Chapter 242: Breaking Through (2)

Chapter 242 – Breaking Through (2)

Heavenly Dao Energy!  Awestruck, Zhou Weiqing suddenly realized what was going on.  Right! When his Heavenly Energy broke through to the thirty-sixth stage it remained Heavenly Xu Energy, but this breakthrough had allowed him to truly enter the realm of Heavenly Dao Energy.  No – to him, it would be Saint Dao Energy.

After accumulating four more stages of Saint Dao Energy, he would be able to Consolidate his Saint Core Nucleus.  It was exactly like how the power of Heavenly Dao Energy could form a Heavenly Core Nucleus. However, upon reaching the Saint Dao Energy state, he had already eclipsed the vast majority of high-level Heavenly Kings.  Countless high-level Zong Stage experts had been trapped at the thirty-sixth stage! Now that he had comprehended and gained the Saint Dao Energy, his chances of being able to form a Core Nucleus had just skyrocketed.

This had been a supremely important step.  For any Heavenly Jewel Master, this was a step that was incredibly dangerous but filled with tremendous possibilities.

Zhou Weiqing had always trained in the Immortal Deity Technique and had broken through swiftly, which was why he felt as though he had been ‘trapped’ and bottlenecked at this stage for months, and plagued by how slow that was.  If other high-level Zong Stage experts found out about this, they’d probably spit out mouthfuls of blood directly into his face. Some of them could go decades without being able to bypass this bottleneck!

Heavenly Dao Energy was energy which came from the Ways of Heaven.  It grew and multiplied without end, and it was part of the Ways of Heaven themselves.  This single stage of advancement had caused him to reach a completely new level. Only now did the Saint Energy in his body form a true and continuous loop.  Thanks to his Saint Energy, Zhou Weiqing was absolutely confident that he could battle anyone below the Heavenly Emperor level. Even if an actual Heavenly Emperor powerhouse wanted to kill him, it definitely wouldn’t be an easy feat.

“Little Fatty, are you alright?”  Shangguan Bing’er said, rather worried.  Although she had been able to sense Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy continuously improving, she knew that he had fallen unconscious due to how much mental energy he had used up.

Zhou Weiqing slowly reached out with his right hand, clenching it into a fist.  He could feel the atmospheric energies in the palm of his hand naturally compress.  “Heavenly Dao Energy. Bing’er, I’ve broken through.”

Shangguan Bing’er was momentarily startled.  Her eyes then revealed flickers of complicated emotions.  Even though she had known many years ago that her Little Fatty was extraordinarily talented and would definitely become a true powerhouse of his generation, she never expected that all this would happen quite so quickly.

From start to finish, Zhou Weiqing had only been training for six or seven years.  And yet, his cultivation had securely advanced towards the Heavenly King level… one with Saint Energy!

 Zhou Weiqing sat up and took a deep breath.  Even while doing so, he was able to sense the atmospheric energies furiously gather around him, much like when he used the Devour Skill.  If it wasn’t for the fact that he was on XuanTian Palace’s territory, he really felt like using the Saint Energy to activate his actual Devour Skill, just to see what would happen.  He wanted to see if he could use it to Devour enough atmospheric energies from the world around him to train. That would definitely be an incredible sight!

This breakthrough had resulted in Zhou Weiqing being strengthened in every aspect.  Saint Energy, physical strength, mental strength… he had improved greatly in each area.  Simply put, he had taken a step into a completely different world.

“Did they say anything?”  Zhou Weiqing asked Shangguan Bing’er.

Shangguan Bing’er shook her head.

Zhou Weiqing chortled.  “Time to let them know that I’m awake.  However, let me Consolidate that scroll first.”

Five pieces of ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ had already been enough to increase his base physical strength by 32 times.  Six pieces would result in an increase of 64 times. He had painstakingly constructed the scroll for his sixth piece of the ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ Legendary Set.  Once he finished Consolidating it, the sheer boost to his raw physical strength alone would result in his overall power skyrocketing dramatically.

News that Zhou Weiqing was awake quickly spread to XuanTian Palace.  Nobody came to bother them on that first day, but early the next morning Zhou Weiqing suddenly halted his cultivation and slowly opened his eyes.  “They are here.”

He threw on some clothes, left the bed, then walked out of the wooden room with the neatly attired Shangguan Bing’er.  After they exited the room, Zhou Weiqing simply stood outside the doorway without going forward to greet their guests. Only three people had come to this gorge, and they were headed straight to Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing only recognized one of these three people; Elder Fei Lun, who had brought them to XuanTian Palace.  Next to him was an old man who had a single sun emblem on his chest which showed that he had roughly the same status as Fei Lun.  The third was their leader, a man who had three sun emblems on his chest.

This person was very tall, and his body was covered by long blue robes.  He had a head of long black hair which cascaded down his back, and a wide azure mask that covered his face.  Not even the skin around his neck was revealed. He was covered up very tightly.

Three sun emblems?  Zhou Weiqing was slightly startled.

The three quickly arrived in front of the wooden room.  The leader came to a halt, then spoke in an extremely androgynous yet highly pleasing voice, “Master Zhou, greetings.  I’m honored that you came to our XuanTian Palace. I am Palace Master Dong Fang of the XuanTian Palace.”

Zhou Weiqing secretly exclaimed to himself, “I knew it!”  He smiled and took a single step forwards, then nodded. “Hello, Palace Master Dong Fang.”  This time, Elder Fei Lun didn’t make any snide comments about Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level.  As soon as Zhou Weiqing had proven himself a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, he had earned the right to act pridefully.

Zhou Weiqing carefully scanned this Palace Master Dong Fang.  However, he quickly realized that it was as though he was trying to scan the ocean itself; there was no information coming back to him!  All he could sense was that Palace Master Dong Fang’s aura was extremely deep and profound. Just by standing there, he made Zhou Weiqing feel as though his own linkage with the atmospheric energies nearby had been lessened significantly.

Dong Fang said calmly, “I am extremely amazed to see that Master Zhou, despite being at such a young age, already has the ability to create God Tier Consolidating Scrolls. Masters Nie Han and Dreamwake have already informed me of your situation.  XuanTian Palace has always been extremely welcoming to geniuses like yourself. If there is anything you need, just speak and I shall do my best to fulfill it.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled slightly.  “I don’t have anything I need per se.  I’ve come to join XuanTian Palace because I wish to have the chance to gain a better understanding of the crafting of Consolidating Scrolls.  Thus, I’d like for the Palace Master to provide me with various types of materials. Also, I don’t have the time to make Consolidating Scrolls for just anyone.  Don’t send low-ranked people to come bother me. In addition, I would like to join XuanTian Palace as a visiting scholar, as I don’t wish for other people to order me around.  But of course, if you need me to do anything, Palace Master, I won’t decline.”

If anyone else had made these requests, the Elders behind Dong Fang would’ve long slapped that man flying without needing for Dong Fang himself to make a move.  However, for these requests to come from a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master was a completely different matter.

Dong Fang nodded.  “Naturally. I accede to your requests, Master Zhou.  So long as XuanTian Palace can find the materials you want, you shall have free usage of them.  However… I would like to ask that a portion of the completed works be handed over to me to use as I see fit.”

Zhou Weiqing said without hesitation, “We’ll give you all of the items that neither myself nor my wife need.  However, I cannot guarantee my success rates. Please don’t blame me if I waste many materials!”

Dong Fang smiled calmly.  “That shouldn’t be a problem for our XuanTian Palace.  Is there anything else you need, Master Zhou?”

Zhou Weiqing said, “I’m a bit different from other God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters.  Possibly due to my fairly young age, I enjoy a bit of liveliness. Quiet and secluded places like this don’t really suit me.  I hope, Palace Master, that you can find another place in the XuanTian Palace for me to live in.”

When the two Elders behind Palace Master Dong Fang heard these words, their faces twitched uncontrollably.  Fairly young age?  You jerk! You are barely twenty years old and already a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master.  The rest of us are humiliated in comparison.

Dong Fang nodded.  “That’s fine, of course.”  His tone suddenly sharpened as he murmured to the two Elders behind him, “On my orders, Master Zhou is now one of the Consecrated of our palace.  He is to be treated just like a Grand Elder, while his wife will be given the rank of Elder.”

“Understood,” both Elders said respectfully.  Fei Lun took out a tray out from his own Spatial Ring and presented it to Zhou Weiqing.  It had two sets of clothes on it.

Dong Fang then nodded towards Zhou Weiqing once more.  “Tonight, I shall host a welcoming banquet in honor of Master Zhou joining our palace.  All of the important members of our palace shall take part in the welcoming ceremony. Master Zhou has been in seclusion for many years and might not be fully aware of the situation within the palace.  Elder Fei Lun, you are to stay behind and introduce the palace to Master Zhou. I have other matters to attend to. I’ll depart for now.”

“Alright.”  A flicker of a smile flashed across Elder Fei Lun’s face.  An opportunity to ingratiate himself with Master Zhou was clearly a wonderful assignment.

The Palace Master Dong Fang turned and departed with the other Elder.  Zhou Weiqing played his role perfectly, bowing slightly as the Palace Master left.  Although he didn’t say any flattering words, his actions indicated that he had accepted himself being a part of the XuanTian Palace.

Zhou Weiqing himself secretly felt rather amused.  He never would’ve imagined that just like this, the first Great Saint Land he joined would actually be on a different continent.

Fei Lun had long ago discarded the arrogance he had displayed when first meeting Zhou Weiqing.  Smiling, he said, “Don’t be offended, Master Zhou. This gorge is actually one of the most secluded and private places in the entire Palace.  Normally, only the other two God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters are permitted to enter and exit this place freely, unless someone else gets a specific command from the Palace Master.  This is why the Palace Master only brought the two of us with him.”

Zhou Weiqing let out a chuckle.  “I understand. For the Palace Master to come in person is a testament to his sincerity.  Please be seated, Elder. I know nothing at all about XuanTian Palace. I’ll have to trouble you to explain it to me.”

A wide smile crossed Fei Lun’s face as he said: “It would be my honor to do so.”

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