Who could possibly hurt the dragon?” Zhou Weiqing exclaimed out loud.

The mother dragons’ body lay down beside the body of her mate, using her head to rub against his softly and repeatedly as tears flowed down her eyes, her massive body trembling nonstop.

Only at this point did the five of them realise that on the mother dragon’s body, there were also many wounds, though they were not on any fatal or critical areas. No one could have imagined that the dragons in the Lustre Spatial Realm had actually been killed, and they finally understood the reason behind the explosive outbreak in the Lustre Spatial Realm.

The mother dragon’s emotions were clearly filled with anger and hatred, and she wanted to break free of the Lustre Spatial Realm, to take revenge for her love! It was obvious that her hatred was some humans from the outside world.

Zhou Weiqing and the girls fell silent. At this moment, though they understood the reason behind the troubles of the Lustre Spatial Realm, they found themselves even more confused. Who could it be who was actually able to hurt and kill the dragons? They really wanted to ask the mother dragon, but her sorrowful look affected them so much they couldn’t even bring themselves to do so.

As the large teardrops rolled down and splashed onto the ground, they seemed like small streams. The red colour returned to the mother dragon’s eyes, as if she was about to go crazy at any time again. Using her claws to gently stroke her husband’s body, the sentiment, the unwillingness to let go, the sorrow… causing Zhou Weiqing and the girls’ eyes to turn red. Subconsciously, it was as if they were thinking… what if the one who had lost his life was Zhou Weiqing, what would they do then?

Not willing to interrupt the mother dragon, the five of them stood there silently, watching.

All of a sudden, Tian’er seemed to remember something, and abruptly she flew forward towards the corpse of the male dragon, using her right hand to press upon it.

“ROAAAARR ---” The mother dragon was enraged. How could she allow anyone to touch and desecrate her husband’s corpse? The terrifying pressure burst forth instantly once more.

“Wait, wait! Perhaps there is still a chance to revive him.” Tian’er’s voice rang out at once. At that point, Zhou Weiqing’s heart was already in his throat. If the mother dragon really took action, none of them could possibly survive.

Hearing Tian’er’s words, the mother dragon’s massive body suddenly stood up in a swoosh, her eyes open wide as she exclaimed: “You… what did you say… he can still be revived?!” Her voice was trembling, and in that trembling tone there was a note of surprise and joy. The pressure instantly vanished again; from Zhou Weiqing’s perspective, he could see her lower jaw trembling, teeth chattering. One could just sense how agitated her emotions were at that point.

Tian’er looked at the mother dragon seriously, nodding earnestly. “I cannot gaurantee that it will work, but I can assure you that there is a chance that we can still revive him.”


The mother dragon’s power legs suddenly bent down, that abrupt thud sound was that of her suddenly kneeling down. The scales around her body were trembling violently, making a soft *weng**weng* sound, and she just kowtowed down to Tian’er like that.

“Please, please I beg you, please save him. As long as he can come back to life, even if you want my life, I will give it to you. My Heavenly Core, my scales, my body… I can give you anything. As long as you save him, please save my husband.”

Her voice was weeping as she cried out: “We have been together for several tens of thousands of years. Without him, I already do not feeling like living… I beg you, please save him.”

As she spoke up to that point, the mother dragon began to cry, in such a human fashion.

Dragons, perhaps the proudest of all the Heavenly Beasts. Yet, the mother dragon was actually kneeling towards Tian’er. One could imagine how much it must have taken for her to do so, how much her love for her husband was.

Shangguan Bing’er was the first to lose control, bursting into tears and rushing into Zhou Weiqing’s arms, hugging him as she cried. Sensing the mother dragon’s sorrow, she suddenly felt afraid as if she would lose her Little Fatty.

The same feeling spread to the other girls as well. In that instant, any bit of jealousy and alienation vanished. Indeed! As long as the man they loved was alive, and loved them back… being able to see him everyday… what else was there to be jealous about? Was there anything more important than being alive together?

“Senior, please do not do so.” Although Zhou Weiqing did not cry out, but his eyes were reddened. He had always been a person who placed most importance on his emotions, and sensing the sheer sorrow from the mother dragon, he also set his resolve that as long as they had any chance, no matter the price to pay, he would definitely help her revive her husband.

“Senior, please get up, let us discuss how we can successfully revive your husband.” Zhou Weiqing said gently.

The mother dragon slowly lifted her head, but remained kneeling there, unwilling to get up. “What do you need me to do, what will it take for you to save him?”

Tian’er returned to Zhou Weiqing’s side, saying: “Senior, can you please tell us what happened? Who was it who actually hurt and killed your husband? I can sense that there is an extremely powerful destructive power in his body, and it is this strange energy that has caused him to lose his life. Otherwise, with a Dragon’s strength and regenerative power, he should not die so quickly. However, his body is just too tough, and though that energy was able to destroy its innards, it was unable to cause it to rot. Your husband has been dead for some time, but there seems to be a unique power protecting his corpse, preserving it in near perfect condition as if he has just passed away, with the last bit of vigor still in his body. It is because of this that I say that we still have a chance to revive him. However, the first step is we have to think of a way to remove this destructive energy remaining in his body… otherwise even if we revive him, he will not last long again.”

“Alright, sure, I will tell you, I will tell you all everything.” The mother dragon said hastily.

Speaking up to that point, the mother dragon finally stood up, walking to the front of Zhou Weiqing and the girls before crouching them, with her head close to them. With a last sad look at her husband’s corpse, she began to explain the entire occurrence that had taken place to lead up to this point.

“Ever since our child was born, due to what had happened previously, my husband and I had always been staying by our child’s side, fully focused on protecting them during their gestation period and also helping them to get through this period as swiftly as possible…”

“Them?” Tian’er exclaimed, startled.

The mother dragon’s large eyes were filled with a gentle look. “Yes, them. Do you still remember? Three years ago when you all came, I had a difficult labour because the egg was just too big. That is because… in that dragon’s egg, there were two little lives! I am extremely certain that this was a pair of dragon twins! We were about to have two babies… this is extremely rare in the entire history of dragonkind!”

“Everyday, I could feel their life growing stronger… To me and my husband, that was an unbelievably happy time. Even if we were just watching our egg and not doing anything else, we could feel so peaceful and overjoyed. The gestation period of our dragonkind is very long, but around half a year ago, I could clearly sense that there were signs that they were about to break out of their shell. However, at that moment, a major shakeup occurred in the entire Lustre Spatial Realm.”

As she spoke the last line, her tone turned vicious, as anger, hate and venom flashed in her eyes once more.

“That day, I still remember very clearly. The weather was originally very good, with the air very suitable indeed. I could sense that in around ten days time, with my husband and I infusing energy into the egg, our children were about to come into the world. However, all of a sudden, the entire Lustre Spatial Realm underwent a massive change. At that time, I sensed the spatial realm begin to shake violently, in an unstable fashion… as if the entire space was about to shatter.

“Towards such a circumstance, both my husband and I weren’t that worried. Even if the entire space shattered, it would not be able to hurt us. With our power, we could definitely charge out in that instant and leave this place. Although the Lustre Spatial Realm is safe, we have also lived here for tens of thousands of years, and we have long been bored of it. Leaving this place was not a bad thing in our eyes. However, we did not understand why the spatial realm would suddenly shake like that… it was not something that should happen in normal circumstances.”

“This Lustre Spatial Realm was created by the ancestors of our dragonkind… my husband is of the purest royal bloodline of the Dragon Tribe, and if the Lustre Spatial Realm was in any trouble, by right he should be the first to sense it. However, all along everything was calm and peaceful. We did not dare to take any action before knowing what was going on, instead staying by our children’s side to protect them. In that instant, high up in the skies, a massive rift appeared.

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