Chapter 661: Seeing Xiaoxiao Again

Chapter 661: Seeing Xiaoxiao Again

As the elegant woman left, the surrounding Cultivators began to cry out in surprise. “First-rank Seahold medallion!”

All eyes were on Meng Hao, and especially the gold-colored command medallion he was currently fiddling with.

“A first-rank Seahold medallion… only the Three Saints of the three Sects can give out such a gift!”

“This is only the second time I’ve ever seen that type of command medallion. This person must be an incredibly honored guest!”

As the buzz of conversation spread out, Meng Hao looked down at the command medallion. It was completely gold, and the image of a Seahold was carved on its surface. On the other side were the characters: Sun Soul Society.

A faintly discernible pressure would be felt emanated from within.

Wei Li’s eyes were wide and filled with disbelief. She stared blankly as she followed Meng Hao through the crowd to enter the Seahold. Everywhere they passed, the Cultivators of the three Sects would immediately clasp hands and bow to them with extremely respectful expressions.

Even after they had made their way well into the city, Wei Li’s mind was still abuzz. Finally, she took a deep breath and then looked at Meng Hao. He seemed to get only more and more mysterious to her.

Finally, she couldn’t hold back any longer, and asked, “S-senior…. Sir, don’t tell me you know Saint Sun Soul?”

“No, not really,” replied Meng Hao casually, who was currently looking around. It was evening, but the city still bustled with noise and excitement, like a boiling cauldron.

Wei Li walked on for a few paces, but didn’t seem convinced. “That’s impossible. If you don’t know him, why did Madam Lin personally give you a Seahold medallion? She’s one of the revered Saint Sun Soul’s two beloved, and she usually never appears in public.”

Meng Hao looked back at her with an enigmatic smile. “I gave him a flagon of alcohol a while back.”

A serious look appeared in Wei Li’s eyes. She wasn’t quite convinced, but what had happened earlier was just far too bizarre. On the other hand, to believe what Meng Hao just said, well, it seemed unimaginably fantastic.

“Forget about it,” said Meng Hao, smiling. “Now, why haven’t you taken me to one of those places that purchases Demon hearts?” Although he didn’t act very imperious, Wei Li started to get a bit nervous. She quickly murmured her assent and then began to give an explanation.

“Senior, there are three locations in the Seahold that specialize in Demon hearts. Those would be the three Sea Pavilions belonging to the Sea Divinity Sect, the Flying Immortal Sect, and the Sun Soul Society.

“The prices they give might not be the highest, but they are always honest with all customers. No matter how many Demon hearts you bring, they can convert them into Spirit Stones.

“In addition to the locations run by the three Sects, there is also the Milky Way Auction House, which of course hold auctions.

“Furthermore, there are other random shops throughout the city that buy Demon hearts. Of course, when all is said and done, this is the Milky Way Sea, and usually you can just buy things directly with Demon hearts.

“In fact, Senior, if you plan to purchase a lot of items, I recommend that you… don’t exchange your Demon hearts into Spirit Stones right away. The majority of items in the Seahold can only be purchased with Demon hearts.”

Meng Hao thought silently for a moment, then nodded his head. “First, let’s go somewhere that sells flying magical items.”

“Senior, what type do you wish to purchase?” asked Wei Li.

“The best type!” declared Meng Hao loudly.

Wei Li’s eyes began to shine, and she immediately began to lead him off in a certain direction. She really was very familiar with the area. Evening continued to descend as she led him through Seahold for roughly the time it takes an incense stick to burn. Eventually, they came to a stop outside a particularly impressive pavilion.

It was built to look like an enormous, plum-colored airship. Although night was now falling, the entire building glowed with resplendent light. Ripples emanated out, and in front of the doors were two gigantic stone qilins, mighty and extraordinary in appearance.

As for the main door itself, it was roughly fifteen meters tall, and was constructed of deep sea driftwood. Looking at the structure from the outside, it truly seemed as if every bit of building material had been carefully selected, and was imbued with abstruse meaning. There were even magical symbols that were filled with strong spiritual energy. Almost anyone who looked at the building would be shocked by the level of luxury.

“When it comes to magical flight items, there are a total of eleven shops in Seahold where you can find them. The best is the Flying Immortal Sect’s Cloudburst Pavilion. The flying magical items here are often sought after even by outside Clans and Sects.” Wei Li was starting to get somewhat excited. In her world, the Cloudburst Pavilion was a place she could never step even half a foot into, let alone purchase any of the magical flight items inside.

The cost of such magical flight items far exceeded her imagination. The most she could normally do would be to glance in from outside. Now, though, she had a chance to actually enter, which left her very excited.

Meng Hao stood outside the Cloudburst Pavilion, studying it. He could see that the interior was decorated with beautiful extravagance. Bright lamplight illuminated everything, and the floors were actually paved with Spirit Stones.

Four or five customers could be seen inside, proud expressions on their faces as they walked about, listening to the Flying Immortal Sect disciples introduce the various magical flight items.

From the clothing they wore, it was possible to tell that they were wealthy and respected people. At a single glance, it was clear that they came from great Sects and Clans; these were definitely not nameless, rogue Cultivators.

Sitting cross-legged next to the entryway were two old men wearing brocaded robes. Their faces glowed with health, and they sat there meditating with eyes closed. Shockingly, their Cultivation bases were at the early Nascent Soul stage. To have Nascent Soul Cultivators acting as door guards would be enough to strike fear into the hearts of any rascals or thieves.

Inside the shop, three more Flying Immortal Sect disciples could be seen, two men and a woman. They were chatting happily, and occasionally, the woman would chuckle lightly. Her eyes sparkled enticingly, and she gave of an enchanting air.

However, they all completely ignored Meng Hao and Wei Li as they stood there outside the shop. They were used to people standing outside and gazing in with envy and admiration.

Meng Hao was just about to walk in, when suddenly, the sounds of laughing and chatting could be heard behind him. A group of Cultivators suddenly appeared, clustered around a woman. They made their way directly toward the shop.

Everyone on the road scurried to the side to make way for the group, their expressions filled with respect. Each and every Cultivator in the group were Chosen of the three Sects, figures who the others on the road would never dare to offend.

Regardless of whether you looked at them in terms of the clothes they wore, or their dispositions, they were imposing in all aspects.

Despite that, these Chosen of the three Sects were currently smiling, laughing, and gushing all sorts of flattery regarding the woman that they were escorting.

The woman was beautiful, and seemed incredibly delicate. Furthermore, her eyes occasionally flashed with a captivating look, which filled her with a tempting allure.

When the Cultivators that surrounded her managed to catch a glimpse of her smile, it caused their hearts to palpitate with eagerness.

Next to the woman walked a young man with slanted eyebrows and eyes that sparkled like stars. He was exceedingly handsome, and wore a long white robe. Overall, he looked completely dashing, with an extraordinary jade-like face.

“Xiaoxiao,” he said, smiling at the indescribably beautiful and striking woman. “This is the Cloudburst Pavilion of the Flying Immortal Sect. Please, step inside!” As he passed, his cool gaze passed over Meng Hao and Wei Li.

Immediately, the two old men sitting cross-legged in the shop opened their eyes and rose to their feet. The other three disciples also rushed forward. All of them bowed to the young man with deep respect.

“Greetings, Junior Leader.”

The young man nodded. His somewhat arrogant and complacent expression became gentle and refined as he turned to look at the woman named Xiaoxiao. As they all entered the shop, the four or five customers inside quickly clasped hands and bowed deeply.

In contrast to the hubbub inside the shop, Meng Hao continued to stand outside calmly. However, a barely discernible, enigmatic smile tugged at his lips. Next to him, Wei Li had a look of extreme respect as she stared enviously at the woman named Xiaoxiao.

“What a coincidence,” thought Meng Hao. “I never expected to run into her in this place!” This woman was none other than Ji Xiaoxiao, whose promissory Meng Hao still possessed in his bag of holding. [1. Ji Xiaoxiao is the Ji Clan member whose chest Meng Hao face-planted into before going into the Demon Immortal Sect. He met her first when she was facing off against Fang Yu. Later, he blackmailed her into taking him to the corpse of her fellow Clan member who he had killed. Like many other South Heaven Cultivators, she owes him Spirit Stones from the time when they were all descending into the Fourth Plane of the Primordial Demon Immortal Plane]

“Come on,” he said coolly, “let’s go in.” Wei Li followed him as he stepped foot into the shop. Nobody paid the slightest bit of attention to them. Everyone circled about the Chosen of the three Sects, respectful smiles plastered on their faces.

Meng Hao waited for a moment, but no one came over to greet him. In the entire first floor of the Cloudburst Pavilion, not a single person even looked at the two of them. Meng Hao’s expression immediately darkened.

“So, this is how the Cloudburst Pavilion receives customers, huh?!” His voice immediately echoed out through the entire Cloudburst Pavilion, drawing the attention of everyone inside. Even Ji Xiaoxiao looked over, although she couldn’t recognize Meng Hao because of his changed appearance.

The Junior Leader of the Flying Immortal Sect frowned but continued to interact with Ji Xiaoxiao, occasionally pointing out various magical flight items.

Of course, the two old men noticed his furrowed brow. Immediately, their hearts began to thump. Looking a bit impatient, one of them pointed to the female Flying Immortal Sect disciple.

“Go deal with it,” he said.

Originally, the woman had been quite excited because of the arrival of the Chosen from the three Sects. She had hoped that her good looks might give her some special opportunities.

But now, having heard the old man’s words, resentment instantly bloomed in her heart. She didn’t dare to refuse the order, though, so, face grim and heart filled with irritation, she walked over to Meng Hao and Wei Li.

She glanced over the two of them, and felt more than ever that they weren’t even worth looking at, and were here to just cause mischief. “What kind of magical flight item do you want?” she asked coldly. “The cheapest magical item here costs fifty low-grade Demon hearts. If you can’t afford it, please leave.”

She couldn’t see Meng Hao’s Cultivation base, but this was the Cloudburst Pavilion of the Flying Immortal Sect. Even if he did have a high Cultivation base, it would be nothing she would hold in awe.

In this place, nobody would ever dare to make a scene.

Wei Li was a bit upset, but at the same time nervous. She looked over at Meng Hao.

“Show me the most expensive thing you have,” Meng Hao said coolly, his expression the same as ever.

“The most expensive?” replied the woman with a light laugh. She couldn’t prevent the look of ridicule from appearing in her eyes. She had worked in this place for years, and had seen far too many people just like this, people who believed themselves to be incredible. In the end, they would always leave ashen-faced and depressed.

The woman laughed coldly. “The most expensive item we have costs 5,000 low-grade Demon hearts. Fellow Daoist, do you want to have a look?”

Meng Hao thought for a moment, then nodded. “Sure, why not.”

“Well, a treasure like that is not something that anybody can just look at,” she replied. “If you want to see it, then according to the regulations, you have to pay a thirty percent down payment. Fellow Daoist, do you really want to look at it?” The ridicule in her tone was quite obvious. At the same time, she noticed that the group of Chosen was heading toward the second floor of the pavilion. Suddenly, she started to get a bit anxious.

“The door is over there, Fellow Daoist,” she said suddenly. “You can see yourself out.” With that, she turned to catch up with the group of Chosen.

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