Chapter 57 Legendary Sets, Ten vs Nine! (3)

Chapter 57 Legendary Sets, Ten vs Nine! (3)

To his surprise, Zhou Weiqing, who was just a Mid Level Consolidating Equipment Master, was still examining his design. With the infatuated, besotted look on his face, he did not look like he was going to stop anytime soon.

Could that youth’s spiritual energy be even greater than mine? Yun Li was truly shocked. He was extremely confident in his own spiritual energy; after all, even though he hadn’t reached the level of Grandmaster yet, he was not far from it. His sixteen years in the Consolidating Equipment Master world was not for nothing.

Alas, how could he know that Zhou Weiqing was being supported by Fat Cat’s spiritual energy to be able to last so long. However, after Yun Li had watched him for a while, Zhou Weiqing suddenly felt the ice cold feeling in his mind disappear, and he was shocked out of his reverie.

“En?” Only the did Zhou Weiqing look around at his surroundings blurrily, as if suddenly recalling where he was, and what he was doing.

“Bro Zhou, how is it?” Yun Li saw that he had awoken, and quickly asked urgently.

Zhou Weiqing’s expression was full of admiration, and he gave a big thumbs up as he said: “A peerless piece of work, a peerless piece of work! If I am not wrong, this should be the first of a Legendary Set, meant for Agility type Heavenly Jewel Masters.” Indeed, Yun Li’s design was the first of a Legendary Set, which was suited for Heavenly Jewel Masters with the Agility Type Physical Jewel, like Yun Li or Shangguan Bing’er.

Yun Li nodded and said: “Bro Zhou indeed has good judgement. Your design is also another peerless work! It is also the first of a Legendary Set right! Looks like this is truly a draw indeed. Amongst Consolidating Equipment Masters, I dare to say that those who have Legendary Set designs number less than ten! I really did not expect that we would meet like this, no wonder Bro Zhou had so much confidence to bet with me.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Indeed, indeed! My luck sure is bad. However, although our designs are both the first of Legendary Sets, there still remains to see which Legendary Set is of higher quality.”

Yun Li started, saying: “How do we compare that though? Unless we can Consolidate all of them, otherwise there is no real way of comparison. After all, they are of different attributes, and I can argue that I have the advantage of speed, while yours can be argued to have the advantage of strength.”

Zhou Weiqing shook his head and said: “That’s not what I mean. There is one more point that Bro Yun Li has forgotten, and that is the quantity. Another way to determine the quality of a set is naturally the quantity of it as well. When a Set is made out of more Scrolls, its power is naturally stronger. Am I right?”

Fear suddenly gripped Yun Li’s heart, as he said: “You are right, that is indeed true. However, the God Tier Legendary Sets are all 9 pieces… could it be that yours is… different?”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Heh heh… I’m sorry about this.” As he said that, he waved his hands around his Spatial Necklace and took out his entire set design, placing it on the table in front of the sofa.

Yun Li swept his gaze on them, and he froze in shock. “Te...Ten… Ten pieces?”

Zhou Weiqing’s face was filled with pride as he said: “In the past, when my Founder Teacher designed this Set, he did not even manage to attempt creating it as he passed away due to over-expenditure of spirit during the creation. He was a respected God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, and this set of 10 pieces can be said to be one of a kind. It is extremely difficult to create, but at the same time, it should be at the peak of Consolidating Equipment Scroll Sets! As such, just comparing quality of designs alone, I’m afraid that the win is mine.”

When Zhou Weiqing saw that the design that Yun Li had brought out was also a God Tier Legendary Set, he had been stunned for a moment. However, he had calmed down quickly. After all, even if this was a draw, he still would not lose to Yun Li in the end, as the worst case scenario for him was a final draw. After calming down, he finally thought of what Huyan Aobo had told him in the past - that although his Legendary Set had not been created before, it was one of a kind! It had even expended the spirit and life blood of a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master to design, and prior to this, a set of ten was hitherto unheard of.

A Legendary Set referred to a set designed by a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master with at least eight pieces to it. Usually, they were made out of nine pieces. Do not underestimate the difference that just one piece could make. It was just the addition of that one extra piece that caused the Founder of Zhou Weiqing’s teaching sect to expend all of his energy and spirit, even so much so to his death, from that one could see how difficult it had been to create this set.

Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, Yun Li’s expression turned ugly, a dark, uneasy look appearing in his eyes. At this moment, their competition was over. However, for a person like him, who also had a God Tier Founder Teacher, how could he be willing to just become Zhou Weiqing’s Follower just like that? That would be a disgrace and humiliation that he would never be able to wash clean, furthermore there would never be any escape from it. Lifetime Follower, that meant being Sealed for his entire life as well. Upon thinking about it, his heart hurt, as if it were being gnawed upon by thousands of snakes. Slowly, his face grew fierce, even savage, as he gripped his fists tightly. Staring at the ten designs on the table, he warred internally within his own mind.

Kill him, kill him! A voice kept yelling in Yun Li’s mind. As long as he killed off this Zhou Weiqing in front of him, not only would he escape the terms of the bet, he would also gain this unbelievable Legendary Set design, a one of a kind, ten piece set! At the most, he would have to move out of the Fei Li Empire forever, never to return; with his skills and talent, wouldn’t it be easy to find another place to accept him?

As the darkness in his heart erupted forth, savagely clashing against the morals and ethics in Yun Li’s heart. As soon as that broke through, he would take action against Zhou Weiqing. In his eyes, with his four-Jeweled cultivation level, it would be extremely easy to kill off the three-Jeweled Zhou Weiqing. Both were Spatial Attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters, and he himself had the Agility Type Physical Jewel. After killing him, it would be easy to escape.

However, despite the thoughts, Yun Li still did not move. As he battled himself within the deepest reaches of his heart, his body was trembling, his eyes revealing a blood lust. Yet, he did not move.

Although he was filled with pride, but he had also never been a person who would break his word! Despite all the unwillingness in his heart, the unreconciled feelings he had, he still wasn’t willing to become a treacherous, disloyal person, a person who would be scoffed at by any others. After all, there was a huge crowd outside who had witnessed the bet. Could he really just go back on his word like that? More importantly, even if he did so, that would leave a mark, a shadow in his heart. With such a shadow in his heart, he would never be able to reach the peak of Consolidating Equipment Master… the peak that he had always longed for… to be a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master.

Zhou Weiqing stood there silently, a faint smile on his face. He did not try to force Yun Li, or influence him in any way, but just stood there waiting for his own decision. Even with a Seal to restrict a person, it definitely wasn’t what he wanted. After all, there was a big difference between a willing Follower, and a Follower who complied in appearance but secretly opposed it in his heart. What Zhou Weiqing wanted was a Follower who truly worked for him with all his heart. In fact, Zhou Weiqing was extremely nervous. Naturally, it wasn’t due to fear that Yun Li might attack him. According to Zhou Weiqing’s estimation, although Yun Li was four-Jeweled, he did have a Legendary Set design. That meant that it was likely he only had two Consolidated Equipment. Even Ming Hua, who had four pieces of a Set Equipment, wasn’t a match for Zhou Weiqing, how could Yun Li be! If they truly had to fight, Zhou Weiqing had the confidence to beat, or even kill him off.

“I have lost.” Those three words finally came out of Yun Li’s mouth, with much difficulty and bitterness. After saying those words, he folded down into the sofa behind him, like a deflated balloon, his eyes closed as tears streamed down his cheeks uncontrollably.

“It’s my pride that destroyed me. Teacher, I have shamed you. I’ve lost… I’ve lost to a Consolidating Equipment Master whose cultivation level and rank is lower than mine.” Yun Li suddenly burst out crying, his body shaking as he lost control of his emotions.

As compared to Yun Li’s crying, Zhou Weiqing was smiling, relaxedly. With that, he knew that he had gotten his first Follower. This was indeed a companion he could trust. Under such a circumstance, Zhou Weiqing was not confident that he could make the same decision, and that he might even break his own word. Yet, Yun Li had made the difficult choice. After all, there was no signed contract or bond they had done for this bet. If he had really wanted to run away, Zhou Weiqing might not have been able to stop him.

Zhou Weiqing sat down silently once more, slowly keeping his own designs.

He was not in a rush, allowing Yun Li to cry his heart out. After all, the poor fellow had just lost his lifetime freedom, how could he not allow him some time to vent?

Currently, our dear Zhou Weiqing was grinning away in his heart. Although it had taken much effort, he had finally gotten a High Level Consolidating Equipment Master follower! Such good luck might never happen a second time, at least not before he became a lot more powerful than he currently was.

Qin Feng and Shangguan Bing’er, who were outside, were startled by the sudden crying sound that came from within. Shangguan Bing’er could instantly tell that the crying sound was not Zhou Weiqing’s, but that did not stop her from feeling anxious and worried.

“Young lady, calm down, we can’t enter right now.” Qin Feng quickly stopped her from trying to rush in. After all, he had given his word that they would not be disturbed in that chamber.

Shangguan Bing’er was extremely worried in her heart, but right at that moment, a soft voice suddenly entered her ears. After a short, startled moment, she finally quietened down. Her pale, frightened face turning rosy red once more, and a faint smile crossed her lips.

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