Chapter 163: Battle Qi Breakthrough–Xiantian Realm

Chapter 163: Battle Qi Breakthrough–Xiantian Realm

The battle qi within Huang Xiaolong’s body was akin to a wild stallion that escaped its reins, galloping wildly away. All signs pointed to an impending breakthrough.

Ever since he started cultivating, Huang Xiaolong had experienced breakthroughs many times; thus he was quite familiar with the signs of an impending breakthrough.

Concentrating his focus, Huang Xiaolong ran Asura Tactics, forcefully reigning in the netherworld battle qi that was charging throughout his body.

Netherworld battle qi coursed and crashed through Huang Xiaolong’s Qi Sea and meridians time and again.

At the same time, outside of Huang Xiaolong’s body, a black mist swirled around and upward, condensing and becoming more and more thick. In the end, the black mist turned into thick fog that totally enshrouded Huang Xiaolong within.

Huang Xiaolong’s figure seemed to blend in and out of the thick black fog.

The twin black and blue dragons floated in mid-air behind Huang Xiaolong, roaring endlessly as their bodies grew bigger and more solid and real among a pulsating glow. The bright light enveloping their bodies burst out, and the twin dragons’ body seemed to then double in size. As the twin dragons went through physical changes, dragon scales fell from their bodies, and then they continued to grow and fall off again in a seemingly endless cycle. When these dragon scales fell, fresh blood dripped.

Dragon blood!

Real, tangible dragon blood!

As the blood fell to the ground of the ancient battlefield, it seemed as if the slumbering gods of the ancient battlefield were aroused by the smell of the dragon blood.

A loud rumble echoed throughout the ancient battlefield.

Subsequently, beating war drums filled the air. The ground shook as thousands of horses began charging to the frontline, and swords and spears were clashing. It was the sound of a massacre!

Multiple scenes flashed passed Huang Xiaolong’s consciousness.

He saw the scenes where the four-winged, six-winged, and eight-winged ancient God Tribe fell.

All the while, the bright light exuding from Huang Xiaolong’s body grew ever more dazzling. The battle qi inside his body vigorously crashed against the Xiantian barrier, and the severe, splitting pain that tore at the core of his soul seemed to follow this rhythm.


It was as if someone was ripping his soul apart!

Huang Xiaolong had a feeling that his head was about to explode and was close to being unbearable. Just as Huang Xiaolong was on the brink of being completely overwhelmed, the Linglong Treasure Pagoda and God Binding Ring inside his body broke out in an aureate light. The moment these two mysterious lights appeared, Huang Xiaolong’s consciousness felt a comfortable cooling sensation, and the pain coming from his soul vanished almost instantly.

Every time Huang Xiaolong was about to reach his breaking point and faint from the pain, the Linglong Treasure Pagoda and God Binding Ring would release that mysterious glow of energy to nourish Huang Xiaolong’s soul.

The process repeated over and over again.

Huang Xiaolong seemed to fall into a world of fire and ice.

Not knowing how much time had passed, Huang Xiaolong’s body suddenly trembled as if a giant fissure had split the world in two. The tough Xiantian barrier finally gave way to Huang Xiaolong’s netherworld battle qi’s persistent smashing.

It was as if the Earth was devastated by widespread disaster, yet life tenaciously struggled to emerge from the deepest recesses of the planet.

His netherworld battle qi cheered as it rushed into the meridian route that represented stepping into the Xiantian realm, flooding forward.

A strong vitality aura broke out from Huang Xiaolong’s body, and the ground around where Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged in the ancient battlefield started to sprout discernable green vegetation!

The green of life!

Simultaneously, the moment when Huang Xiaolong broke the barrier to the Xiantian realm, the bright light around his twin dragon martial spirits expanded greatly, covering a hundred li outward with Huang Xiaolong as its fulcrum. A mighty dragon’s oppressive aura surged out like a tsunami. Waves upon waves of pressure spread out in all directions within the ancient battlefield.

Gradually, the blazing light around the black and the blue dragons dimmed and stopped flickering. On the dragons’ bodies, pieces of black and blue scales as thick as armor were growing on the surface, layer after layer. They had four powerful, stout legs, and atop each dragon’s head were two dragon horns.

Both the black and blue dragon had condensed into a solid entity, emanating the potent aura of the Primordial Divine Dragon race!

Not until a long time had passed did the thick, black fog enshrouding Huang Xiaolong’s figure recede, revealing the person inside.

Just like his twin dragon martial spirits shedding their scales, Huang Xiaolong also shed a layer of old skin. His initially brownish grain colored skin was replaced with a much fairer skin color.

Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes and a powerful energy fluctuation swept out, sending the dust and sand in the ancient battlefield flying.

Expressing the joy in his heart, Huang Xiaolong hollered towards the sky.

The battle qi finally broke through to the Xiantian realm!


Internal force, battle qi, both had reached the Xiantian stage!

With his current strength, killing an average Xiantian Second Order expert was achievable without exerting much effort!

Getting up, Huang Xiaolong’s eyes focused on the black and blue dragon that was hovering above him, and undisguised excitement showed on his face.

Finally, his twin dragons had transformed into solid entities, transforming into real Primordial Divine Dragons!

Stepping into Xiantian realm, the black and blue twin dragons both had grown, surpassing twenty meters in length.

Passing his thoughts through his spiritual connection with them, the two dragons hovering mid-air suddenly growled and flew down, coming to a stop in front of Huang Xiaolong. Although his martial spirits had transformed into solid entities, they were connected to Huang Xiaolong’s consciousness, just like a part of his body. With a mere thought, he could call upon them at any time.

Looking at the black and blue dragons floating before him, Huang Xiaolong leaped up and his feet landed on top of the black dragon’s head, whereas the blue dragon wrapped around Huang Xiaolong’s body. The wind blew against Huang Xiaolong’s face.

“Black dragon, fly!” Huang Xiaolong tapped the black dragon underneath him.

Roaring softly, the black dragon flew up, bringing Huang Xiaolong with it.

Once they reached a high altitude, Huang Xiaolong gazed down at the thousand zhang ancient battlefield. Huang Xiaolong sighed in his heart: so, this is the feeling of flying!

In Martial Spirit World, only Saint realm experts that comprehended the law of space could fly in the sky. Even if it was a peak late-Xiantian Ninth Order expert, they could stand on air at most, but not move.

But Huang Xiaolong could fly! With his twin dragon martial spirits, he could be like Saint realm experts and fly in the sky.

Standing on the black dragon as it flew while the blue dragon wrapped around his body, Huang Xiaolong suddenly had a feeling that he was grand! A feeling that he was extremely cool!

Watching the horizon before him, Huang Xiaolong suddenly had a flash of enlightenment on the path of his future cultivation.

He wanted to be a real Primordial Divine Dragon, soaring above the Nine Heavens!

Exhaling deeply, Huang Xiaolong was observing the ancient battlefield as he stood on the flying black dragon when a thought suddenly flashed through his mind. All this time, he had been entering the ancient battlefield to practice, but he never knew exactly how big this place was. Since his twin dragon martial spirits had transformed into solid bodies, why couldn’t he check it out now?

Riding on the black dragon martial spirit, they flew onward, but what surprised Huang Xiaolong was that after more than an hour of flying, there was no end in sight.

It was as if the ancient battlefield’s dimensional space went on infinitely with no end!

But Huang Xiaolong clearly felt something was calling him from far, far away.

This feeling was similar to the time at the Enlightenment Lake, just like when the God Binding Ring was calling.

“It seems I can only wait for now. Whatever is there at the edge of this ancient battlefield has to wait.” Huang Xiaolong thought to himself. Although his twin dragon martial spirits had transformed into real entities and could fly, the speed was a little slow in his opinion.

However, as he grew stronger and his strength increased, so too would his martial spirit’s strength. At that time, the flying speed would increase exponentially.

Telling the black dragon to stop, Huang Xiaolong changed mounts. After hopping onto the blue dragon, he discovered the blue dragon’s flying speed was much faster than the black dragon’s.

“Now that I’ve broken into the Xiantian realm, doesn’t that mean I can open the second layer of the Linglong Treasure Pagoda? I wonder what is stored in the second layer?” Huang Xiaolong mused.

Huang Xiaolong called out the Linglong Treasure Pagoda. An aureate light suddenly flashed in midair.

After entering the Xiantian realm, the lustrous shine on the Linglong Treasure Pagoda’s surface vaguely seemed brighter than before.

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