Chapter 3809 - Prove One’s Identity

Chapter 3809 - Prove One’s Identity

“Brother, none of us are fools, why must you act this way?”

“It’s one thing for you to put on a disguise for those ignorant trash. But for you to pretend in front of us, it’s rather inexcusable, no?”

One of the ten spread open his arms and spoke to Chu Feng with a mocking tone.

Hearing those words, the people of the younger generation present felt rather uncomfortable.

They were able to tell that the ‘ignorant trash’ that person spoke of was them.

From those words, one could tell how arrogant and condescending those eleven were.

Unfortunately, those eleven were simply too powerful. They had the means to act arrogant and condescending. As such, the crowd did not dare to voice their anger.

Furthermore, they knew that a battle was about to unfold, and had already moved far away to hide. Some among them had even fled from the plaza directly in fear of being implicated.

It could be said that the only people that dared continue to stay were those with courage.

“Don’t think that everyone behaves like you. Just because you’re not people of the younger generation does not mean that I am not one either,” said Chu Feng.

As Chu Feng said those words, his behavior and expression revealed one single emotion: contempt for those people.

“That guy’s skin is particularly thick.”

Faced with Chu Feng acting like that, the tones of those eleven people became even more mocking.

“Brother, we are not people that will bully the young.”

“If you are truly capable of proving that you’re a person of the younger generation, we will definitely not bully you. We will even disregard that World Spirit Jade,” said the person that spoke to Chu Feng first.

“That’s simple. Set up a spirit formation to verify if one is a person of the younger generation. You all can set it up,” said Chu Feng.

“Very well. Straightforward.” That man nodded. As he spoke, he immediately began setting up the spirit formation.

Soon, a spirit formation gate appeared before Chu Feng.

That said, he set up the spirit formation very secretly, and he deliberately concealed his strength.

Thus, not even Chu Feng was able to tell what level his world spirit techniques were at.

One thing was certain: his world spirit techniques were most definitely not inferior to Chu Feng’s.

“Brother, go ahead and pass through that gate.”

“Those of the younger generation are able to pass through the gate. If you’re not a person of the younger generation, you will not be able to pass through the gate.”

“If you are really able to pass through the gate and prove that you’re a person of the younger generation, us brothers will immediately apologize to you, and then leave,” said that man.

“Very well,” as Chu Feng spoke, he began walking toward that spirit formation gate.

As Chu Feng set off, everyone’s gaze was focused on him.

They all wanted to know if he was really a person of the younger generation.

If Chu Feng was truly a person of the younger generation, it would most definitely be something capable of shocking the entire Reincarnation Upper Realm, and even the All-heaven Starfield.

After all, never had they ever heard of a world spiritist genius of such a caliber. One such genius had never appeared in their All-heaven Starfield before.

The Insect Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist defeated by Chu Feng had also managed to get back on his feet.

When he saw that Chu Feng was really walking towards that spirit formation gate, he mocked, “Humph, he is truly shameless to the extreme. He’s actually really trying it. I shall see how much longer he can pretend.”

Anticipation filled his eyes. He was anticipating the scene of Chu Feng’s embarrassment.


However, right after he said those words, Chu Feng set foot into the spirit formation gate and managed to smoothly pass through it.


At that moment, the expressions of the Insect Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist, the people of the younger generation present, and even the ten men who had brought pressure on Chu Feng all changed enormously.

They all had looks of disbelief in their eyes.

They truly had never imagined that Chu Feng was really a person of the younger generation.

“I… I…”

The world spiritist Chu Feng had defeated earlier even turned speechless from shock.

To him, this was extremely humiliating. After all, this meant that he had been defeated by a person of the younger generation.

“I truly never would’ve imagined to encounter a rare genius world spiritist here today.”

“To be able to become a Saint-cloak World Spiritist within a hundred years of age; with that talent, your future prospects are simply unlimited.”

A series of claps sounded. It was that man from the group of ten that had first spoken with to Chu Feng.

Both his behavior and tone had revealed that he felt great admiration for Chu Feng.


Suddenly, that man’s body shifted and disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was before Chu Feng. Furthermore, his hand was on the World Spirit Jade held by Chu Feng.

Fortunately, Chu Feng was prepared for it, and had grabbed the World Spirit Jade very tightly. Otherwise, that man would’ve caught him off-guard, and snatched away his World Spirit Jade.

“It would appear that you’re planning to go back on your word?” asked Chu Feng.

“Hahaha… little brother, I can tell that you’re a clever fellow. Since we are people that have gone as far as to cheat our way in here, how could we possibly be men of honor that keep our promises?”

“You should let go. If you are to let go now, I can spare you. Otherwise… this old man cannot guarantee that you will be able to leave in one piece.” The man’s voice was filled with a threatening tone.

However, Chu Feng showed no trace of fear. Coldly, he said, “You want to take this World Spirit Jade? We’ll have to see whether or not you all are capable of it.”

“Capable? Little brother, since you said it like that, I’ll have you evaluate my capability.”

As that person spoke, marks appeared on his world spiritist cloak.

Seeing the marks, Chu Feng’s expression changed. The other people of the younger generation present were all struck dumb.

The reason for that was because the spirit power emitted by that person was not only Saint-level, but it was also Snake marked.

That man was a Snake Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist.

“Little brother, what do you think about this old man’s capability? Is it up to par?”

The man looked to Chu Feng with a beaming smile. His tone was very egotistical.

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