Chapter 308 - I am Tang San

The blue-haired young man looked at Zhou Weiqing with gentle eyes; the golden trident in his hand seemed exceptionally dazzling.

“Who are you?” asked Zhou Weiqing, who was extremely vigilant. Another person finally appeared within the Netherworld. For all he knew, he might be part of the Lord of the Nether’s devious plans.

The blue-haired youth smiled, “From your point of view, I am probably known as a god.”

“God?” Zhou Weiqing was dumbstruck.

The blue-haired man nodded, “Let me deal with your biggest trouble first, before I explain any further.” As he spoke, he turned his body slightly, facing the direction of where the Lord of the Nether was at.

“What god? Die!” The Lord of the Nether roared in anger and fear. His curled up body abruptly leapt up and charged towards the blue-haired youth. He erupted the remaining original Destructive Energy that he had.

He was well-aware that he was most likely unable to survive today. The moment the Creation Saint Energy appeared within Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s bodies, under the light of the Saint Infant, he knew for a fact that he was done for. At that moment, all he could think of was to use his familiarity with the Netherworld to temporarily hide himself, to prolong his life that was almost ending. However, from the looks of it now, it was evidently impossible for him to do that. Under the illumination of the all-encompassing Creation Energy, it was absolutely impossible for him to cover his tracks, let alone hide himself.

The blue-haired youth seemed to be easier to be dealt with, as compared to Zhou Weiqing. He launched his final attack, charging towards him with the mentality that he was going to perish together with him.

The eight long crab legs brandished and streaks of green light shot out, which interweaved to form a huge net that headed towards the blue-haired youth in a bid to envelop him.

Zhou Weiqing hovered in the air without making a single movement. He wanted to see how the blue-haired youth was going to deal with the Lord of the Nether.

In the face of the Lord of the Nether’s attack, the blue-haired youth smiled. His smile was as gentle as before, “I haven’t used my Eight Spider Spears in a long time. Since you have eight legs as well, I shall use it to deal with you.”

Eight rays of blue light flashed out of the blue-haired youth’s back - they were eight crystal clear blue legs. They looked rather similar to the Lord of the Nether’s legs, but they had a different aura.

The aura released by the blue-haired youth was overwhelming, extensive and vast. The energy was so boundless, to the point where Zhou Weiqing was unable to distinguish its attribute. All he could sense was that even his Creation Saint Energy was unable to contend against it.

A huge net of blue light spread open; the Lord of the Nether was akin to a moth that darted around the flame. When his original Destructive Energy, that was known to be capable of destroying everything, came into contact with the blue light, it immediately disappeared without a trace. Immediately after, the Lord of the Nether’s actual body seemed to have met with a powerful suction force - he was directly sucked into the huge blue net, and was enveloped in it.

The blue-haired youth lamented, “By being able to cultivate resentment and Destructive Energy to such an extent, you can be considered as quite a genius. Unfortunately, you should never have existed in the first place. You did not appreciate your intelligence - instead, you went on a path to self-destruction. By virtue of that alone, you are far less intelligent than the young lady who played with fire from the other world. I have no choice but to rid the world of you.”

As he spoke, the blue-haired youth’s clear black eyes suddenly turned red. A bout of terrifying evil aura, that almost caused Zhou Weiqing to fall from the sky and forcefully caused his entire Creation Saint Energy to return to his body, was abruptly released from within the blue-haired youth’s body.

A red light flashed in the sky for a second before vanishing. The net of blue light had also vanished. The Lord of the Nether’s soul had completely been wiped out from this world, before he even had a chance to let out a last cry. Not a single trace of his existence was left.

The evil aura was retracted, and the blue-haired youth returned to his original gentle self. However at this moment, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er were extremely anxious. They could clearly sense that the blue-haired youth was horrifyingly more powerful than the Lord of the Nether in his peak condition. The Creation Saint Energy that they were proud of seemed to be completely useless against him.

“Do you find it odd that your Creation Saint Energy has no effect on me?” asked the blue-haired youth with a gentle smile.

Zhou Weiqing nodded. At this moment, he had more or less believed what the blue-haired youth said earlier about himself being a god. This was due to the fact that he had no reason to lie to them, based on his powers.

The blue-haired youth smiled, “In truth, this is very simple. This is because both you and the Lord of the Nether, that I had just killed, are not actual gods. In a sense, your understanding is correct. The so-called Heavenly Change Stage in your world is indeed a stage that has reached the level of a god. However, it’s solely limited to reaching the level of a god. In order to become an actual god, you have to possess the status of a god. Otherwise, possessing just the power of a god itself without its legacy is insufficient to become an actual god.

“As for your Creation Saint Energy, you are right - it is indeed the most powerful energy in the entire world. Even if you temporarily possess the Creation Saint Energy, it is sufficient to stun everyone else. Even for me, it will be difficult to kill the two of you, who temporarily possess the Creation Saint Energy.

“You are very fortunate, because the both of you already possessed Saint Energy when your child was conceived. Conceiving a child is in line with the Creation path. Hence, before your child was born, he had already possessed a little original Creation Energy. Originally, if he was born under normal circumstances, the bit of original Creation Energy would dissipate on its own. Who knew that the Lord of the Nether would activate it using his original Destructive Energy, resulting in the energy the both of you currently possess.

“Initially when the Lord of the Nether tried to break the seal, I had already sensed it and immediately rushed over. However, I ended up seeing all of you complete the seal via concerted efforts and unity. It was a miracle. I guess I’m only here to tie up loose ends.”

Zhou Weiqing was dumbstruck upon hearing his words. In other words, if they did not take any action, this person before their eyes would have killed the Lord of the Nether anyway. Even the gods would not allow the Netherworld to exist!

Tian’er could not help but ask, “Will it affect our child?”

The blue-haired youth shook his head and said, “Do not worry, it will not affect your child in any way. However, the Creation Saint Energy is not something that ordinary people can have - not even the gods. This is because the Creation God had already disappeared after creating this world. Even I am somewhat envious of the fact that your child is able to temporarily possess the Saint Infant Energy. After a period of time from now, the Creation Saint Energy will slowly disappear from your bodies, and your original energy will be restored. Hence, you don’t have to worry that much.”

Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er heaved a sigh of relief. Zhou Weiqing said, “Why did you stop me from destroying the Netherworld?”

The blue-haired youth replied, “The Netherworld is a fixed entity that automatically absorbs resentment and negative emotions from your world. Hence, as long as you come here regularly to carry out purification processes, you do not have to worry about the emergence of another Lord of the Nether in the next thousand or ten thousand years. If you destroy this place, by a stroke of luck, it is very likely that another Netherworld will appear somewhere else that you don’t know about. So what’s the point?”

This time, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er had completely understood. The both of them bowed respectfully to the blue-haired youth at the same time, “Thank you for your guidance, Senior.”

The blue-haired youth smiled and said, “I must go now. However, Weiqing, did it ever cross your mind to become an actual god? What I used to destroy the Lord of the Nether earlier was the Asura God Energy. He is one of the three Great Enforcers in the world of gods, whose power is almost equivalent to that of a God King. If you are willing, I can transform your Saint Energy into Asura Energy, allowing you to inherit the god status of Asura. As for your cultivation base, you only need to cultivate a little more over a period of time and by then, even a God King might not necessarily be your match.”

Zhou Weiqing was in a daze for a moment. He looked into the clear eyes of the blue-haired youth. In the face of an offer that could make anyone go crazy, he shook his head resolutely.

“It’s alright. Thank you for your kindness.”

“Can you tell me why not?” asked the blue-haired youth out of curiosity.

Zhou Weiqing chuckled and said, “That is because being a god might not necessarily be better than being a human. Or else, why would you have offered your god status to me?”

The blue-haired youth laughed, “You are truly a cunning little fella. I must go now, goodbye. If you change your mind, you can call out my name to the night sky. My name is Tang San.”

A blue light flickered and transformed into a light beam, which carried Tang San’s body while it soared up into the sky. He waved his hand at Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er from the sky, while he muttered to himself in a voice that could only be heard by him, “I finally found someone worthy of being my heir, but got rejected in the end. Seems like both Kindness and Evil are two cunning individuals, who managed to get little Ji Dong and Lie Yan to be their heirs. From the looks of it, I have to work harder and hand over my status as the Asura God as soon as possible, so I can allow Xiao Wu and Xiao Qi to lead a life with more freedom.

Outside the seal, within the deep abyss.

The twelve Divine Beasts and the Sidhe Empress were no longer the only ones waiting here.

Shangguan Tianyang, Xue AoTian, as well as Zhou Weiqing’s wives, were quietly waiting here. Hui Yao and his wife had brought them over. They had also recounted everything that happened to them.

The three Shangguan sisters, Little Witch and Dongfang Hanyue looked pale and were unable to utter a single word. Every single one of them was teary-eyed.

After being captured by the Lord of the Nether into the Netherworld, what were the odds of him coming back alive? Ultimately, they did not dare to think about this question.

“Little Fatty…Little Fatty you must come back alive! I will not blame you, ok? Regardless of how many women you want to marry, I will not blame you.”

Shangguan Fei’er, who was acting all high and mighty earlier, was now full of tears. Out of all the women, she looked the strongest on the surface. However, she was the weakest at this moment. She hugged Shangguan Bing’er and Little Witch, as the three women cried so hard that they could not catch their breath.

Even though Shangguan Xue’er and Dongfang Hanyue were considered to be strong, at this very moment, they had a lifeless look in their eyes as well. Dongfang Hanyue mumbled, “As long you come back alive, I will return immediately, and will not disrupt your life, ok? Weiqing, you must live!”

Shangguan Xue’er shook her head and said, “No, if he were to come back alive, we will be a family. You should stay.”

Dongfang Hanyue’s body shook for a bit as she looked up at Shangguan Xue’er. The two women exchanged glances; at this very moment that was filled with despair, their animosity had disappeared.

Only the Sidhe Empress, who was sitting there with her eyes opening gradually, had a faint smile on her face.

“Little Fatty——” Shangguan Fei’er yelled out mournfully, “You bastard, you better come back. As long as you’re back, even if you want to sleep together with us, I will agree to it……”

If she said that in the past, Zhou Weiqing’s wives would definitely have blushed. However at this moment, all they had were tears.

Just as they were full of grief, a mischievous voice rang in their ears, “Oh, you have to mean what you said.”

“Little Fatty?”

“Little Fatty!”

“Little Fatty——”

“Little Fatty……”

“Ah! Don’t bite me, I’m still alive!”

The dark blue sky that was completely clear; it was a world whose theme was green. There was a vast land of green grass, with all kinds of adorable animals prancing around the mountains and plains.

Next to the enormous blue crystal-like lake stood a humble thatched cottage. It looked plain, but comfortable.

“Little Fatty, the eldest one just peed. Go clean up the chamber pot.”

“Alright, alright. I will go immediately.”

“Little Fatty, have you finished cooking! I am hungry. If I’m not well-fed, your daughter will go hungry as well.”

“Alright, it’s almost done. Eight dishes and one soup - an absolutely sumptuous meal.”

“Little Fatty, you said that you were going to give me a massage. When are you going to do it!”

“I……My dear wives, please teach me the technique to clone myself!” shouted a certain someone in grief and indignation.

“You deserved it,” said a couple of melodic voices at the same time.

Zhou Weiqing was a good and honest man. He had fulfilled his promise and created this separate realm that was connected to the Sidhe Tribe. He was also using his remaining time to make up to his loved ones.

Not far from the thatched cottage, two massive figures were secretly laughing.

Hui Yao laughed in a deep voice, “It has been proven that having multiple wives is not a good thing. Being faithful to one partner is better after all.”

Duo Si chuckled, “That’s true. However, you shouldn’t gloat over his misfortune. Zhou Weiqing is our great benefactor.”

Hui Yao chuckled as well, “I can never forget that. If not for his Saint Energy that helped us restore our health, it would be impossible for you to get pregnant again. With regards to our mission to look for our tribesmen, it seems like it has to be postponed for now. Nonetheless, I believe that even if our ancestors were to be resurrected, they definitely would not blame us.”

Duo Si was rested her huge head against Hui Yao’s neck, feeling somewhat embarrassed. “The twelve Divine Beasts that helped Weiqing with the seal were sent to accompany Dongfang Hanyue back to the XuanTian Continent. I’m guessing they will be coming back soon.”

“Yeah! Only a brat like Zhou Weiqing can do it. I still remember his tone back then. He was telling Dongfang Hanyue that if the Xuantian Palace did not allow her to leave, he would get the twelve Divine Beasts to bring the Xuantian Continent over and combine it with the Boundless Mainland. Oh, what words did the human beings use to describe a person like Zhou Weiqing? I remember there were two words.”

“You’re referring to ‘hooligan’ and ‘rascal’, right?”


The end

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