Chapter 3846 - Taking On Eleven Saint-cloaks Alone

Chapter 3846 - Taking On Eleven Saint-cloaks Alone

Chu Feng swept his gaze over the Mystic Cave Saints.

Even though he knew that they had come prepared, Chu Feng still had a look that was full of confidence. It was as if he was the one holding victory in his hand.

“Brat, what sort of expression is that? It seems like you’re feeling very unreconciled?” asked the Mystic Cave Saints.

“I can only say that I, Asura, am winning this match for certain.”


After Chu Feng finished saying those words, the earth started to tremble violently.

Following that, the void and surrounding space also began to tremble. Even the color of the azure sky had changed.

Chu Feng had unleashed his spirit power.

His spirit power soared into the sky and covered the entire space. The amount of spirit power was simply astonishing, and shook everyone.

Even the Mystic Cave Saints were astonished upon seeing his spirit power.

“This brat has actually concealed this much power?!”

Even though they'd already known that Chu Feng had concealed his strength, they had not anticipated for him to have concealed so much.

Not only was Chu Feng’s spirit power boundlessly vast and seemingly infinite, but the battle power of his spirit power was also on a completely different level than before.

“This guy… is he… still human?”

At that moment, even Meng Rufei, who deeply detested Chu Feng, had a look of terror. He was actually terrified upon seeing Chu Feng’s spirit power.

It wasn’t that he was excessively cowardly. Rather, the spirit power emitted by Chu Feng was simply too powerful.

Meng Rufei had traveled extensively with his master, Zhang Duotuo. Thus, he could be said to have experienced a lot of the world.

What Meng Rufei saw at that moment was simply the most powerful Snake Mark Saint-level spirit power he had ever seen.

It was not only him. Even the gaze that his master looked to Chu Feng with had changed.

“What powerful spirit power. It’s simply about to devour this entire region.”

“Truly never would I have imagined young master Asura to be this exceptional.”

“Genius, he is truly a genius. No… a talent of this caliber can no longer be described with the title genius. He’s a demon, a demon-level genius. The talent he possesses is simply not something that humans should possess.”

“For young master Asura to possess such talent, exactly where is he from?”

“Likely, he’s from some enormous power.”

The Red-dress Holy Land’s elders were praising Chu Feng nonstop without holding back at all.

Although they were all very powerful cultivators, and many of them were even Utmost Exalted, they were not proficient in world spirit techniques.

As the saying goes, amateurs enjoy the show, whereas the experts enjoy the skill.

No matter how much they’d achieved in terms of martial cultivation, they were no more than a bunch of amateurs enjoying a show as they watched the match between Saint-cloak World Spiritists.

Spectators enjoying a show were unable to make out details. They were only able to sense and experience the might of the participants.

The might Chu Feng had unleashed this time around had greatly expanded their horizons.

Even though the battle strength of spirit techniques could not be compared to martial power, they were much more magnificent than martial power.

As they looked to the multi-colored light that filled the sky and extended for tens of thousands of miles continuously, affecting the entire region, the elders of the Red-dress Holy Land felt nothing but admiration for Chu Feng.

After all, what Chu Feng was displaying was a sort of power that they could never obtain in their entire lives.


Suddenly, the boundless spirit power started descending from the sky.

The spirit power was incomparably powerful. It was like hundreds of millions of celestial soldiers descending onto the mortal world to punish demons.

With the situation being like that, the Mystic Cave Saints did not dare to be careless. They all released their spirit power to block Chu Feng’s attack.

The counterattack from the Mystic Cave Saints was no small matter either.

They were not merely releasing their spirit power to confront Chu Feng’s attack. Instead, they were working together to set up a grand formation.

A grand defensive formation set up jointly by eleven Snake Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritists would naturally be extremely powerful.

The grand defensive formation turned into an impregnable fort, and protected them within it.

Even though Chu Feng’s spirit power was tyrannically powerful, it was unable to breach the fort, unable to harm the Mystic Cave Saints.

That said, no matter how powerful the grand defensive formation might be, it was only a defensive formation, and unable to attack at all.

“Humph.” Chu Feng let out a cold snort.

Then, his body began to unleash even more spirit power.

Then, his spirit power gathered together and formed ferocious beasts.

The ferocious beasts were of all shapes and appearances. However, every single one of them reached a thousand meters tall.

Ferocious, thousand meter-long beasts could be seen as far as the eye could see. They were so numerous that it was simply impossible to count them.

The current scene was simply incomparably spectacular.

The giant ferocious beasts all contained enormous offensive power, and were attacking the Mystic Cave Saints in succession.

In this sort of situation, the grand defensive formation the Mystic Cave Saints had set up started to totter. Cracks had begun appearing in the impregnable walls.

If this were to continue, that defensive formation would inevitably be breached by Chu Feng.

“Amazing! Truly amazing!”

The Red-dress Holy Land’s elders were all fired up watching the battle.

Even the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster revealed a faint smile on her face.

She had originally only planned to risk everything in this gamble with low odds.

Even she had not expected that the card in her hand was actually the trump card.

The Mystic Cave Saints acting together. Oh what sort of situation was this?

Yet, they were immediately suppressed by a person of the younger generation.

Before the match had begun, simply no one had expected such a thing to happen.

“What’s wrong?! Old farts, is this all you eleven are capable of?!”

“Earlier, you all were calling Zhang Duotuo old trash! The way I see it, the eleven of you are the same as him. You are old trash just like him!” Chu Feng shouted loudly.

“That brat, he’s actually insulting this old man?!”

Zhang Duotuo was currently treating his injuries. Upon hearing Chu Feng’s words, he was so furious that he actually vomited blood.

He truly had never expected that, in addition to being insulted by the Mystic Cave Saints, he would also be insulted by that person of the younger generation by the name Asura.

“Humph. Little brat, it’s too early for you to be so proud.”

“We are merely trying to make you feel good by allowing you to unleash your strength. Did you really think that you would be able to defeat us?”

To the crowd’s surprise, even though they were clearly being suppressed by Chu Feng, the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints was not only not flustered, but he was even mocking Chu Feng.

“You are already so old, is wagging your tongues all you’re capable of?”

“If you have any true ability, go ahead and unleash it." mocked Chu Feng.

“Little brat, we the Mystic Cave Saints have always spoken using strength.”

“We had originally wanted to play with you for a bit longer. However, since you’re so incapable of accepting our kind intentions, do not blame us for being impolite with you.”

“Open your eyes and watch carefully! Your daddy will now have you know the true strength of the Mystic Cave Saints!”

When the Mystic Cave Saints’ Eldest said those words, the people of the Red-dress Holy Land originally thought that he was boasting shamelessly.

However, to their surprise, his body started to shine faintly after he finished saying those words.

Like armor, the light covered his entire body.

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