Chapter 3411 - The Final Victor

Chapter 3411 - The Final Victor

Through the efforts of Linghu Hongfei, the black flames around him had already undergone an intrinsic change. This meant that the speed at which he assimilated with the black gaseous flames was very fast. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have managed to conquer so much of the black flames.

However, no matter how hard Linghu Hongfei tried, the speed at which Chu Feng assimilated with the black flames was still faster than him.

Even though Linghu Hongfei was a Dragon Mark Exalted-cloak World Spiritist, and Chu Feng was a Snake Mark Exalted-cloak World Spiritist, Linghu Hongfei was unable to catch up to Chu Feng. Instead, the distance between them was increasing more and more.

Outside the spirit formation, Linghu Yuhua asked Grandmaster Liangqiu with a puzzled look on her face, “Grandmaster Liangqiu, how come Hongfei is a Dragon Mark Exalted-cloak World Spiritist, but his assimilating speed is slower than that Chu Feng’s? Could it be that Chu Feng really knows some sort of secret unknown to others?”

“Chu Feng does know some mysteries regarding the grand formation. However, what he knows should be unrelated to his power. The reason for his assimilation speed being so much faster is likely related to the spirit formation swords.”

“The spirit formation swords are closely connected to that power. As Chu Feng has gained the acknowledgement of three spirit formation swords, he would naturally be faster than Linghu Hongfei, who obtained two spirit formation swords,” Grandmaster Liangqiu said.

“So that’s the case. No wonder,” Linghu Yuhua came to a sudden realization, and nodded her head.


Right at that moment, Linghu Hongfei suddenly opened his eyes. Then, boundless spirit power began to emerge from his body.

His spirit power was extremely powerful. So powerful that it appeared strange.

At that moment, his powerful and strange spirit power began to rush toward Chu Feng like a magnificent army of thousands of men and horses. In an instant, his spirit power engulfed Chu Feng.

After the spirit power engulfed Chu Feng, the black flames that Chu Feng had assimilated started being sucked away by Linghu Hongfei.

“He actually used a treasure to steal the power that Chu Feng has assimilated,” Seeing that, Grandmaster Liangqiu revealed an angry look. Then, he looked to Linghu Yuhua, “Linghu Yuhua, for your clan’s younger generation to do such a thing, it is unbefitting of an upright person, no?”

“I am only in charge of protecting him. As for what he does, it is his own decision. There is nothing I can do about it,” As an observer, Linghu Yuhua had naturally noticed it this too. However, she had a helpless expression on her face.

It could be seen that Linghu Yuhua also did not approve of Linghu Hongfei’s action.

As for Chu Feng, how could he not sense that the black gaseous flames that he had gone through great difficulty to assimilate were being forcibly taken away by another?

Chu Feng opened his eyes and looked to Linghu Hongfei, “Brother Linghu, for you to do such a thing, it’s unsuitable, no?”

“Brother Chu Feng, I do not understand what you’re trying to say,” Linghu Hongfei spoke with a confused expression.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng laughed.

He had come to a realization. Although Linghu Hongfei was the strongest genius of the Ancestral Martial Starfield and possessed exceptional talent in terms of both martial cultivation and world spirit techniques worthy of his title as the strongest genius, he was not an upright man of honor at all. Instead, he was a hypocrite from head to toe.

His good-natured appearance was nothing more than a disguise.

The current Linghu Hongfei was the actual Linghu Hongfei.

Faced with such a despicable and shameless Linghu Hongfei, Chu Feng had no intention to refute him at all.

At that moment, everyone was assimilating with the black gaseous flames and in a state of pain.

Simply no one would notice Linghu Hongfei’s conduct. In fact, it was likely that no one was even capable of hearing their conversation.

Without anyone to bear witness for him, what use was there in arguing with such a shameless fellow?

Could it be that Chu Feng would have to ask Linghu Hongfei to stop stealing his assimilated power?

That would not be realistic at all.

Thus, Chu Feng decided to ignore Linghu Hongfei and allow him to continue to steal his assimilated black flames. He had decided to continue with his assimilation and allow Linghu Hongfei to steal as much as he wanted to.

Outside the grand formation, Linghu Yuhua said, “It would appear that Chu Feng has given up.”

“Linghu Hongfei has used that treasure to forcibly steal Chu Feng’s achievements. As for how powerful that treasure is, you and I both know about it. Apart from reaching terms with it, what else could Chu Feng do? Could he possibly resist Linghu Hongfei?” Grandmaster Liangqiu was furious.

After all, he thought very highly of Chu Feng, and wanted to take him on as his disciple.

To see someone that he was so fond of suffering from such unjust treatment, how could he not be furious?

“Indeed, it is very unfair to that Chu Xuanyuan’s descendant.”

“However, the world of martial cultivation has always been like this. The weak are prey to the strong. It is even more cruel than the world of animals. It is a world where the fittest survive, and the rest will be eliminated,” Linghu Yuhua said.

Grandmaster Liangqiu did not refute Linghu Yuhua. Although her words were excessive, they were not without truth.

Indeed, the world of martial cultivators had always been a world where the weak were prey to the strong.

It was just like how the herbivores of the forest ended up as food for the carnivores. Were they not wronged? Did they not feel injustice?

However, could one say that the carnivores were wrong in their actions?

Indeed, strictly speaking, their actions were wrong. Without any grievance between them, how could they, for their own survival, ruin the lives of other animals? Not even the heavens would tolerate that sort of behavior.

However, if they did not do such a thing, the ones that would end up dying would be them.

As the saying went, ‘If one does not look out for oneself, the world will bring ruin upon you.’ That saying holds true for animals and all other living creatures.

All living creatures had a selfish side.

There was no such thing as fairness in the world. If one wanted to obtain fairness, one’s fist must be harder than anothers’ fists. Otherwise… one would not be qualified to speak of fairness at all, and no one would feel sympathy for them.

At that moment, inside the grand formation, many people had fallen unconscious from their failure to tolerate the torment of the black flames.

Apart from Chu Feng and Linghu Hongfei, only Linghu Yueyue, Wuma Shengjie, Tantai Xing’er and the Liangqiu Sisters were still persisting.

This was especially true for Linghu Hongfei. He was stealing Chu Feng’s assimilated black gaseous flames in addition to assimilating them himself. Thus, he had already seized the great majority of the black gaseous flames present.

The black gaseous flames were gradually decreasing. This meant that the trial was soon to end.

As for the final victor, it was naturally Linghu Hongfei.

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