Chapter 3470 - Defeating The Assemblage Of Talented Individuals With One Strike

Chapter 3470 - Defeating The Assemblage Of Talented Individuals With One Strike

“Admit defeat?”

“Linghu Mingye actually admitted defeat?”

“Why would he admit defeat? If he admits defeat, wouldn’t it mean that he has given up on obtaining the key?”

“Why would he renounce such a great opportunity? This is simply unreasonable. Exactly what is going on?”

Linghu Mingye’s words caused many people to feel completely puzzled. There were even friends of Linghu Mingye who began to send voice transmissions to him to ask him why he would admit defeat.

It was only Linghu Mingye himself who knew that he was simply no match for Chu Feng. Rather than humiliating himself by taking on the match only to be defeated, it was better to directly admit defeat.

In fact, it was not only Linghu Mingye who knew this. The people standing on the Apex Pillars and a small portion of people amongst the crowd also knew that Chu Feng’s true strength far surpassed Linghu Mingye’s.

Thus, those people felt that Linghu Mingye’s concession was a sensible act.

“Linghu Mingye actually admitted defeat? Brother Gong, what do you think of this matter?”

The grand characters beside the Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief began to ask him.

The reason why they were fond of questioning him was naturally because of the fact that Chu Feng had an engagement to the Gong Heavenly Clan’s Gong Mingyue.

“This old man also has no idea what is going on. However, I think that there must be some sort of ulterior motive behind Linghu Mingye’s concession,” the Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief said.

It was not only the Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief that didn’t understand. Gong Mingyue, Gong Qing and many others were also unable to understand.

That said, Gong Qing did not bother to think too much about the matter. She did not care about what sort of ulterior motive Linghu MIngye might have, as she felt that Linghu Mingye’s concession was a good thing to Chu Feng. As such, she was simply feeling joy for Chu Feng.

That said, Gong Qing was not the only one feeling joyous. Many of the people that went up to Chu Feng’s Apex Pillar to challenge him also felt great joy.

Those people were all people with some strength. They believed that they would now have a chance to reveal their talent, now that Linghu Mingye no longer blocked their way.

“Senior, can we begin now?” Suddenly, a voice was heard.

That voice came very suddenly, and caught the people who were wondering why Linghu Mingye admitted defeat completely unprepared. This included the Starfield Master Realm’s Wuming Ken, making him unable to react in time.

“Senior, can we begin now?” Chu Feng repeated himself.

“Oh, of course. Let’s begin right away,” Finally, Wuming Ken reacted to Chu Feng’s question.

The crowd also managed to finally react. What Chu Feng meant by ‘begin’ was naturally about the challenge for the Apex Pillar.


Right at that moment, a loud explosion was suddenly heard.

Following that explosion, screams echoed in succession.

Looking toward the sounds, the crowd’s expressions all changed. This was especially true for the people of the younger generation. For example, Gong Qing’s mouth was wide open in shock.

At that moment, there was only a single person standing on Chu Feng’s Apex Pillar: Chu Feng.

As for all the other challengers, their mouths were wide open, expressions twisted, with their limbs moving back and forth, screaming as they were shot flying far away.

Those that were not screaming were in even more miserable conditions. Not only were their bodies completely covered in blood, but they were also vomiting blood and bleeding from their seven facial orifices. It turned out that it wasn’t that they didn’t want to scream. Rather, they had already fainted.

Chu Feng had managed to completely defeat the close to ten thousand people on the Apex Pillar with a single strike.

“So powerful!!!”

“That Chu Feng is so powerful!!!”

“Who said he was a rank one True Immortal? Who said that he was only a rank one True Immortal?”

“This aura, it is clearly that of a rank one Martial Immortal!!!”

“That Chu Feng is a rank one Martial Immortal!!!”

After a short instant of astonishment, a complete uproar followed, with the crowd exclaiming in admiration.

At the instant Chu Feng attacked, everyone managed to sense his aura. The crowd finally realized how strong Chu Feng was..

“Rank one Martial Immortal? He’s actually a rank one Martial Immortal? If he possesses such power, why would he be humiliated by the Xu Heavenly Clansmen back then?”

Even Gong Mingyue was unable to keep her calm.

At that moment, she was practically certain that Chu Feng had deliberately concealed his cultivation. Merely, she did not understand why Chu Feng would deliberately conceal his cultivation.

“Wow! Never would I have imagined for Chu Feng to be this powerful. It’s no wonder Linghu Mingye admitted defeat. He must know about Chu Feng’s actual strength.”

“Big sister, didn’t I say it already? My future brother-in-law is very powerful. Otherwise, how would he be able to teach me how to cure Lil Thorn?” Gong Qing was dancing and gesticulating in joy. She even grabbed Gong Mingyue’s arm, and was swaying it back and forth.

Seeing her little sister with such joy across her face, Gong Mingyue felt even more upset.

She was able to understand why Gong Qing was feeling so happy. After all, she had a pretty decent relationship with Chu Feng.

However, Gong Mingyue was unable to feel any joy.

“This old man had heard that Linghu Mingye’s cultivation surpassed that of a rank one Martial Immortal. Even if Chu Feng is a rank one Martial Immortal, he should still not be a match for Linghu Mingye,” Right at that moment, an old man gently caressed his beard and spoke in contemplation.

“Could it be…” The Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief spoke with a low voice.

“Could it be what?” The people beside him asked in unison.

“Could it be that that rank one Martial Immortal-level cultivation we felt is also not Chu Feng’s actual strength? Could it be that he’s still concealing his cultivation?” the Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief asked.

“Ah? He’s still concealing his cultivation?”

“That’s possible, very possible. Otherwise, why would Grandmaster Liangqiu and the others support him with such enormous bets?”

“Could it be that Chu Feng really possesses the strength to defeat everyone else?”

The people around him all agreed with the Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief’s opinion.

At that moment, they began to look at Chu Feng with a completely different level of respect.

“Brother Gong, you have truly misled us. If it wasn’t for you telling us that Chu Feng was only a rank one True Immortal, we would’ve bet on him too.”

“That’s right. It’s such a great opportunity, yet we missed it just like that. A pity. Truly a pity.”

After their astonishment passed, the grand characters around the Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief started to complain to him.

“Young friend Chu Feng truly concealed his cultivation well. I was also deceived by him. However, you all cannot blame me for that. After all, even now, you all are unable to tell what his actual cultivation is, no?” The Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief looked to the people around him.

“Regarding that… eh….”

Those grand characters were all left speechless. Indeed, they were unable to determine what Chu Feng’s actual cultivation was.

Their failure was understandable. After all, Chu Feng was a Saint-cloak World Spiritist. Even though he was only at Insect Mark, they would still not be able to see through his cultivation should he want to hide it.

That was the power of world spiritists.

Rank one Martial Immortal was actually Chu Feng’s current level of cultivation. Even though his cultivation had been sealed by the backlash, and was still in the process of being unsealed, even though his recovery was not yet complete, he was not worried in the slightest.

As for the reason for his lack of worries, it was because his world spirit techniques, compared to his martial cultivation’s slow recovery, had recovered completely.

Chu Feng was now able to detect exactly how powerful the spirit power within his body was.

His spirit power possessed strength that surpassed Martial Immortals.

With Linghu Hongfei not participating, Chu Feng, with his Saint-level spirit power, was indeed unrivaled in this selection for the Ancestral Martial Decastars.

Of course, Chu Feng would naturally not rashly reveal his overwhelming power, as he felt that his current cultivation of rank one Martial Immortal would suffice for handling those people of the younger generation that dared to challenge him.

As for his spirit power that surpassed Martial Immortals, he would naturally have to keep it to be used at crucial moments.

“Who cares what his cultivation might be? Since the selection for the Ancestral Martial Decastars has begun, everyone will have to do their best. Regardless of whether or not that Chu Feng is concealing his strength, he will still have to go all-out should he wish to obtain a good ranking. After all, there are demon-level geniuses like Linghu Yueyue and Linghu Tiemian amongst his competitors,” an old man beside the Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“Right, that’s right. Today, we will all be able to see exactly how strong that Chu Feng really is,” the crowd echoed that old man’s words.

As matters stood, the selection for the Ancestral Martial Decastars had officially begun. The curtains on its prologue had been lifted. The great show was starting.

The selection for the Ancestral Martial Decastars was a truly fierce and ruthless competition. It would be up to one’s capability to determine what rank one would be able to obtain.

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