Chapter 61 Since I’m willing to bet, I’m prepared to lose. (1)

Chapter 61 Since I’m willing to bet, I’m prepared to lose. (1)

“I’ve lost… Since I’m willing to bet, I am also prepared to lose. Come on then.” Lin TianAo repeated.

Seeing the resolute look on his face, Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “There’s no rush. Let’s leave first then.” As he said that, he did not wait for either of them to speak, and turned to leave.

As the three of them left the Underground Arena, Lin TianAo couldn’t help but ask: “Don’t you have any Sealing Skills for your Darkness Attribute?”

Zhou Weiqing stopped and said: “Of course I do.”

Lin TianAo furrowed his brow and asked curiously: “Why didn’t you just use it on me earlier then?”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “There’s no rush, let’s head back to the shop 77 first before we do anything further. There’s no need to rush to do so in the arena room.”

A gleam flashed in Lin TianAo’s eyes as he said: “Aren’t you afraid I will go back on my word? The binding contract of the Underground Arena is powerful, but if I really want to run, it is unlikely they will be able to catch me now that we are already outside.”

Zhou Weiqing shook his head and said: “No, I’m not afraid. I do not think you are such a person. If you really do run off, then I will just have to blame my own vision and for being terrible at judging characters.”

Yun Li, who was at the side, couldn’t help but exclaim angrily at that. “Do you mean to say that I am such a person? You were so anxious to Seal me earlier.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed and said: “A little, not as sure as I was of him anyway. Furthermore, we were already in a quiet sealed off chamber at that time, it was convenient right? Now now, we are all a big family now, why nitpick?!”

Yun Li gave a humph, then took a look at Lin TianAo at the side. All of a sudden, he broke out in a big grin and said laughingly: “At least now there’s someone to suffer with me, I feel a lot better now.”

Lin TianAo said angrily: “Damn it, what do you mean?”

Yun Li grinned and said: “Heh… Big guy, getting angry is useless. Although I am not a powerful as you are, but in terms of speed, you are no match for me. How can I be truly afraid of you? We are after all brothers in the same boat, both of us have been fooled by this little rascal here. However, I have to admit you are much more powerful than I am. If even you lose to this little rascal, why should I feel conflicted anymore? Hahahaha.”

Only then did Lin TianAo realise something, and he asked curiously: “Do you mean to say that you actually lost your bet earlier when you were competing in creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls? And you have already been Sealed by this little brat?”

Yun Li said with an exasperated humph: “Yes… he is just too sly.”

“Oei Oei.. I say… you two… what’s with this rascal this and brat this. After all, I’m your Boss! You have to respect your Boss.” Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but say.

Yun Li and Lin TianAo chorused: “Respect my ass!”

Seeing both their indignant expressions, Zhou Weiqing did not pay heed, instead laughing out and saying: “Heh heh… Aiiyahhh, some people have just lost their lifelong freedom… I can understand the need to let loose a little. No problems, this big brother here is very generous, you all can continue letting loose some steam. Haha… come on, let’s go back to the shop 77 to buy some stuff, and also place the Seal on Bro Lin while we’re at it. Hahaha…”

At this point, Shangguan Bing’er was waiting anxiously at the shop 77, standing beside the window staring into the distance where the three had disappeared to earlier.

Finally, the familiar figure appeared in her sight. When she first saw his battered and messed up look, she was given a big fright. However, she immediately spotted the smug smile on his face, and she relaxed.

Qin Feng was also quickly notified about their approach by his employees, and quickly headed down together with Shangguan Bing’er to receive them.

“Master Zhou, your bet…?” Qin Feng asked curiously.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Ahh… it was a draw… another draw… Hahahahahaha.” He was just too happy and pleased with himself, and couldn’t help but let loose a smug laugh.

Once again, Yun Li and Lin TianAo spawned the same notion at the same time… In their lives, they had never wanted to beat someone up so much...

“Big Bro Qin, we still need to borrow your chamber once more. The three of us have taken to each other, and there are some things we need to discuss. Is that convenient?” Zhou Weiqing said with a smiling face.

Qin Feng quickly said: “Of course, that is no problem at all. Please.” He currently had many doubts in his heart. After all, a second draw seemed rather convenient. However, he did not recognize Lin TianAo at all, and did not know how powerful Lin TianAo was. As such, although he had some suspicions, he did not ask further.

Yun Li stopped and turned to Zhou Weiqing, saying: “You guys go ahead, I will not join you two. I need to bid farewell to Bro Zhou Changxi.” He was afraid that if he looked at the Sealing, his own memories would be sparked and he would feel depressed again. As such, he decided to just avoid it.

Zhou Weiqing said: “Alright then, you go ahead. I’ll see you later then. Bro Qin, one more thing, I also need to purchase these goods, could you please help me prepare them? I will pay you after we are done. Thank you.” He took out a list that he had prepared beforehand. Due to his good mood, he didn’t even ask about the price.”

Zhou Weiqing, Shangguan Bing’er and Lin TianAo headed to the quiet chambers. Just like what Zhou Weiqing had expected, Lin TianAo was an upright person, and did not try to break his word. Although he was rather sad and pained in the heart, he did not try to resist and allowed Zhou Weiqing to use the Blood Rites - Seal of Darkness on him. As such, another powerful Heavenly Jewel Master of mighty defense was now Following Zhou Weiqing.

“Bro Lin, in the future, you can just call me by my name. Today, I was indeed just too lucky. However, you were the one who placed the bet, and you can’t blame me for it. To be honest, you are of much higher cultivation level than me, and if one day, your level exceeds me by more than twelve levels, the Seal between us will automatically dissolve.”

After completing the Seal, Zhou Weiqing kept his grinning face and spoke to Lin TianAo in a very serious tone.

Lin TianAo gave a long sigh and said: “Greed was truly my downfall today. Earlier, when I saw both of you, such talented genius among Consolidating Equipment Masters, I was struck by the thought of tricking one of you into being my Follower, hoping that in future I can complete and perfect my Assembly Set Shield. Alas, who knew that I would not gain anything, but instead lose myself in the process. I did not lose to you, but I lost to the words Underestimate. Do not worry, since I have already lost the bet, in the future, I am your man.”

Zhou Weiqing’s mouth twitched as he couldn’t help but think to himself: What do you mean ‘you’re my man’. Don’t make it sound so… dirty. However, he knew that Lin TianAo had to be in a bad mood, and did not try to joke around, and just nodded his head.

“Master, I have a favour to ask.” Lin TianAo said, bowing down as he brought his hands to his chest in a saluting position. [1.Form of greeting or paying respect that I just couldn't name suddenly]

Zhou Weiqing quickly said: “Bro Lin, no problems, just speak your mind. We are now a family, and you can just address me like brothers.”

Lin TianAo shook his head and said: “I have lost the bet, and I am your Follower, you are my Master. There is nothing to hide about it. Master, I have something important to me to accomplish. Can you please give me three months? After the three months, I will definitely return to your side and be your Lifetime Follower.”

Zhou Weiqing really felt like rejecting the request. After all, even though he had not been in the Fei Li City for a long time, he had already had his life threatened. With such a powerful Heavenly Jewel Master by his side to protect him, it would definitely be much safer. However, in the end, he still nodded his head in agreement. After all, Lin TianAo had already lost his whole life’s freedom, how could he not allow him to tidy up his own things first? As such, he arranged the time and place to meet with Lin TianAo in three months.

Lin TianAo looked deeply at Zhou Weiqing, saying a word of farewell before turning to leave. Although he did not say anything further, Zhou Weiqing could clearly see the look of gratitude in his eyes.

Three months it shall be. At most, I shall try to keep a lower profile during these three months. Zhou Weiqing thought to himself.

Qin Feng’s shop 77 had been a open for a long time, and he had a good stock of various goods. Even if he were lacking anything that Zhou Weiqing needed, there were many other shops around with a good stock that he could get them from. In barely an hour, he had finished preparing the items from Zhou Weiqing’s list.

“Do you have any personal matters to finish up? If you do, I’ll also give you the same holiday.” On seeing Yun Li return to the shop 77, Zhou Weiqing asked him after a quick explanation.

Yun Li shook his head and said: “I’m all alone in this world now. I was orphaned at a young age, and was brought up by my teacher. Two years ago, my teacher passed away, and I have no one else. I can follow you now.” As he said that, he snuck closer to Zhou Weiqing and whispered in his ear: “Later, let me examine your pair of hammers, I want to research on them as well.”

Earlier, when he had seen Zhou Weiqing wielding the twin Legendary Hammers, an itch had appeared in his heart. After all, to a Consolidating Equipment Master, what was more attractive than a powerful or rare Consolidated Equipment? Even the pain of his own loss had been diminished by his lust to examine the hammers.

“No problem, I’ll let you examine them later.” Zhou Weiqing replied easily. As a Consolidating Equipment Master himself, he totally understood how he must be feeling now. Furthermore, he also wanted to exchange pointers with Yun Li. After all, even though he had learned a lot from Huyan Aobo, but a lot of that was hard memorising, and it was still a long while before he could fully assimilate everything. Without question, Yun Li was much more experienced, and was also from a different school of learning. Exchanging pointers would benefit both of them, and Zhou Weiqing would be able to reach the rank of High Level Consolidating Equipment Master much earlier.

“Bro Qin, how much will all of this cost?” Zhou Weiqing kept the various materials that Zhou Weiqing had prepared for him into his Spatial Ring, then remembered to ask about the cost.

Qin Feng hesitated a while before biting his lip, saying: “Bro, just 260,000 gold coins for you.”

Zhou Weiqing started, saying: “So much!” He only had 450,000 gold coins, having put 400,000 into the member cards. Earlier, he had already paid 100,000 gold coins for the repair fees of the arena, and with another 260,000 gold coins payment, he would nearly be wiped out.

Yun Li looked at Zhou Weiqing’s sad face and nudged him exasperatedly: “Stop speaking like a unprofessional. Boss Qin has already given you an amazing price. The items you bought would cost about 400,000 gold coins in the open market. It’s likely that Boss Qin has already given them to you at cost price. Hurry up and pay up.”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Haha… Sorry, Bro Qin… I am unaware of market prices. Here’s the payment.” He passed over his and Shangguan Bing’er’s membership cards in order to pay for his purchases.

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